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What personal vendetta They have nothing against each other, alright Guo Suxin acted dumb.

Sister Guo, your words are meaningless.

I just contacted Lu Man, asking her to stop dragging us down.

She clearly said that she was aiming at Zhang Xiaoying, Manager Lin laughed coldly, and then made his voice gentler.

We can\'t let Lu Man continue to do this.

If Great Desert\'s viewership continues to fall, the television station will axe our show.

If the television drama\'s results are no good, it would also affect Zhang Xiaoying\'s popularity.

Then what do you want to do Guo Suxin asked in confusion.

Have Zhang Xiaoying make it up to Lu Man. As to how Lu Man brought up the idea of having Zhang Xiaoying apologize, Manager Lin did not say anything and just asked Zhang Xiaoying to talk to Lu Man.

I\'ll tell Xiaoying. Guo Suxin hung up the phone and instantly informed Zhang Xiaoying about this.

Hearing that, Zhang Xiaoying exploded in rage.

Asking me to make it up to her Impossible! Who is Lu Man to deserve such treatment from me Why should I make it up to her Lower my head to her Impossible!

Feeling helpless, Guo Suxin sighed.

Xiaoying, you should know that if the Great Desert has bad results, it would have a very big effect on your career, and also affect your popularity and reputation.

If your viewership does not increase, in the future, if there are any popular dramas, they would not consider you again.

Suddenly, Zhang Xiaoying\'s face turned green and then turned pale.

Anyway, I won\'t be the one making the first move.

For me to patch things up with her, she has to come looking for me first.

This left Guo Suxin so angry that she laughed mirthlessly.

Right now, the one who holds the power is Lu Man.

Her Red Tiger\'s box office keeps increasing, so she does not need to worry at all.

She can put all her attention on stirring up trouble for you.

Moreover, Great Desert\'s viewership is getting lower day by day, so right now we are busy trying to prevent any negative comments and reviews from popping up on the Internet, yet Lu Man publishes the viewership ratings every day.

So, if you don\'t go to find her on your own initiative, do you still hope that she would come and find you Of course, she would happily use the viewership ratings to slap your face!

Zhang Xiaoying gritted her teeth, and said after a short moment, Older Sister Guo, you have lots of connections, and you are also a famous manager in our entertainment circle.

Can you ask someone to remove Lu Man\'s resources That way, she won\'t dare to be arrogant anymore.

If it was possible, do you think that the production house of Great Desert would not do it already There must be something that makes them fearful. Guo Suxin clicked her tongue.

Lu Man is fearless, so she must have some tricks up her sleeves.

If she could be oppressed, then the production house would have done it long ago, then would there still be a need for you to make it up to her

As soon as she said that, she saw Zhang Xiaoying\'s face turn green as she still refused to make it up to Lu Man.

Feeling helpless, Guo Suxin did not say anything else.

If Zhang Xiaoying did not listen to her, ultimately it would be her career that would be affected and then even as a manager she, Guo Suxin, would not be able to help her out either.

She already did her best, convincing Zhang Xiaoying.

Moreover, she did not only have Zhang Xiaoying as a celebrity under her, but several celebrities were also waiting for resources.

Since Zhang Xiaoying could not see it clearly, it just happened that even she, Guo Suxin, did not want a disobedient celebrity as well.


The second day, as usual, Lu Man posted the screenshots of the latest viewership data of Great Desert.

However, it was different from before.

Earlier, she did not say anything, posting just a smiley emoji with the photo and it was obvious that she was mocking them.

But today, Lu Man finally wrote something.

When I thought that the Great Desert\'s first episode viewership was already low enough.

But the second day\'s viewership ratings told me that I was too naive because it turned out to be even less than before.

Just yesterday when I thought that Great Desert\'s viewership rating was already at its minimum, today it surprised me again.

I was still too naive to think that it was at its lowest.

The photo attached along with the post showed the latest viewership ratings of Great Desert, it had dipped below 0.2 percent, reaching 0.1813 percent!


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