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Lu Man wasn\'t polite at all.

This started because of Zhang Xiaoying, from the beginning, I never planned on stirring up trouble for your Great Desert .

It was just a fight between Fighting Hero and Red Tiger , yet Zhang Xiaoying insisted on butting in and scheming against me.

Your Great Desert is currently in the promotion phase yet Zhang Xiaoying jumped at me, so naturally, she wanted to step on Red Tiger to promote your television drama.

As you mentioned earlier, I am a public relations professionals, so how could I not know Zhang Xiaoying\'s tricks

This left Manager Lin speechless.

Honestly, in Lu Man\'s eyes, Zhang Xiaoying\'s tricks were petty.

These tricks were too childish!

Since she dares to bring Red Tiger down, then even I dare to drag Great Desert into this fight, Lu Man said angrily, So don\'t blame me for destroying Great Desert\'s viewership.

For one, if Great Desert was really filmed well, you would not be scared of my little tricks at all.

Although I don\'t intend to gloat, didn\'t Fighting Hero oppress Red Tiger at that time But did Red Tiger get oppressed No, because we had put our best efforts into the film and it had high standards.

Even the audience could see it, and thus by word of mouth it got a good reputation.

Hearing her condescending tone, Manager Li really wanted to curse.

Lu Man really did not mince her words at all.

Wasn\'t she saying it outright that their television drama was of poor quality

Secondly, these were all retribution to Zhang Xiaoying, I did not actively make trouble for her, but she came seeking trouble for herself.

I\'m clearly not someone to be trifled with.

Rather than blaming me, why don\'t you look for the root cause

Manager Lin pursed his lips and said, Lu Man, since you plan on being in the entertainment industry, it\'s very important to have good contacts.

No matter which industry it is, it\'s better to have good relations with people, if you offend too many people, you will lose out on several opportunities. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Manager Li\'s words were already no different from threatening Lu Man.

Lu Man had just started her career, and needed a lot of work to improve herself.

If she offended them now, then Lu Man did not need to think of filming anything in the future.

This industry was well connected, many companies and people had some kind of connections with each other.

Thus, their production house had the ability to make Lu Man not be cast in any show in the future.

However, Lu Man smiled smugly; with Han Zhuoli around would she be scared of these threats

Manager Lin, there\'s no need for you to threaten me, I\'m really not scared.

If you don\'t trust me, you can try to ban me, see if it works or not, Lu Man smiled and said, As for this incident, you can go and look for Zhang Xiaoying.

If she publicly apologizes, I\'ll instantly stop doing my plans.

So sorry, but some things need my attention right now, I won\'t chat with you anymore.

Saying that, Lu Man directly hung up her phone.

Right now, Xia Qingwei was beside Lu Man and heard each word clearly.

Seeing Lu Man\'s arrogant look, she smiled helplessly.

You, ah!

Xia Qingwei also took advantage of Lu Man\'s holiday to have Lu Man teach her to use Weibo.

That way, she could also see what was going online about Lu Man whenever she wanted.

Thus, Xia Qingwei had seen how these past few days Lu Man had posted Great Desert\'s viewership every day like clockwork.

She did not think that Lu Man would be so headstrong while dealing with people.

On the other hand, Manager Lin cursed as he hung up the phone.

Seeing that Lu Man was so fearless, he was curious about Lu Man\'s backer.

As to whether he was going to use his connections to ban Lu Man, that was something for later.

For him, the most important thing right now was to think of ways to make Lu Man stop harming them even more.

So, Manager Lin called Zhang Xiaoying\'s manager Guo Suxin.

Sister Guo, look at the mess now, it\'s Xiaoying and Lu Man\'s personal vendetta, why did it have to affect our show


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