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Zhang Xiaoying thought that she might have missed something out in the middle.

Therefore, Zhang Xiaoying went back to the top and started again, yet she didnt find it.

Zhang Xiaoyings heart started sinking.

Finally, frowning deeply, she started looking downwards carefully line by line, not missing a single one.

At last, at the bottom third line, she saw Great Deserts viewership rating.

It was only 0.3152%

Zhang Xiaoying: “…”

She didnt even feel like mentioning how terrible the last two shows were.

“How can it be so little!” Zhang Xiaoying refused to believe her eyes.

“Was it calculated wrongly! It cant be so little! Let alone the fans of the original novel, there are still my fans and Wang Hemings fans.

It cant have such a low viewership rating!”

Guo Suxin grumbled unhappily, “Its all because of Red Tiger .”

Zhang Xiaoying burst out in rage and roared.

” Red Tiger is popular right now, but what does that have to do with my drama!”

“Although Red Tiger is popular right now, there are still many people who havent watched it yet.

During the day, everyone is busy at work, so they only have time at night to go to the cinema.

Look at the number of attendees for Red Tiger .

Its almost always a full house for every screening at night, especially after 7.30 p.m.

The movie runs for more than two hours, and considering the commute time too, who would have the time to sit in front of a television to watch Great Desert ” Guo Suxin explained.

Seething with rage, Zhang Xiaoying could barely catch her breath.

“The remaining viewership ratings were contributed by those students who are on holiday right now.” Guo Suxin said resignedly, “Xiaoying, I dont want to be wise after the event either, but why did you mess with Lu Man without any provocation Look at all the mocking directed at us on Weibo now!”

Zhang Xiaoying face turned green with anger and she quickly opened Weibo to take a look.

A bunch of people were @-ing 1 her.

Zhang Xiaoying was found it weird until she eventually saw that someone had reposted a Weibo post of Lu Man.

She took a look and almost fainted in anger.

Lu Man had actually attached a photograph of Great Deserts viewership rating.

She didnt add any words, only a smiling emoji.

No matter how you looked at it, her expression was filled with sarcasm.

Zhang Xiaoying gripped onto her phone tightly.

Lu Man was mocking her!

Below Lu Mans post, her fans, the Great Army of the Goddess of Fury were gloating.

“Hahahahaha, Zhang Xiaoyings drama is a flop! What a great joy!”

“I watched a little of it.

What kind of stupid show was that Zhang Xiaoyings acting is too awkward.”


Our Goddess of Fury Lu Man is in the film industry, yet she could still affect the viewership ratings of dramas.

This sick move. 666 1 !”

“Thankfully, Lu Man didnt enter the television industry.

Otherwise, would she even have any competition”

“Didnt Zhang Xiaoying laugh and mock Lu Man before Didnt she even diss her Our Goddess of Fury Lu Mans movie is selling hot right now, while Zhang Xiaoyings drama is a flop.

What do you have to say now Who is the one with no talent”

Another netizen reposted and said, “I originally wanted to watch Great Desert , but I went to watch Red Tiger so I didnt have time to watch television.

I watched Red Tiger with my classmate yesterday.

Today, Im going to watch it a second time with my best friend.

Tomorrow, Im bringing my parents along to watch it for the third time.

Probably… Probably next week Ill have time.”

Not only Zhang Xiaoying, even the production team of Great Desert wanted to cry but couldnt.

Lu Man filmed a movie, shouldnt she just stay put and cause whatever storm you want in the film industry.

Why did she have to affect their television industry too

Arent they so wronged and woeful!

They had just bought one day of trending search, but they were still beaten down by Red Tiger and Lu Man again.

By now, Red Tiger had been airing for a week.

During the weekdays, they still maintained a good box office of 300 million.

On Friday midnight, Red Tigers box office reached 2.736 billion!


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