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” Red Tigers ticket sales have reached a new high, 612 million!”

” Fighting Heros ticketing sales have fallen greatly, the ticket sales of the second day are just 125 million.”

“Fighting Heros first-day ticket sales were very high because the audience was anticipating it.

However, after they finished watching they felt that they had fallen into a trap.

Naturally, the reviews became worse and the number of people who watched it the next day turned out to be extremely less compared to the first day.”

Some people even attached the screenshot of the ticket sale data available on Pineapple web, “Look at the seats for Fighting Hero .

They have the same amount of air time as Red Tiger , yet the seats booked arent even 10 percent.”

Following that, several netizens started posting screenshots of the ticket booking data for nearby theaters.

“For the theaters near me, Red Tiger is full, while only two or three people are watching Fighting Hero .”

“Haha, the three theaters which gave Fighting Hero more air times arent increasing the airtimes for Red Tiger ” A netizen laughed coldly and questioned.

Very soon, some netizens also started bashing them for unfairness.

“My house is a bit far from the theaters owned by the Han Corporation, all the theatres near me are owned by Orange Island.

What the f*ck! I wanted to watch a Red Tiger yet I cant even watch it, its all f*cking Fighting Hero ! Orange Island, why dont you open your eyes to see how few people are watching Fighting Hero ! Why dont you give these prime slots to Red Tiger !”

“The above netizen, you should just run to a faraway Han Corporation movie theater to watch it, support Red Tiger , and destroy Fighting Hero !”

“Those three movie theater chains should think properly, is it that you dont want to earn money Han Corporation Cinema theaters airing Red Tiger are completely booked, we cant even buy a ticket.

Why dont you give the showtimes of Fighting Hero to Red Tiger !”

Seeing the mocking, deriding comments of netizens, Zhang Lun was bursting with rage.

“Director Zhang!” Wang Qiu hurriedly entered Zhang Luns office.

Already furious, Zhang Luns temper made him lash out at Wang Qiu.

“What is it now why are you so worked up!”

Immediately, Wang Qiu admitted his mistake, “Director Zhang, so sorry, I was too anxious.”

“Speak, what is it,” Zhang Lun put down his phone and asked in an annoyed tone.

“Originally the three movie chains which had given us a lot of movie screenings have now reduced it,” Wang Qiu passed the new movie showtimes to Zhang Lun.

Taking a look, Zhang Lun saw that their movie screenings had been reduced to 28 percent, while Red Tigers had been increased to 37 percent.

Instantly, Zhang Luns mood worsened.

Even if the box office sales for Fighting Hero were falling, no matter what, they still had to give Zhang Lun face, right!

His movie was given fewer showtime, was that reasonable

Enraged, Zhang Lun instantly gave a call to the heads of those movie theater chains.

There was no need for Zhang Lun to say anything as the other party already understood his intention behind the call.

When Zhang Lun expressed his unhappiness, feeling troubled the other party tried placating him.

“Director Zhang, we didnt want it either.

But our movie theaters need to be operated and need to have a profit! Before this, we gave you the best prime slots, you saw it yourself, we really did try our best.

But now our theatres are empty with just one or two people watching, we need to account for the operating cost at least, were really losing money each time we screen it!”

“Director Zhang, we are operating a movie theater, we also have to earn profit and see which movie will bring money.

When it comes to such things, every theater thinks the same way.

We cant make a deal where we make losses, right” The in-charge said politely, not daring to make Zhang Lun even more unhappy, “But we did not reduce your screen timings too much, right now, the screening times for Fighting Hero is still the second.

We still have confidence in your movie.”

“Haha!” Zhang Lun laughed coldly.

“If you have confidence would you still suppress my film”

The in-charge rolled his eyes at the other end of the phone, didnt he already explain it just now

Could Zhang Lun not understand

He was still polite in his words and said, “Its like this, Director Zhang, right now, the screening times for your movie could not be considered low.

The main thing is that the audience has too many good reviews for Red Tiger , and they know that our theaters dont have the screening times for Red Tiger , hence we are losing too many customers and making great losses.

So now the showtimes have been balanced.”


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