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Meanwhile, Zhang Lun hands were starting to become sore from picking up so many congratulatory calls.

Not only fellow directors from the same field, but there were actors and various investors for Fighting Hero too.

Fighting Heros publicity team immediately contacted various media accounts and got them to release news about it all over the internet.

” Fighting Heros first-day box office is almost 300 million, exceeding Greedy Wolf Operations .”

” Greedy Wolf Operation must be anxious now.

Perhaps they cant keep their status as the highest-grossing locally-produced film of all-time for long.”

” Fighting Hero is confirmed to register for the nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Film.”

Looking at all these news coming up non-stop, Zhang Lun felt the exhilaration of victory.

Haha, how could Ji Cheng and Lu Man even dare to compete with him

The completely didnt stand a chance at all!

Now that both the movies had the same number of scheduled screenings, Red Tiger couldnt claim that he was bullying them!

Just then, Wang Qius assistant knocked on the door before entering.

“Director Zhang, the first-day box office result of Red Tiger is out.”

“Oh How much is it” Zhang Lun asked, wanting to gloat.

Between his words, his tone was even a little nonchalant.

His face was like a billionaire asking about an employee who only earned thousands, ‘how much did you earn today ‘.

However, Zhang Lun and Wang Qiu missed the uncomfortable look the assistant had, he was quite hesitant to speak.

Right now, everyone was drowning in the happiness of victory .

“I asked you a question, why arent you saying anything” Wang Qiu grabbed the sheet from the assistants hand in one swoop.

“Why are you dawdling while doing such a simple job.”

“Never mind never mind, we are all happy today.” Zhang Lun laughed it off.

“I will give everyone some cash bonus later!”

“Thank you, Director Zhang!”

“Thank you, Director Zhang!”

Even Wang Qiu thanked him and smiled but when the data on the sheet came into his view, his smile immediately froze on his face.

Right after that, his expression took a huge turn.

“Director… Director Zhang…” Wang Qiu stuttered.

“Whats the matter” Zhang Lun frowned.

“You even ticked your assistant off just now.

Why are you stuttering and hesitant now too”

After he spoke, he finally realized that there was something wrong with Wang Qius expression.

At that moment, Zhang Luns heart skipped a little, getting nervous.

However, right after that, he felt that this was too ridiculous.

Why was he nervous

What was there to be nervous about

His box office wouldnt be so easily beaten by others!

“Is it that there isnt a big gap between our box office and that of Red Tigers ” Zhang Lun smugly thought that he guessed it right, and even consoled him.

“This is just the first day.

With Lu Mans tricks, the audience went to take a look out of curiosity. Red Tigers box office also wouldnt be too bad too.

However, its hard to say in the future.

We will definitely beat them by a great margin for sure.

Theres no need to be unhappy.

Han Corporation scheduled so many screenings for Red Tiger .

Its hard for the box office to be bad too.”

CEO Wang urged too.

“Assistant Wang, hurry up and tell us Red Tigers box office result!”

Wang Qius hand shivered slightly.

It really was hard to speak in front of so many staff members.

When the time comes, Zhang Lun would still be the one embarrassed.

He just directly passed the datasheet to Zhang Lun.

“Director Zhang, its… its probably better if you see it yourself.”


Meanwhile at Ji Chengs work studio.

They were eagerly waiting for Red Tigers first-day box office.

Moreover, they had already seen Fighting Heros first-day box office.

Thus, everyone in the studio was a little stressed.

Liu Chuanhui and Zhang Jian were both there.

Usually, the two of them were very busy, they barely had enough time to finish all of their work.

Today, they had surprisingly rejected all of their jobs and especially came down to the work studio to await for the box office results with everyone.

Since Liu Chuanhui and Ji Cheng were old buddies.

he consoled Ji Cheng, “Dont give yourself so much stress.

This is your first time filming a movie, youve already won once.

Although Fighting Heros box office is really high, ours wont turn out bad either.

Moreover, Zhang Lun is such a big director, yet hes not gracious and so petty, hence he has already lost.”


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