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Since it was too late, not only Old Mr.

Han and Old Mrs.

Han but Xia Qingwei also couldnt stay up late at night.

Therefore, Lu Man planned to bring Xia Qingwei to watch it tomorrow morning.

When the two of them reached the cinema theatre, there were still 20 minutes left for the movie to start.

Moreover, the cinema theatre only allowed people to enter 10 minutes prior to showtime, so they still had quite some free time.

Lu Man took out a snapback from her bag and wore it.

Although currently, Lu Man might not be so famous that everyone would know her, she was still the main lead of this movie, after all.

Moreover, with the face-off between Fighting Hero and Red Tiger was still blowing up quite a storm on the internet and hence many people almost got to see a picture of her face every single day.

Furthermore, after seeing the movie for about 2 hours, the audience would definitely remember Lu Mans face one way or another.

Therefore, Lu Man still used a cap to cover her face.

Thankfully, it was dark inside the theatre and so by then, even if she took off her cap she wouldnt attract any attention either.

“There are so many people who booked tickets” Having gone to the top floor of the shopping mall, Lu Man could see people queuing up in front of the automated ticket collection booth and widened her mouth in surprise.

Even though many netizens on the internet claimed that they had bought tickets for the premiere, the netizens are spread across the country and are rather dispersed.

Hence, she really didnt expect to see such a turnout for the movie.

“Looks like your publicity really did bring numbers.” Han Zhuoli appreciated her.

“However, you dont know how many people here have come for Fighting Hero,” Lu Man said.

They came to Han Corporation Cinema where the majority of the screenings were scheduled for Red Tiger while only two screens were assigned for Fighting Hero.

Since both the movies were released on the same day, audiences had to choose either of the two.

After some time, both of them went to the automated ticket collection machine to queue up.

By the time they collected their tickets, it was just the right time to enter the theatre.

When they entered the theatre, advertisements were being played on the screen and Lu Man and Han Zhuoli quickly found their seats and sat down.

Right now, Han Zhuoli could feel Lu Mans nervousness.

Turning around to face her, he asked with concern, “Whats the matter Feeling nervous”

Lu Man nodded and said softly, “I havent watched the final cut of the film.

This is my first time watching it.

I dont know if I performed well.”

Lu Man wasnt worried about the results of the box office.

As long as the quality of the movie was passable and the actors acting could make it, she naturally didnt have to worry about the box office.

“Moreover, youre here too to watch my movie too.” Lu Man said softly, “So, Im probably more nervous about this.”

Because she cared about him, she was exceptionally nervous.

Meanwhile, aside from them, a lot of people buzzing and discussing too.

Unlike Lu Man, they werent as quiet while talking.

The audiences voices were all pretty loud.

“Eh Why are you guys here too”

“What a coincidence! I want to see how Red Tiger turns out.

If its bad, I will definitely tell my friends not to waste money on it too.”

Surprisingly, a majority of the audience were here to check if Red Tiger was really worth watching or not.

However, some people were honestly here to support Red Tiger .

“I just cant stand that Zhang Lun.

Just because he is a famous director, everybody has to follow his will.

So Im here to support Red Tiger .

So what if Ji Cheng is just a B-list actor He sincerely wants to make a good movie.

On the other hand, Zhang Lun is a snob, using his own status in the movie industry to look down on others and even bash them.

No one else deserves to be better than him Hmph!”

Suddenly, all the lights in the theatre were switched off, only the light shining from the screen could be seen.

After the credits of various production companies, the movie officially started.

Moreover, surprisingly the first credit shown was of Han Corporation!

Her man was actually the biggest investor in the movie in which she was the female lead.

As the person involved, why didnt Lu Man find this a little romantic at all


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