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Even all the main actors insisted on not using a body double.

After the assistant director finished posting, he asked worriedly, “Theres no problem with this, right”

“Its alright,” Lu Man said politely.

“Its the first time that Ive directly gone against Director Zhang Lun.

Despite the guilt, I am getting a thrill.” The assistant director rubbed his hands together.

Lu Man was already wanted to have a direct confrontation and go against Zhang Lun!

Before this, which one of Zhang Luns movies did he not get the best showtime slots

Ignoring what the audience said, the entertainment circle was full of respect and praise, there was no way to live for other movies airing at the same time.

“Its not just you, Im also nervous.” Ji Cheng rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

“This is my first time directing a movie, and in the end, even before the premiere, its such big news.

All the other directors respect and fear Zhang Lun, whereas here I am, attacking Zhang Lun on my first debut as a director.

No matter what the outcome is, I can boast about this for a year to others.”

“Zhang Lun probably cannot hold back anymore.” Lu Man smiled cunningly.

As expected, very soon, Zhang Lun retorted through a Weibo post.

“I never imagined that I would face such a treatment where the allotment of showtime slots would be so unfair.

Want to suppress us out by not giving us any prime slots Would a good movie be buried like this Now the movie theaters keep airing those low budget, horribly filmed movies, causing the audience to lose confidence in locally produced movies, when will this messy corruption stop”

Instantly a lot of fans supported it.

“Our popularity cannot compete with Director Zhangs.

A single sentence from him beckons several followers.” Ji Cheng sighed.

At that moment, Lu Man contacted a few famous media accounts with whom she had worked earlier.

Not long after, these accounts started to post online.

Suddenly, Eight Skin Entertainment posted two photos on Weibo.

Since Fighting Hero had a high budget and was a big production, they had spent all their money on special effects, so most of the movie scenes were filmed in front of a green screen.

Hence, all the photos from the set of Fighting Hero were in front of a green screen.

On the other hand, Red Tiger was filmed outdoors with real knives and guns, and all the actors were really fighting.

Eight Skin Entertainment only put one line as the caption: “As to who had a harder time filming, it is obvious with just one look.”

Seeing that post, all the netizens burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha, this Zhang Lun still has the nerve to say how hard it was for him to film One is filming indoors in front of a green screen, blowing air-con and having delicious meals.

While the other is in the northwest, getting blown by wind and sand, eating packed meals that also have sand along with it, so now who really had a harder time filming Did they really think that netizens were dumb”

“Zhang Lun: I dont care I dont care, if you dont give me prime slots, I will act shamelessly!”

Seeing the netizens mockful, sarcastic comments, Zhang Lun flew into a rage.

“These people dont know anything! They are just spouting rubbish!” Furious, Zhang Luns face flamed.

At that moment, Qiao Luna posted again on Weibo.

“I apologize for my inappropriate words in the interview, I should not have mentioned other movies.

But I still support Fighting Hero , and I sincerely invite the audience to watch it in theatres, dont be misled by some comments on the Internet.”

Shockingly, at that moment, Zhang Xiaoying also came up in support.

“I support Sister Luna.

Sister Luna, you are not wrong, its clearly someone scheming against Fighting Hero .

Dont forget that the female lead for Red Tiger is Lu Man, and she has been a PR professional before this.

Shes the best at stirring up trouble for others, scheming against others to make her movie a hit! Everyone, please dont fall for it.”

At that moment, many people who liked Qiao Luna and Zhang Xiaoying stood up for them.

A director with a verified account on Weibo posted.

“One should film their movie with utmost sincerity, I reject schemes, its better to focus on talent and not scheme in the film industry.”


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