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Lu Man: “…”

They had just met yesterday, why would she miss him so much

Even though… she did miss him a bit.

“I came to school for lessons today,” Lu Man said, “As soon as I came, I heard that He Zhengbai was originally going to be a director for a drama, but he was fired in the end.”

“Who asked him to bother you, duh!”

Hearing that, Lu Man confirmed her guess to be right.

“I was right, its your doing.”

Han Zhuoli put down his fountain pen in the office.

“What is it Your heart doesnt ache, right”

“Why will my heart ache and for whom!” Lu Man grumbled, displeased, “I was thinking of praising you for doing something good just now, but now I dont want to praise you anymore.”

Following after that, as the phone was pressed to her earth, she could hear Han Zhuoli guffaw, it was a bit hoarse, and was extremely sexy.

“My bad, I was just a bit jealous,” Han Zhuoli said in a soft voice, and his sexy voice tickled her ear.

“Who asked him to be your ex-boyfriend and take up your time when you were young.”

He clearly remembered and was displeased with the fact that He Zhengbai was Lu Mans childhood sweetheart.

During Lu Mans teenage years, she was accompanied by He Zhengbai.

This made him very jealous.

He wished that he could turn the clock back, and get to know Lu Man before she met He Zhengbai.

So that when she would Lu Man meet He Zhengbai for the first time, he would kick He Zhengbai away.

Lu Mans heartbeat quickened upon hearing what he said, her face was flushed red.

His words touched her heart.

Although she and He Zhengbai might have some memories from when they were young, with Han Zhuoli, she had a big future and they would accompany each other to the grave.

Thinking about how they would hold hands at old age, Lu Mans heart felt warm.

It was as if Han Zhuoli was at her side now, and was embracing her.

“By the way, why didnt you tell me that He Zhengbai came looking for you to cause trouble” Lu Man heard Han Zhuoli ask.

“Its not that I didnt tell you, I just forgot.” She was also very innocent.

“I have so many things to do, I needed to film at that time, and I left for so long, I was occupied with the thought of how I would not see you and Mom and wanted to spend quality time with you both.

So where would I find the time to even remember such insignificant people.”

What Lu Man said was the truth, of course, she especially said it in a coy, sly way to make Han Zhuoli happier.

Anyway, Han Zhuoli was definitely pleased.

“Thats right.”

“But how did you know about this” Lu Man also found it weird.

“It was that young brat, Han Zhuofeng, he saw you beating He Zhengbai up, but did not know to go and help, he even hid behind to film and show it to Grandma,” Han Zhuoli grumbled with a black face.

“…” Lu Man felt that her image was ruined.

“How did Grandma react”

“Grandma really liked it, she even praised for doing the right thing.”

Lu Man: “…”

“I heard that He Zhengbais injuries on his face are a lot more serious than when I punched him, it cant be done by Han Zhuofeng, right”

“He finally did something useful,” Han Zhuoli finally praised.

Lu Man could not help but laugh.

Han Zhuofeng was really quite cute sometimes.


About half a month before the end of term exams, Red Tiger officially announced the release date for the movie, it was set to release during the summer holidays on 19 July.

Red Tigers official Weibo tagged the main cast, and Lu Mans name was right behind Ji Chengs name, it was very obvious that she was the female lead.

In the end, another movie with 1 billion investment, a magical epic blockbuster, Fighting Hero was also set to premiere on 19 July, and it was obvious that it was going to clash with Red Tiger .

Fighting Hero had cast Qiao Luna, Ou Jingzong, and a lot of other celebrities who were famous in the country right now.


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