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Lu Qi still had some fans who wrote in her support and suddenly someone commented, “Its probably Red Tiger .

Before this, Red Tiger had some official promotions, and the female lead was Lu Qi.

But I heard that Red Tiger started filming, and the female lead was replaced with Lu Man.

This matches Lu Qis post.”

“Its Lu Man again!”

“The Red Tiger production group is bullying people too much, even though it was already agreed upon, how could they change the actor without telling her

Learning from Lu Man, Lu Qi bought a trending spot and a few accounts to repost it for her.

Not long after, this incident was trending.


Currently, Lu Man was filming the scene where she was running swiftly, avoiding the rain of bullets.

While Ji Cheng was facing the enemy, Lu Man took the chance to rush into a Jeep and drove over, yelling loudly, “Get in the car!”

Ji Cheng got in while Lu Man helped to cover him.

This scene was done in one shot, and after filming, Ji Cheng praised Lu Man.

“Great, its been so long since Ive filmed a scene so smoothly.

Lu Man, you were too humble before.”

The Liu Chuanhui who was practicing at the side also praised, “Lao Ji, youre really good, where did you find this girl, her acting skills are not bad at all.”

“Haha, what if I say that shes a Year One student at the Film Academy, are you shocked” Ji Cheng said happily.

Liu Chuanhui clicked his tongue.

“Then this is a natural talent, shes born to be in this industry.”

“Director Ji!” Ji Chengs assistant Xiao Cheng hurriedly walked over.

“Lu Qi is causing trouble online.”

“Let me see,” Ji Cheng took Xiao Chengs phone and saw the Weibo post by Lu Qi, and how there were fans who were showing support for Lu Qi, and harshly bashing the Red Tiger production group and Lu Man online.

After reading those posts, many netizens who did not know the truth criticized the production group for being morally wrong and scolded Lu Man for snatching Lu Qis role.

“Lu Man, what do you think” Ji Cheng instantly sought Lu Mans advice.

“Its a pity that we are filming now, and we dont have time to play with her.”

“It wont take a lot of time, its best to strike when the iron is hot.” Lu Man returned the phone to Xiao Cheng.

“I dont have any parts in the next scene, let me handle this.”

“Alright!” Ji Cheng hit his upper thigh in excitement.

After resting for a while, he prepared for the next scene.

It was a scene with Liu Chuanhui, Zhang Jian and Ji Cheng, and had nothing to do with Lu Man.

It just happened that the employee in charge of the Red Tigers official Weibo was there too, and so Lu Man called her over, and prepared a post on her phone and sent it to the employee.

Not long after, on Weibo, the Red Tigers official Weibo posted.

“We dont know which movie Miss Lu Qi is referring to.

But the Red Tiger ‘s director, Mr.

Ji Cheng, did indeed invite Miss Lu Qi to be the female lead in the Red Tiger .

The two sides had already finished discussing, but a day before she was scheduled to join the crew, Miss Lu Qis manager suddenly contacted Mr.

Ji Cheng, requesting for an increase in payment, and the price she mentioned was the amount an A-lister in the country would get.

At that time, if youve already agreed, why would you suddenly go back on your words the day before you had to join the film crew Is it that you saw deliberately decided on this crucial time as it would be too rushed for us to contact other celebrities, and thus you wanted to make a profit out of the troubled situation, we arent sure.

But our films money, even a dollar or a cent, needs to be invested where it is needed the most and we definitely do not stand for such schemes.

Since Miss Lu Qi decided to request for an increase in pay for the film the day before she had to join the production group, then our production group can also change our actors at the last minute.”

“Right now, we want to thank Lu Man, because the schedule was tight, Lu Man agreed before discussing the pay for the film.

If it were not for Lu Man saving us, we would not even know if our movie could be filmed, and we would have lost too much money.

Our hard work for the previous years would have gone to waste.

Right now, we are not attacking anyone, we are just thankful to Lu Man, thank you!”


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