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Lu Man turned towards the source of the sound and called out in surprise, “Teacher Ji Cheng!” 1

Ji Cheng walked over and shook Lu Mans hand.

“Hello, Lu Man.”

“Teacher Ji Cheng, its a pleasure to meet you.

I didnt think that you would come down personally to meet us,” Lu Man said in surprise.

“Haha,” Ji Cheng laughed.

“You have helped me out a great deal.

Otherwise, this dream of mine would probably have been crushed.

You rushed down here in a hurry, so of course, I will have to personally come and fetch you, and also to let Mr.

Han and Brother Sun rest assured.”

As Ji Cheng spoke, the assistant he brought along took the luggage from Lu Man and her people.

“Its alright, we can carry them on our own,” Lu Man hurriedly declined.

“Please dont stand on ceremony with me.” Ji Cheng smiled politely.

Hence, Lu Man didnt continue to refuse.

“Lets head to the hotel first.

Weve been shooting for half a day today.

In the afternoon, the scriptwriters and I will walk you through your scenes.

Well officially start shooting tomorrow, is that alright” Ji Cheng said after that got into the car.


When they reached the hotel, Ji Cheng let the three of them settle in.

After they had some rest, he came over with the scriptwriters at 3 in the afternoon.

Earlier, on their way to the hotel, Ji Cheng informed Lu Man that they would be filming in the suburbs of Xihai, there they had built a temporary set for the film.

Since there were no hotels in the suburbs, they would have to travel between the main city and the suburbs every day.

The shooting conditions were a little harder for this film, but Lu Man didnt really mind.

At around 3 p.m, Ji Cheng brought three scriptwriters along with him.

Just as they were talking about the script, Ji Chengs cell phone rang.

When he took a look at the caller, Ji Cheng was gleeful and didnt hurry to pick it up.

Instead, he said to Lu Man, “Its a call from Lu Qi.”

Lu Man instantly understood.

“Shes probably asking you about the pay from the film.

Thinking about how many days it has been, its about time now.”

Ji Cheng rubbed his hands.

“Ive been waiting for this for so long!”

Hu Zhonghui: “…”

He Mengmeng: “…”

The three scriptwriters: “…”

Ji Cheng was really holding it back so hard!

After composing himself, Ji Cheng answered the call.


“Hello Director Ji,” Lu Qi greeted, “Im Lu Qi.”

“Oh, Lu Qi, hi.” After Ji Cheng greeted her, he didnt say anything else.

Lu Qi refused to believe that Ji Cheng didnt know the reason for the call.

How dare he still play dumb in front of her!

Thus, Lu Qi simply decided to be straightforward and confront him.

“Regarding the problem, Ive already discussed with you about the pay for the film, have you been thinking about it You must be waiting urgently to start shooting your movie, right The earlier we settle this, the earlier I can join the crew.”

Ji Cheng held onto his phone and scoffed sarcastically.

Even until now, she was still dreaming of a pay hike and joining the crew

Wasnt she just threatening him with her words

How shameless!

“Yes, I havent started filming yet.

The entire crew is still waiting for the female lead.

Truth be told, I really couldnt find anyone else.

I was really happy and earnest when I found you.

However, your requested pay of 3 million yuan is really too much.

You cant compare it to your pay when youre filming a drama.

A female celebrity that earns around 100,000 per episode would only earn about 2 million yuan for a movie too.

Based on what I know, you dont even earn 100,000 yuan per episode, right”

Let alone 100,000 yuan, she wasnt even earning 10,000 yuan.

“Moreover, my budget really cant handle it, Ive already put the funds that I can move onto the production,” Ji Cheng said in remorseful, helpless tone, “Miss Lu, I did genuinely and sincerely invite you.

How about this, why dont we settle your pay at 1.5 million yuan then This is already the highest pay an A-list budding starlet would earn when they switch to filming a movie.”

The corner of Lu Qis mouth curled up in glee and delight.

Originally, Xia Qingyang had just randomly asked for 3 million yuan.

Even at the peak of career, she wouldnt even earn this amount.

Even back then, it was already a lot for her to have a pay of one million yuan, let alone this amount.

Although Ji Cheng had already halved her requested pay, it was already much more than what she had expected.


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