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Furious, Principal Liu snickered, “In front of me, you dare to make up excuses, it clearly shows what kind of attitude you have towards students usually! Lu Mans acting skills are not good Both Professor Hong and Professor Yao praised her, are you saying that these two professional instructors are fake As to Director Ji Chengs movie, it has yet to start filming, how do you know its a bad film Taking some steps backward, whether its bad or not, are you Lu Mans mother or dad, daring to make a choice for her How big is your ego!”

“Principal — ” Counselor Chen felt extremely hateful, Lu Man had actually gone to snitch on her to the principal!

Principal Liu wished that he could fire this idi*t, but it was a pity that Professor Chen was a permanent staff, and it was hard for Principal Liu to fire her.

Otherwise, with this kind of person, how could he have no way to deal with her

“Professor Chen, Im very disappointed in you,” Principal Liu said, “Im approving Lu Mans leave, Im just informing you.

Today when you go back, write a reflection letter and I want to go through with the school management regarding your actions.

Furthermore, seeing your unfair attitude towards students, youre already not suitable to be a counselor.

Its hard for me to imagine how many students futures have been ruined by you.

In the future, I cant be at ease letting the students be overseen by you.”

“Principal… Principal…” Professor Chen was stunned.

“I… I didnt… Principal, Ive been wrongly accused! I really didnt, its a misunderstanding! Youve misunderstood me!”

Principal Liu thought back to Lu Mans first day when he proudly promised that he wont let anyone bully or trouble Lu Man.

In the end, it was all ruined by Teacher Chen.

“From today onwards, you are stripped of your position as a counselor.

Before I find some other duty for you, you can go… you can go be the in-charge of the girls dormitory.” Principal Liu settled it with a wave of his hand.

Originally, the principal was still considering as to whether he should just let Professor Chen recruit students.

But thinking about it, with her attitude of preferential treatment, what if she let a lot of good talents leave because of her lack of intelligence.

So he very wisely just sent her to watch the dormitory.

However, no matter what, Counselor Chen was someone who graduated from a good school with good results, and he could not let her keep being the head of the dormitory.

As to what she would do in the future, he would consider later on.

It was just that she definitely could not be a counselor anymore.

“Principal, you cant be like this! How can you let me be the one in charge of the dormitory”

Did she need to do that That was a Matron!

“Why cant I do it Could it be that I need you to tell me what to do” The principal inwardly scolded the Human Resources Department in the school, how did they hire people, why did they hire such an idi*t!

“N… No, I dont have that meaning…” Professor Chen said timidly.

“If youre unsatisfied with that, then its alright, lets properly investigate how many opportunities did you stop students from taking,” Principal Liu said angrily.

The schools rules were to prevent students from taking up any kind of show for namesake and to not let them waste time in those horrible shows so that they study well and do not ruin their own future.

At the same time, it was also to prevent students from being dubbed by fraudulent agencies or productions and to prevent their simple heart that earnestly wanted to act in films and become famous to suffer grief.

However, if there was a really good opportunity, then the school would not stop them.

It was just this Professor Chen, who kept holding onto the schools rules and refused to let go.

But after all, there were too many teachers in the school, and no one would report such a small thing, and hence it never reached Principal Lius ears.

“Just based on your attitude today, I believe that Lu Man is not the first student to be treated unfairly by you,” Principal Liu said in a low voice, “Do you really want me to check”


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