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It was because she Lu Man leisurely sitting on the sofa and sipping a cup of tea.

She was even more stunned on seeing how relaxed she was, Lu Man was not even bothered that she was in the principals office.

“Why are you here” Counselor Chen questioned.

Lu Man had just taken a small sip of tea, and spoke as if it was not a big deal, “Of course, its to ask for leave from the principal.”

Counselor Chens face turned black in rage, “You came here to tell on me”

“Tell on you about what” Principal Liu was shocked, “Teacher Chen, what are you saying”

Stunned, Teacher Chen stared blankly at Lu Man, could it be that she did not say anything at all

How could it be!

Lu Man laughed in her heart; of course, she did not say anything, she was just waiting for the counselor to jump into the trap on her own.

She wasnt someone who would let it go after she was bullied, she had always followed the principle,If people respect me, I will respect them; If they cause me trouble, Ill cause them so much trouble they die.

“Lu Man just came here to ask me for leave from school, youre her counselor, so I called you over to inform you,” Principal Liu frowned, “Is there something that I dont know”

The counselors face was flushed red.

Lu Man had laid a trap for her!

Lu Man must have done it on purpose!

“N… no,” Counselor Chen said guiltily.

But Principal Liu was an intelligent person, how could he be tricked by her.

“But I have a question, why did you not approve Lu Mans leave” Principal Liu asked.

“This… isnt this a school rule Year One and Two students are not allowed to film in shows.” Counselor Chen still used the same excuse.

“Youre talking about rules with me When we were talking about this rule, didnt I add that if a student has a very good opportunity, we need to let them go act”

Some shows needed special actors.

Be it age, or looks, there were certain requests and it was not something that professional actors had.

Last year when Director Zhang Lun had specially come to recruit newly joined students, whose acting skills had yet to be refined and had a fresh feel to them, a young, vibrant student.

These were their requirements for the role.

Back then, Year One students were also picked, and didnt they still allow them to film as well

“Since youre so principled, then dont let Zhang Xiaoying film as well!” Principal Liu said coldly, “From what I know Great Desert is going to start filming as well, didnt Zhang Xiaoying find you to ask for leave as well”

“Principal Liu, when I was finding Professor Chen to ask for leave, Zhang Xiaoying had also come, and Professor Chen allowed Zhang Xiaoying to go and film.

Just a second before that, she had just rejected my request for leave.” Lu Man slowly added fuel to the fire.

She wasnt a saint to help hide the counselors wrongs.

“I didnt know a counselor could behave like that Having preferential treatment towards students!” Principal Liu was furious.

Before this, Professor Hong and Professor Yao had treated Lu Man extremely well, and so Principal Lius heart was at peace, praising his Film Academys teachers for being so smart, at least they wont make the same kind of dumb mistake like the Drama Academy.

But who would have thought that his Film Academy had a hidden stupid teammate!

The f*ck, this must be a spy sent by the Drama Academy!

Counselor Chen felt wronged.

“Principal, I did this for the sake of the school.

Zhang Xiaoying is famous, and she is going to star in Great Desert which is a big production, its good for our school as well, thats why I approved it.

But Lu Man had just started school, and her acting skills are not up to par at all if we let her act in films and if her acting skills are not passable, people will mock our school and criticize our Film Academy for not teaching properly.

Furthermore, Im also doing it for her own good, Im scared that she chose a bad film.”


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