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Initially he only wanted to hug her to sleep, but in the end, when he hugged her, he wanted to kiss, and in his heart, he thought that just kissing would be enough and he would not do anything else.

Yet who knew after kissing, he would not be able to hold himself back.

At this moment, he was holding Lu Mans hand and slowly massaging her hand to relax them.

“Quickly go and sleep,” Lu Man said, it was already quite late, he still needed to wake up early tomorrow.

“You go and sleep first, Ill massage your hand a little more.”

Seeing how he sincere and guilty he looked, Lu Man could no longer be angry.

“Itll be alright after two days, just go and sleep.”

However, Han Zhuoli insisted on massaging it for a while and after some time, he hugged Lu Man to sleep.


The next day, Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man to school by his car, before returning to the company.

Lu Man then went directly to the counselors office.

“Professor Chen, I want to ask for leave from school in order to act in a movie,” Lu Man said.

The counselor already had quite a good impression of Lu Man as he had even heard Professor Hong and Professor Yao praising her for being hardworking and was even more impressed on seeing her being so polite.

But it was one thing for Lu Man to not come to school for so long and then again ask for leave the very day she came back from her two days leave.

Since it was like that, why was she still attending school

Wasnt it good to just quit school and go back to concentrate on filming

The counselors face clearly showed his disapproval, and the counselor said strictly, “Lu Man, our school has properly written in the rules, students who are not in year three cannot act in movies.

Thats because they have just learned to perform for only 2 years and are yet to excel in acting.

Taking movie offers before excelling in it them being irresponsible.”

When the students acting skills are harshly criticized by people, even the school would have a bad reputation.

“I really cant let you take this leave, you have only attended a few sessions and yet you want to go and film already” The counselor said in a serious, grave tone, “Lu Man, its better to be down to earth when you are learning to perform, and take one step at a time, you have a lot of talent, dont waste your performing talent because of the small benefits and reputation in front of you now, it wont be good to lose a lot just for some petty attractions right now.

Its better to just properly learn in school.

Quickly reject this show.”

“Professor — ” Lu Man opened her mouth to explain, but was cut off by a voice.

“Professor Chen,” Zhang Xiaoying walked over, seeing that Lu Man was also there, she raised her eyebrows curiously.

“Lu Man, youre back.”

Lu Man nodded, not saying anything.

“Xiaoying, what do you need” When the counselor saw that it was Zhang Xiaoying, the counselor instantly smiled.

Zhang Xiaoying smiled sweetly and said, “Its just that Great Desert already published on their official Weibo that Im their female lead and now the show is about to begin filming, so I need to take leave to go join the production group.”

Lu Man was shocked, she did not think that Zhang Xiaoying would also be here to ask for leave.

In the end, the Counselors attitude was completely different from the attitude he had towards Lu Man, the counselor did not even think twice and agreed.

“Alright, how long do you need to take leave for”

“Three months,” Zhang Xiaoying said.

The counselor gave his consent.

“Just complete it in time to take part in the end-of-year exams, alright Ill approve it.”

Then the counselor immediately took out a leave application form.

“Fill this up.”

Zhang Xiaoying quickly filled up the form and passed it to the counselor.

“Thank you, Professor Chen.”

“Youre welcome, I hope that your filming goes well and you can finish filming earlier.

I heard that the Great Desert is an IP drama with a big fanbase, Im anticipating it.

Once it premiers, Ill definitely watch it.”

“Thank you, Professor Chen, Ill go back to class first,” Zhang Xiaoying said obediently.

“Go on.” The counselors face clearly showed his happiness and approval.

After Zhang Xiaoying left the office, when facing Lu Man again, the counselors smile was completely gone again.

“Alright, Lu Man, you can go back to class too,” the counselor said nonchalantly, sending her off.

Lu Man frowned and said, “Professor Chen, you arent allowing me to take leave, but why is it that when Zhang Xiaoying was also here to seek leave to go film you happily agreed”


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