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Lu Mans impression on Director Sun improved tenfold.

He instantly said, “Lu Man, if you dont mind, call me Uncle Sun from now on! Because of your loyalty, I will shamelessly take advantage of you.”

“Director Sun, please dont—”

“Hmm” Sun Yiwu hummed as if reminding her.

Lu Man smiled in helplessness.

“Uncle Sun.”

“Now thats right!” Sun Yiwu said, “Dont worry, I am your uncle, I wont let you lose out in any way.

As for your pay, Ill talk to Ji Cheng about it.”

“Alright, thank you, Uncle Sun,” Lu Man said happily.

Being calledUncle Sun by Lu Man, Sun Yiwu was overjoyed.

Unfortunately, Lu Man couldnt see the huge smile on Sun Yiwus face that was almost touching his earlobes.

He had got Lu Man to treat him as an uncle, not because of Han Zhuoli, but purely because he liked this girl.

It was rare to find someone like her who knew to be grateful and be so loyal.

Therefore, Sun Yiwu had her best interests at heart.

Moreover, Sun Yiwu had quite a renowned status In this entertainment industry.

“Since you now treat me as your uncle, theres no need to stand on ceremony with me either.

In the entertainment industry, I, your uncle, still have a pretty decent status.

I guarantee you that I wont let other people bully you.

If you have any problems in the future, just look for me directly.

If anyone bullies you, just tell me!” Sun Yiwu patted his chest in pride.

Lu Man was overwhelmed by Sun Yiwus kindness.


She always felt indebted when others treated her well, and she would then treat the other party even better.

Although she had never enjoyed any fatherly love in either of her life, she always managed to meet many good people.

In her past life, she had met Mi Qiansong, and in this life, she met even more such good people.

Han Zhuoli was obviously the first one, but aside from him, there was everyone from the Han family, then her colleagues from the public relations department, and Sun Yiwu, just so many good-hearted people.

She felt extremely fortunate to have met such people.

Although she had lost one Lu Qiyuan, she received so tenfold of love and care.

“Thats right.

However, even though Im ready to act, I can probably join the crew two days late.

Zhuoli is sick and Im worried about him, so I wish to wait until hes better.

I will get back to work only after he is well in two or three days,” Lu Man said, explicitly mentioning her problem.

“No problem, Ill decide on this on behalf of Ji Cheng,” Sun Yiwu said.

Lu Man had agreed right away without any conditions.

So, how could a small request of joining the shoot two days late be a problem

“Ok, then please give me Director Jis phone number, Ill contact him.”

“How can I let you contact him You have helped him a great deal this time, he must be the one to contact you first,” Sun Yiwu said, “Just wait, Ill have him contact you.”

“Alright.” Lu Man agreed and hung up the phone.

While Lu Man was on the phone with Sun Yiwu, Lu Qi had also just ended a phone call with Ji Cheng.

Feeling a little conflicted, Lu Qi asked Xia Qingyang, “Mom, is this really going to be alright”

Since Lu Qi stopped getting any offers to star in shows, Lu Qiyuan had fired Lu Qis original manager, despising the fact that the manager kept getting paid without doing any work, not being able to find even a single gig or job for Lu Qi.

Since then, Xia Qingyang had taken on the role of being Lu Qis manager.

Xia Qingyang felt that this job was a piece of cake.

Wasnt it just finding jobs for Lu Qi, raising their conditions to the other party, negotiating with them in order to get the maximum benefit for Lu Qi

She found herself to be excellent at doing such things.

It was just like back in the past when she used to go to the market and bargain with the grocery sellers.

Who wouldnt know how to do it Why should they even bother paying to a manager

She felt that it was honestly a right move to fire that previous manager of Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyang blew on the nail polish she had just applied.

“Why not Hes about to start shooting tomorrow.

If you dont join the crew, he cant film his movie either.

Extending one day is just wasting one days worth of money.

Ji Cheng finally started directing a film after much effort, he doesnt have much investment, so he cant afford this.

As long as he wishes for everything to sail smoothly, he will have to agree to your conditions.

Just sit and watch, Mom guarantees you that you will leap straight to become an A-list star.

This is our golden opportunity to make a comeback.”


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