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However, Lu Man was really too lazy to play such games with Zhang Xiaoying.

“The ticket sales of Greedy Wolf Operation is very high, but what does that have to do with you Its not like youre the main lead, youre just a small side character in it, why are you acting so arrogant in front of me”

Lu Man was speechless, which part of her made people think she was being arrogant

However, Lu Man was too lazy to get into an argument with a stupid person like her, and suddenly grabbed Zhang Xiaoyings shoulder, pulling her aside.

Lu Man knew martial arts, how could Zhang Xiaoying be her opponent

Zhang Xiaoying could not even avoid it, and was pulled aside like a little chick, and could only watch as Lu Man walked out.

Too arrogant!

“Lu Man, why are you arrogant!” Zhang Xiaoying reached her hand out, wanting to pull Lu Man back.

But who knew that before she could touch Lu Man, her wrist was grabbed tightly by Han Zhuofeng.

“Are you crazy!”

After saying that, he harshly threw her hand aside.

“You dare to speak to me like that!” Zhang Xiaoying was seething with rage.

However, completing ignoring her, Han Zhuofeng twitched his lips unhappily at Lu Man.

“Why did you come out only now, causing me to be bothered by this crazy woman.”

The corner of Lu Mans lips twitched, and from the corner of her eyes, she saw Zhang Xiaoying seething with rage and about to explode with anger.

“Why did you come to find me” Lu Man asked displeased, not polite at all.

“Hmph!” Unhappy with Lu Mans tone, and seeing that many people were waiting to watch the drama unfold, Han Zhuofeng said, “Lets go out to speak.”

Thus, Lu Man followed Han Zhuofeng to the back of the classroom block where there was no one around.

“My elder brother is sick,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“What Isnt he in France” Lu Man was shocked.

Yesterday, she had just talked with Han Zhuoli over the phone, and four days ago, Han Zhuoli had gone on a business trip to France.

“He rushed back overnight, and this morning as soon as he got off the plane, he went directly to the office.

During these past few days, he has been running around, barely taking any break.

Finally, he tired himself out, right now hes having a high fever, but he is still adamant on staying at the office for work and refuses to go back home to take a rest.” Han Zhuofeng was getting angry as he thought about it.

“What kind of job are you doing as his girlfriend, you dont even know about this!”

Surprised and left speechless by his outburst and Han Zhoulis condition, Lu Man wondered why yesterday when she had called Han Zhuoli he had said that he would only be able to return to the country a few days later and did not even mention that he was coming back today.

However, within a second, Lu Man guessed the reason.

It was definitely because he was sick at that time and was scared that she would be worried that he planned to wait till his health was better before meeting her.

Lu Mans heart felt uneasy, she knew Han Zhuoli was scared that she would be worried.

But when she was in trouble, Han Zhuoli was always by her side supporting her and helping her.

So, of course, when it came to Han Zhuoli being sick with fever, she could not even go to his side to take care of him on time.

There was still this kind of… the feeling of being treated as an outsider.

“Hes still at the company” Lu Man asked quickly.

“Yes.” Frustrated with Han Zhoulis stubbornness, Han Zhuofeng said, “No matter how much the Butler Xiao Wang tried to convince him, he wont agree, finally they could only let Auntie He bring him some soup and medicine.

But he doesnt want to rest, and doesnt want to cooperate, how can he get well”

“Ill go to the Han Corporation now,” Lu Man said, planning on returning to the classroom to collect her things and leave immediately.

“Hmph, at least you have some conscience as a girlfriend,” Han Zhuofengs expression turned a little better.

As Lu Man returned to the classroom, she did not think that Han Zhuofeng would still be following her.

Upon being given a strange look by Lu Man, Han Zhuofeng coughed and said, “Ill send you.”

Lu Man smiled and was surprised as she reached the class, she didnt that Zhang Xiaoying would still be standing at the door.

Seeing the two of them come together, and how Han Zhuofeng was protective of Lu Man, Zhang Xiaoying questioned arrogantly, “Whats the relationship between you two”

“None of your business!” Han Zhuofeng said, impatiently.

Worried about Han Zhouli, Lu Man did not want to waste time bickering with Zhang Xiaoying and wanted to directly enter the classroom and pack up her things.


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