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“Ive already settled your transfer procedures,” Principal Liu said, and took out the form, “You just need to sign here.”

Lu Man took a look and signed her name.

Principal Liu then passed the form to Han Zhuofeng.

“Zhuofeng, come here, this is yours.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

This Principal Liu really got familiar with him so fast!

After that, Principal Liu brought out two stacks of books.

“These are your textbooks, and this is your schedule.”

Han Zhuoli took a look and took out the books they needed for today.

“As for the rest of the books, Ill help you carry home so that you dont need to carry so many books back, its too heavy.”

Han Zhuofeng instantly said, “Older Brother, help me take mine home too.”

Han Zhuolis face was cold.

“Take it home yourself.”

As he said it, he carried Lu Mans books up and even pushed Han Zhuofengs books to the side in disdain.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Han Zhoufengs felt himself suffer a heartbreak!

Lu Man looked at the time and saw that it was already quite late.

Scared that she would delay his work, she said, “Hurry back to the company, Im quite alright here.

With Zhuofeng here, he will help me.”

“I didnt say anything, dont try to use me!” Han Zhuofeng shook his head hurriedly.

Seeing Han Zhuoli glared coldly at him, Han Zhuofeng instantly clamped his mouth shut.

However, Han Zhouli really should be leaving, he had a meeting after this.

“Then Ill go first, if you have anything, give me a call,” Han Zhuoli said.

All long, Principal Liu had been observing their interaction, the more looked, the more he felt that Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans relationship was not simple.

Although he had heard about how Han Zhuoli had withdrawn all the investments due to Lu Man, Principal Zhang was a sly old fox; if he was unlucky, he refused to let other people do well either and kept Han Zhuoli and Lu Mans relationship to himself.

Han Zhuoli had especially let Principal Liu know about how much he valued Lu Man to prevent people from daring to bully Lu Man.

“Haha, Young Master Han, you can go and continue with your work, Im here for Lu Man.” Principal Liu patted his thick chest.

“Ill personally take them to their classroom.”

Han Zhuoli nodded.

“I know that the National Film Academy recently has a few projects for which they need investments, you can go over to the Han Corporation to discuss.”

Principal Liu was so excited that his heart skipped a beat, Lu Man was really the living Goddess of Fortune!

“Alright, alright!” Principal Liu hurriedly nodded.

“Young Master Han, dont worry, Lu Man is in our school, and Ill make sure that her life is relaxed and happy, no one will bully her!”

Han Zhuoli smiled in satisfaction, Principal Liu was really smart!

After that, he told Lu Man, “Then Ill be going first, if you have anything, give me a call immediately.”

“Alright.” Lu Man smiled and nodded.

“Dont worry.”

Unlike his caring expression just now, Han Zhuoli looked threateningly at Han Zhuofeng, and Han Zhuofeng instantly expressed his stand, “Here… isnt there still me here”

Han Zhuoli was very satisfied.

“Remember what you said.”

Otherwise, Ill pull you to the Han Corporation to work.

Han Zhuofeng could see the threat behind Han Zhuolis words and instantly nodded his head in resolve.

Han Zhuoli was not at all scared of Han Zhuofeng going back on his word.

Han Zhuoli carried Lu Mans book and left, while Principal Liu said eagerly, “Lu Man, Zhuofeng, lets go, Ill bring you to your respective classes.”

Coming out of the office, Principal Liu saw Han Zhuofengs hands were filled with very heavy books, so he said, “Why dont we go to your class first”

“Theres no need, Ill see her into class first,” Han Zhuofeng was still very responsible.

Lu Man smiled and stretched out her hand, “Ill help you take a few.”

“Theres no need,” Han Zhuofeng turned away.

“If my Older Brother gets to know this, he would skin me alive.”

Lu Man: “…”

Principal: “…”

What an upright child, haha.


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