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Using money to tempt Han Zhuolis girlfriend

What a joke!

It was as funny as boasting your figure to be excellent in front of a bikini model, or telling Warren Buffett that you are a God at stocks and shares, or telling Gate that you are the richest person in the world.

“But these monetary benefits are secondary, the most important thing is prestige.

Every year, our school has a few slots in an exchange program with New York Universitys performance school.

New York Universitys performance school is regarded as the best in the world, and its acceptance rate is extremely low, and in the country, our school is one of the two schools having an exchange program with them—”

“The National Film Academy too.” Lu Man cut him off.

Principal Zhang: “…”

This little girl, why was it so hard to deal with her even though she was so young!

“Theres no need to say anymore, all that glory, I can achieve myself,” Lu Man said, “Im sorry, I have no affinity with your esteemed school.”

“Lets go,” Lu Man told Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli nodded and agreed.

However, Principal Zhang still did not wish to give up and trying to come up with ways to persuade Lu Man.

in the end, he heard Han Zhuoli say, “Ill also help Zhuofeng settle his school transfer.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Excuse me

He did not tell him about that!

“I just decided to do it,” Han Zhuoli did not feel guilty at all and would cause trouble for his younger brother whenever he wanted.

He did not care about Han Zhuofeng or his parents opinion.

“From today, our Han family does not have any relation with the National Drama Academy.”

“Young Master Han…” Principal Zhang was extremely flustered.

“Dont be angry, we can sit down and slowly discuss this.”

“Lets go,” Han Zhuoli said to Han Zhuofeng and had already brought Lu Man to leave.

Han Zhuofeng scratched his head and helplessly followed him.

“Young Master Han! Young Master Han!” Principal Zhang followed behind without a thought.

He chased them to the school campus and since there were many students around, due to his position as the principal, he could only stop and watch them leave.

Furious, Principal Zhang returned to the office.

Seeing how Teacher Lis face was totally red, Principal Zhang was so enraged that he did not know what to do.

“Teacher Li, you were excellent! I plan on reporting it and telling the higher-ups about your actions.”

Teacher Lis whole body went cold, and he almost fell over.

“I did not do anything.”

“You have caused our school to lose half of the investments, and also caused the Han Corporation to take back their sponsorship, is this nothing Then Im really curious, I wonder how much losses the school has to suffer if you really do something!” Principal Zhang waved his hand angrily.

Before this, he had taken any action against Teacher Li because Teacher Li also had a backer.

As the principal, it was not that he could not do anything to him, but it was just that he did not want to offend the influential people behind Teacher Li.

But this time, Teacher Li had made a grave mistake and no one would support him!

Thinking about that, Principal Zhang began to be troubled, he was unsure about what to do about the funds next year.


On the other hand, Han Zhuoli, Han Zhoufeng, and Lu Man left the school campus and got in their car.

Han Zhuofeng asked, “Older Brother, you want to transfer me out, where will you transfer me to”

Han Zhuoli said nonchalantly, “The National Film Academy.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

“Wherever Lu Man is going, of course, you must follow.

When Lu Man is studying there, take care of her.

If I find out that someone bullied her and you did not protect her, then you can obediently come to work at Han Corporation, dont dream of being a director ever.”

Han Zhouli had attacked Han Zhuofengs weak point.

Feeling wronged, aggrieved, Han Zhuofeng pointed at Lu Man.

“Why would she get bullied Its already good if she doesnt bully people! As soon as she opens her mouth, she insults a person until they wish to die!”

Lu Man: “…”

Surprised, she raised an eyebrow at Han Zhuofeng.

Young man, be careful of your wording.


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