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Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Yet Han Zhuoli was still smiling dotingly, not feeling like Lu Man was bullying Han Zhuofeng at all.

Han Zhuofeng lost his cool.

“If I have a girlfriend, I would definitely send her home first.”

“Oh,” Han Zhuoli asked stiffly, “Then do you have a girlfriend”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

How hurtful!

“Thats true, when you have a girlfriend, you would be driving your car to send your girlfriend home, there would be no need for you to ride in my car,” and follow beside him and Lu Man like a third wheel.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”


He really did not know what medicine Lu Man had fed Han Zhuoli for him to be so infatuated with her and treated her better than his younger brother.

Green with envy, Han Zhuofeng hastily opened the door and got down the car.

“Then Ill go now.”

“I wont send you off,” Han Zhuoli said.

Lu Man felt that Han Zhuofengs heart had been hit too many times today, so her tone was a lot better than that of Han Zhuoli.

“See you.”

“Theres no need, I dont feel like well have many opportunities to meet again.” Han Zhoufeng voiced his thoughts, who knew how long Han Zhuoli would be dating Lu Man.

Lu Man wanted to be in the entertainment circle, and it was too dirty and messy.

It would be her first time entering such a glitzy, glamorous place, she might be swept away.

At that time, if she lost herself, then could she still continue with Han Zhuoli

Of course not!

However, as soon as he said that, he saw Lu Man smiling at him.

In Han Zhuofengs eyes, Lu Mans smile was especially strange.

She smiled till he got goosebumps and kept feeling like something was not right.

Just then he heard Lu Man say, “You forgot that Im also going to the National Drama Academy At that time, Ill definitely meet you again.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

“Were leaving,” Han Zhuoli said, then started the car and drove away swiftly.

Instantly, Han Zhuofeng was overcome by the feeling of being abandoned.


In the car, Han Zhuoli told Lu Man, “Dont lower yourself to his standard, he has a childish temper, spoiled by my eldest uncle till hes very stubborn.”

“I can tell.” Lu Man smiled lightly, not taking to heart Han Zhuofengs attitude.

Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man, actually, she was also only older than Han Zhuofeng by two years.

Han Zhuofengs life had been smooth-sailing ever since he was born, there was Han Zhouli to shoulder the responsibilities as the family head and his own brother, Han Zhuoling, who would take over Han Dongpings company.

Hence, Han Zhuofeng was free to do what he liked and thus he joined the National Drama Academy and chose to become a director.

All his life, he faced no trouble and as he was the youngest among them, he was spoiled and pampered by everyone.

Even though he was only two years younger than Lu Man, in front of the calm, wise and big-hearted Lu Man, he was like an insensible, stubborn child.

Han Zhuolis heart ached for Lu Man, because of her tough past, she had to grow up so soon and shoulder all the responsibilities unlike the people her age.

Han Zhuolis right hand left the steering wheel, and he reached out to hold Lu Mans hand.

He held her hand and placed it onto his thigh.

Her palm was soft and warm, and through his pants, he could feel the softness and warmth emanating from her palm.

Han Zhuoli pressed it and said, “You dont need to be polite with that brat.

If hes rude to you, you can bully him to your hearts content.

Hes insensible, you can educate him, theres no need to care about what he thinks.

Youre his elder, its only right for you to teach him a lesson.”

Lu Man: “…”

How did she become his elder

Han Zhuoli took a look at her, and explained with a cheesy smile on his face, “Youre his elder sister-in-law, so arent you his elder As per old sayings, the oldest sister-in-law is like a mother.”

Lu Man: “…”

Hahaha, this explanation was so cheesy.


In the blink of an eye, the New Year break got over.

The universities started school a bit late after the Winter holidays, so Lu Man went back to work first.


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