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Lu Man nodded her agreement.

“I understand.”

“Mom, let Lu Man take a seat first.” Shen Nuo reminded.

“Right, right,” The Old Madam finally remembered.

“Come over and sit quickly.”

She insistently refused to admit that she had forgotten and made Han Zhuoli the scapegoat.

“Really, how could you not let Lu Man sit”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Haha, today he was the ultimate scapegoat.

Lu Man did not expect Han Zhuolis interaction with his elders to be this way.

The cold, aloof CEO was actually being treated by the Old Madam like this.

Just when Lu Man sat down, the doorbell rang again.

It was Han Dongpings family who had come.

Han Dongping had two sons, the elder son, Han Zhuoling was elder to Han Zhouli by one year and was currently in America for business.

His younger son, Han Zhuofeng, was 20-years-old and was studying to be a director at the National Drama Academy.

Currently, he was in his second year now, one year ahead of Lu Man.

Lu Man did not expect Han Zhuofeng to be attending the National Drama Academy.

Old Madam Han was joyfully introducing Lu Man.

“Its very coincidental, Lu Man also wants to study at the National Drama Academy, but shes going to study performing.”

“I know, my elder brother went to help her settle her transfer details!” Han Zhuofeng pursed his lips and grunted.

Otherwise, did she think that University was like primary school or middle school that you can take a transfer anytime you want

If it were not for Han Zhuoli, it would even be hard for Lu Man to change her course, much less to say being able to transfer to the National Drama Academy which had such a low acceptance rate and that too, without a test.

Han Zhuofeng was displeased with Lu Man, thinking that she was a scheming woman!

Han Zhuofeng admired Han Zhuoli a lot, he admired him even more than his own brother.

Thats why he felt that Lu Man could not match up to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuoli usually made deals that were in billions, and every decision he made had a large impact.

But for Lu Man, he personally helped Lu Man transfer schools, which was just a minor thing!

Han Zhuofeng felt that this was basically a waste of Han Zhuolis abilities and also an embarrassment!

The CEO of the Han Corporation, the emperor of the entertainment circle, the future head of the Han Family was personally helping Lu Man transfer schools!

He really did not know trick Lu Man had played for Han Zhuoli to be so infatuated with her!

Lu Man was definitely exploiting Han Zhuolis affection for her; he had seen many such scheming women.

In his school, there were many girls who would do anything for popularity.

Lu Man was able to gain success as soon as she entered the entertainment circle; she definitely was extremely scheming!

Seeing how Lu Man could stand so proud in the entertainment circle and not scared of anyone who dared to attack her, wasnt this just because she had Han Zhuoli as her backer

Whatever she did, Han Zhuoli would help her, but what could she give Han Zhuoli in return

Before this, he did not like that Dai Yiran, and now, as for Lu Man, he liked her even less!

Everyone could clearly see Han Zhuofengs reaction and that he had an obvious disliking for Lu Man.

On the other hand, Han Dongpings mood was good as he waited to watch the drama unfold.

Look, his sons thoughts were the same as his, looking at how the Old Madam looked very satisfied with Lu Man, he felt that she must really muddled because of her old age.

In the whole family, only his family was still clear-minded.

“Wherere your manners!” Unhappy, the Old Master grunted in a low voice.

Han Zhuolis face went cold, and he suddenly stood up and told Han Zhuofeng, “Come with me.”

Han Zhoufeng suddenly became alert, and under Han Zhuolis cold and heavy gaze, he obediently stood up and walked off with Han Zhuoli.

In this whole Han Family, the person Han Zhuofeng feared the most was Han Zhuoli.

Anyway, for him, Han Zhuoli was scarier than Old Master Han.

Displeased, Han Dongping scowled, “If you have anything to say, then just say it here.”

He just could not stand the fact that in front of Han Zhuoli, his sons personality was like that of a quail and he would listen to every command of Han Zhuoli.


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