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Her future son-in-law was getting more and more thick-skinned, as the mother-in-law, she was unable to control him anymore, what to do now

Anyway, since Han Zhuoli had already made up his mind to stay here, Xia Qingwei could only wash up early and go to rest.

Lu Man prepared a pair of pajamas for Han Zhuoli, as well a change of clothes for tomorrow, and had Han Zhuoli bathe.

Meanwhile, Lu Man returned to Xia Qingweis room and seeing that this time Han Zhuoli did not trick her into coming with him to the bathroom, Lu Man was quite surprised.

The next day, Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man back to the old family house.

Currently, at the old family house.

Old Madam Han was wearing her new clothes for the New Year, and was very restless, checking herself out in the mirror every few minutes.

In the end, she took a hand-held mirror to check herself out at any time.

Not able to stand it anymore, Old Master Han snickered, “What are you doing Youre already so old, can you stop being so anxious”

“Am I being anxious” The Old Madam scowled, “Nevermind, I wont tell you about it, even if I tell you about it, you wont even understand.”

Old Master Han stifled a laugh, who said he did not understand

Wasnt Old Madam Han just feeling guilty

Earlier, she had hidden her identity to get close to Lu Man, and now that Lu Man was coming to visit them and she cant continue to pretend anymore, wouldnt her lie be exposed So how could the Old Madam not be worried

Old Master was standing tall and proud, and straightened his clothes and collar, behaving as if he was free of any tension.

At this moment, he was humming a song, purposely making Old Madam Han see how relaxed he was, and angering her even more.

Finally, when Han Xijin and Shen Nuo arrived, Old Madam Han hurriedly pulled Shen Nuo over.

“Ah Nuo, come and take a look, should I put on heavy makeup That way, Lu Man wont recognize me.”

Shen Nuo: “…”

Even if she wore heavy makeup, Lu Man would still recognize her!

Furthermore, could it be that you are planning to keep wearing heavy makeup every time Lu Man comes to meet you

You would be exposed sooner or later.

However, Shen Nuo did not tell Old Madam Han that Lu Man had long seen through her act to prevent her from being anxious even more.

As Old Madam Han had always been proud of her acting skills.

“Mom, Im not anxious at all, dont forget that when you hid your name and surname, I was with you.

Even if its exposed, we will both go down together.” She already had a scapegoat, didnt she

When the Old Madam heard it, she relaxed quite a bit.

“Thats right, I still have you as a scapegoat.

I am your elder, so Lu Man wont dare to be angry at me.”

Shen Nuo: “…”

Even if she knew she was the scapegoat, dont say it out loud.

“Haha, Im her future mother-in-law, she wont dare to be angry at me too,” Shen Nuo sneered.

Old Madam: “…”

With Shen Nuo there, the Old Madam was finally sitting still, but soon, she went to ask Butler Wang, “Xiao Wang, is everything ready Theres no problem with the menu this afternoon, right The ingredients are fresh, right Prepare some more spicy dishes, Lu Man likes to eat spicy food.”

Butler Wang maintained a smile throughout.

“Old Madam, dont worry, everything has been prepared.”

The Old Master laughed at Old Madam in his heart, this Old Madam was unhappy with Lu Man at the start, how long had it been since then, and shes already caring about her so much!

Although there were no other problems, Old Madam Hans anxiety didnt let her sit still and she went to look out of the floor-length windows in the living room.

At around 10.30, she finally saw Han Zhuolis Mulsanne drive through the gates and stop in the parking lot in the yard.

Then she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man get down from the car and take out presents in big and small bags.

Overjoyed, Old Madam Han rushed back and sat down on the sofa.

Soon, the doorbell rang.

Butler Wang went to open the door, and Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man in.


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