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Sometime after 11 oclock, Lu Man finally woke up, rubbing her eyes.

It looked like she had a good sleep.

She really hadnt slept so peacefully and for so long in the past few days.

When she opened her eyes and was about to get up, she suddenly saw a big face staring right at her that scared the wits out of her, making her almost scream in shock.

However, when she took another look, she realized it was Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man patted her chest in relief and relaxed.

However, she had just managed to calm down halfway when she was shocked to the core again.

She remembered that today was the first day of the New Year, and Han Zhuoli had said that he would come to pay his New Year greetings.

But who would have thought that he would directly watch her sleep!

What was wrong with him!

Suddenly, Lu Man realized that she might be looking like a mess and her face was mostly a bit swollen after having slept for so long.

“When did you come here” Lu Man covered her face with her hands, only showing her two big misty eyes through the cracks between her fingers.

Han Zhuoli raised his wrist to take a look at his watch.

“Ive been here for around an hour.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Then how long have you been in my room”

Han Zhuoli put down his wrist and smiled innocuously at Lu Man.

“Its also around an hour.”

Lu Man: “…”

Could it be that as soon as he entered the house, he came directly to her bedroom

“So you just watched me sleep for around an hour” Lu Man said, speechless.

“En.” Han Zhuoli nodded his head, not feeling even an ounce of guilt.

Suddenly he grabbed Lu Mans wrist, trying to remove her hand from her face.

“Why are you constantly covering your face”

“I just woke up and my face is a bit swollen, its not a good view.” Lu Man refused to put her hand down.

“No, I saw how you looked sleeping just now, its quite beautiful,” Han Zhuoli said as he pulled her hand down.

And in the end, at the same time, Lu Man directly lay on the bed, burying her face in the blankets.

Han Zhuoli, “…”

Why did he never realize that this girls reaction was so fast

“Its really not swollen,” Han Zhuoli said seriously.

“Still its not nice, I havent watched my face yet,” Lu Man buried her face in her blankets further, and said in a muffled voice.

“Whether it looks nice or not, Ive already seen it just now, whats the use of you hiding now” Han Zhuoli raised his long legs, and stepped onto the bed, and started tickling her waist.

Lu Man was especially ticklish at her waist and could not help but laugh.

and she could not even stop, not able to even be a bit energetic.

Han Zhuoli seized the opportunity and flipped her over, his hands pinning her hands above on

either side of her face.

Lu Man quickly closed her eyes and turned her face sideways.

Han Zhuolis lips curved up a little, why was it that she was so cute after she just woke up

This invoked his desire to see her wake up next to him and be in a groggy state every morning.

Meanwhile, the proverb ‘a cat closes its eyes while drinking milk, thinking that no one is watching it was really applicable to Lu Man right now.

She was under the impression that with just closing her eyes, she could escape from Han Zhouli.

On the other hand, Han Zhuolis gaze was fixated on the beautiful curve of Lu Mans neck.

Her thin and slender neck looked elegant and beautiful, making Han Zhuoli leave light kisses on her neck.

Suddenly, she could feel the electricity course through her veins.

Lu Man hurriedly turned her head back to look at him, and Han Zhuoli dipped his head to kiss her lips.

Sensing his intention, instantly hid her face in his arms.

So, Han Zhuoli could only kiss the corners of her lips.

“Dont hide,” Han Zhuoli said in a low voice, his lips still pressing onto the corner of hers, refusing to budge even a little.

Lu Man shook her head with force.

“I havent brushed my teeth yet.”

Han Zhuoli was helpless, his little girl was really too picky upon waking up.

However, Han Zhouli paid no heed to her, and directly held Lu Mans face, kissing her on the lips.

Her lips were still plump, sweet and since she had slept soundly all night, they were rejuvenated, moist and clean.


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