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“Havent you said enough We are at the main door, arent you embarrassed!” Lu Qiyuan hurriedly turned around, and grabbed Xia Qingyangs arm tightly, warning in a low voice.

Right now, many people setting off firecrackers outside, and yet Xia Qingyangs voice could not go unheard among the loud sound of firecrackers at all.

Everyone looked over one by one, and Lu Qiyuan was so embarrassed that his face colored up, and he harshly dragged Xia Qingyang into the house.

Meanwhile, Xia Qingyang screamed loudly, like a shrew, “Im not going in, Ill stay outside and let people know how shameless Xia Qingwei is to seduce someone elses husband!”

Seething with rage, Lu Qiyuan yelled at the domestic helpers in the house, “Are you all dead Quickly pull her in!”

The domestic helpers hurriedly pulled Xia Qingyang into the house, the scene was a mess, and Lu Qiyuan did not want to see Xia Qingyang act like a shrew.

He did not know why Xia Qingyang would become like this, in the past, she was so gentle, but right now, she was just like a shrew, having no class or exhibiting characteristics of a modest lady.

Surrounded by the chaos in the house, Lu Qiyuan could no longer stay there.

Seeing that Lu Qiyuan was still leaving, Xia Qingyang started to shout like a madwoman, “If you dare to walk out of the door today, Ill instantly yell and shout outside to let everyone know about the ugly truth between you and your ex-wife!”

Furious, Lu Qiyuan was so angry that he almost could not breathe.

“What kind of ugly truth is there between me and her”

“Then why are you leaving in a rush” Xia Qingyang questioned.

“Is me leaving equal to me going to find Xia Qingwei Its just that I cannot stand you!” Lu Qiyuan pointed at Xia Qingyang and ordered the domestic helpers.

“Look after her, dont let her out to cause trouble anymore!”

Lu Qiyuan then left, taking big steps, leaving behind Xia Qingyang who was still crying like a shrew.

“Hes going to find Xia Qingwei, I know, recently hes been acting strange!”

Lu Qiyuan drove his car to leave angrily, driving in circles around on the streets, not knowing where to go.

It was New Years Eve so even the clubhouse was closed.

At this moment, his mind was filled with Xia Qingyangs baseless accusations.

For a moment, Lu Qiyuan heart was moved, although he had not thought of it earlier, right now, he really did want to see Xia Qingwei.

Haha, didnt Xia Qingyang say that he wanted to meet Xia Qingwei Now he was really going to meet her!

Lu Qiyuan drove his car and parked it near Xia Qingweis building.

Unexpectedly, he just happened to see Lu Man holding Xia Qingweis arm and coming out of the building, carrying a bunch of fireworks in her hands.

Lu Man placed the fireworks on the empty space in front and lit them, and then instantly ran to stand together with Xia Qingwei.

Seeing the fireworks soar high up to the sky and explode, Lu Man and Xia Qingwei were elated.

The light of the fireworks shone brightly on their face, illuminating the gentle, pleasant smile on their face.

Xia Qingwei was smiling like a young child and looked so pretty that she did not look her age.

Lu Qiyuan could not help but reminisce the past; when he was together with Xia Qingwei, she had never requested anything from him, and neither had she been jealous of other people living a better life than her.

Never once did she look down on him or think that he was embarrassing her.

Whenever he had said that it was hard on her to follow him, Xia Qingwei would say that it was not that tough and she did not care about other peoples lives, she felt happy to be with him.

Any little thing that Lu Qiyuan did for her, she would always happily and tell him that he was great.

After Lu Man and Xia Qingwei finished setting off the fireworks, Lu Man held Xia Qingweis arm and returned home.

Lu Qiyuans gaze kept following Xia Qingwei, and he could not stop looking.

Like a possessed person, he opened his car door, wanting to follow them but he received a phone call from a domestic helper at home.

“Sir, Madam is threatening to commit suicide!”


Ten minutes ago, just when Lu Qiyuan was looking at Xia Qingwei who was in a daze under the fireworks, Xia Qingyang had found her coat at home and put it on.


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