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Lu Man and Xia Qingwei drank the wine leisurely as they chatted and ate their new year dinner at a pace that was neither too fast nor too slow.

After having their meal, Xia Qingwei along with Lu Man listened to the music of the Spring Festival Gala and made the dumplings to be eaten after midnight.

Meanwhile, in the Lu household, the atmosphere wasnt lively and peaceful like that in Xia Qingwei and Lu Mans home.

Recently, Lu Qiyuans business wasnt going smoothly, he did not know whether it was because the year was not favorable for him as he had messed up quite a few business deals, and many business deals that had already been settled had the other party changing their minds suddenly.

He was very troubled and frustrated with his running of the company.

In Lu Qiyuan current success and his companys large growth, Xia Qingwei had a large part to play.

When he had divorced Xia Qingwei, the company was already set on the right track, and as long as Lu Qiyuan was not overly bad, although the company could not improve anymore, maintaining it was definitely not a problem.

It was just that the foundation Xia Qingwei had laid for him was too good.

To the extent that Lu Qiyuan had a misunderstanding, and thought that it was all because of his skills.

But recently the company was experiencing several setbacks, and Lu Qiyuan could no longer remain in the illusion of everything going well.

Moreover, it just happened that Xia Qingyang only knew how to spend money, not knowing a single thing about saving and neither about Lu Qiyuans companys current dire situation.

Even if Lu Qiyuan was too stressed and wanted to share his problem with her, it was not possible, much less to say having Xia Qingyang come up with any ideas.

These few days, Lu Qiyuan missed the wise Xia Qingwei tremendously, and many a time while reminiscing the past, he subconsciously wanted to ask for Xia Qingyangs opinion, but upon returning to his senses and seeing the confused look on Xia Qingyangs face, his heart would begin to have a very strong helpless and depressed feeling.

Having no way to tell Qingyang about how the company was not doing well, he could only burrow it deep in his heart, and all this time Xia Qingyang kept urging him to think of methods to solve Lu Qis current problem.

In the end, Lu Qiyuan could not find someone to talk to and was already annoyed that he was always getting pressured by Xia Qingyang, and was unwilling to return home every day.

Since today was the New Years eve, he reluctantly went back home for the new year dinner, yet this time too as he sat at the dining table he had to listen to Xia Qingyangs complains.

“Lu Man is getting better day by day, Greedy Wolf Operations box office sales is already 3 billion, no matter what, in the future, she can flaunt herself as an actress with 3 billion box office sales, how good for her!” Xia Qingyang said sarcastically, “Look at our Qi Qi, she cant even film now, haha!”

These past few days, she had been always worried about Lu Qi, and thus her mood was no good, even her face seemed to have aged a lot.

Recently, Xia Qingyang was so troubled that she could not even be bothered to wear makeup, and the wrinkles on her face became even more obvious.

Annoyed with her cribbing, Lu Qiyuan slammed his chopsticks onto the dining table with a lot of force, scaring both Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

“Its the New Year and you keep nagging about this, are you done or not” Lu Qiyuan saw Xia Qingyangs pale face and felt more and more annoyed.

Stunned, Xia Qingyang instantly broke into tears.

“What do you mean I cant talk about Lu Man now Now shes something precious while I and Qi Qi are grass, so now we cant even talk about her, isnt that right Lu Qiyuan, dont think that I did not see you stare at Xia Qingyang in a faze last time! What is it Do you feel that your ex-wife is good again

“Crazy! So unreasonable!” Lu Qiyuan stood up in vexation and walked to the front door, took his coat that was hanging on the clothing rack, and put it on as he walked out.

When Xia Qingyang saw it, she started to cry, and chased after Lu Qiyuan till the door of their villa, and then screeched, “Lu Qiyuan, is it that you are tired of me, and you dont want to be with me anymore, and you want to be with your ex-wife The mother and daughter are vixens, they only do bad things!”


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