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Lu Man also received congratulations from her colleagues in Han Corporation.

Even those colleagues who lived in another part of the country and had already taken a holiday leave to go home especially called her or sent a WeChat message to congratulate her.

At night when she ended work, Han Zhuoli sent Lu Man home.

When his car stopped below Lu Mans building, Han Zhuoli said, “The Old Master and Old Madam asked if you have time on the third day of the New Year to come home with me.”

“Alright.” Lu Man agreed with any hesitation or nervousness.

If it were before, she would probably be nervous, but ever since she met Old Madam and Shen Nuo, Lu Man was no longer nervous about meeting his family.

Han Zhuoli leaned over and kissed Lu Man.

“Ill come over tomorrow to pay a New Years visit.”


Getting down the car, Lu Man waved to Han Zhuoli before turning and going up.

Only when Han Zhuoli could no longer see Lu Man did he drive his car to leave.

When Lu Man returned home, she saw Xia Qingwei preparing their new year dinner.

Although this new year, it was just the two of them at home, Lu Man did not feel lonely, or a cold atmosphere at all.

Instead, it felt a little warmer like having a big family around.

As soon as Lu Man entered, she was hit by the delicious aroma of the rice and other delicacies.

“Mom, what delicious food are you making tonight” Lu Man had not even changed into new clothes and went straight away to the kitchen after removing her shoes at the doorway.

“Besides the pot-stewed fowl that has been cooked before, I also roasted chicken, made an oil stewed fish, and steamed two big crabs.

The rest of the food is cold cut,” Xia Qingwei said.

“So many, can we finish eating” Lu Man had just reached out to a piece of chicken meat when Xia Qingwei hit the back of her hand.

“You havent washed your hands yet, eat after you wash your hands,” Xia Qingwei chided her and said, “If you cant finish eating the pot-stewed fowl we can keep it for later, and for the rest, if it cant be finished, then well just throw it.

Besides for the New Year dinner, the movie you acted in has also broken the box office record to become the first-ranked movie having highest ticket sales in the history of local films, so no matter what we have to have a proper celebration in your name.”

Recently, Han Zhuoli had already settled Lu Mans school admission, unlike other classmates Lu Man was not following procedure and entering the drama academy through tests.

Moreover, Lu Man was going to join the school in the second semester, and she was much older than her classmates in the same class, so she might feel that she does not fit in and was not legitimately qualified.

Hence, Xia Qingwei had always been worried that once Lu Man started school, she would be given strange looks by her peers and would not be able to mix with them.

But, now it was alright, Greedy Wolf Operation had sold well, and the box office results were super amazing.

No matter what, with her background of having acted in the Greedy Wolf Operation , Lu Man would have confidence.

Now she was not a total newcomer.

She had a work to represent her, and her getting the admission the school became more legitimate.

Seeing that Lu Man was still wearing her same work clothes, Xia Qingwei smiled and hurried her.

“Quickly go and change your clothes, be prepared to eat soon.”

Lu Man hurriedly ran to change her clothes.

After coming back to the kitchen, she took out a bottle of red wine from the cupboard.

“Mom, its the New Year, lets drink a cup.”

“Thats good too,” Xia Qingwei smiled and nodded.

If it were in the past, they would not have had the means to even spare money to drink red wine.

Not to mention such a grand display of dishes.

Seeing that the days were getting better and better, Xia Qingwei was genuinely happy.

A persons health goes hand in hand with their emotions.

In the past, she was worried about Lu Man and also had financial difficulties, so naturally, her health worsened as the days passed.

But now she was living a peaceful, stress-free life, so her body got better day by day.

Lu Man and Xia Qingwei carried the dishes to the table together, and Xia Qingwei habitually set the channel to CCTV to wait for the Spring Festival Gala that would air in a while.

Even though they often said that the Spring Festival Gala became less and less meaningful, it had already become a habit for them to listen to the Spring Festival Gala music on the television.


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