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Lu Mans current status was unique in the entertainment industry.

She clearly told everyone that she was seizing this opportunity to increase her popularity, yet in the end, not only did the netizens bought her tale, but they werent even repulsed by it.

This clearly didnt follow the typical rules of stirring up ones popularity!

Eventually, left with no choice, the in-charge of the promotion team was resigned and gave Lu Man a phone call.

After briefly introducing himself, he finally said, “Miss Lu, when exactly do you plan to end this promotion”

Raising her eyebrows, Lu Man let out a small smile and then said, “Look at what you just said.

The promotion period would not end till the movie is screening in theatres, who would end it ahead of time.

You should be more knowledgeable in this area than me.”

“…” The in-charge put on a smiling face that looked even worse and painful than a crying face.

“Of course I do.

Im referring to this exceptionally aggressive promotion.

When would it end”

“That would depend on Bai Shuangshuang.” Lu Man said bluntly, “If she is willing to cease fire, then I wont keep clinging onto it and not let go.

Of course, no one else too should come and mess with me again, if not, I definitely still would…”

The in-charge really wanted to cry.

He wanted all those stupid people to cease fire and stop messing and riling Lu Man up even if they had nothing else better to do!

“Alright, Ive got it.

with those words of yours, Ive some confidence too.

if tomorrow Bai Shuangshuang still comes looking for trouble, you wont be using this matter as the key point for promotion, will you” The other party confirmed with her once more.

“Yes.” This wasnt a positive or good matter either.

If it gets talked about too much, it would be easier for the opposite outcome to happen instead.

The in-charge finally hung up the phone and prayed that no one would ever mess with Lu Man.


At night, Han Zhuoli had a business gathering and hence Lu Man went home alone.

Seeing Lu Man alone, Xia Qingwei was very surprised.

“You didnt come with Xiao Han”

“He has a business gathering tonight.” Lu Man explained.

“Mom, what are you frying”

“Im frying dough twist 1 .

Isnt it almost time for Chinese New Year Although this might not be some rare delicacy, if I dont make it, it just wont feel like its Chinese New Year,” Xia Qingwei smiled and said.

Meanwhile, Lu Man had already walked over and pinched a piece off that wasnt too hot and took a bite of it.

It was crispy and flakey.

“Tomorrow, Ill prepare some braised food too,” Xia Qingwei said cheerfully.

It had been a long time since Lu Man had eaten the braised food prepared by Xia Qingwei.

In her previous life, ever since Xia Qingwei divorced Lu Qiyuan, Lu Man never had the chance to eat it during Chinese New Year, until she eventually passed away.

In this life, she had finally moved out of the Lu family house and moved in with Xia Qingwei.

Therefore, she finally had the chance to eat the braised food that Xia Qingwei usually prepared for Chinese New Year.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Lu Man hugged Xia Qingwei.

“Mom, I really miss the braised food you made.”

“This child, if you wanted to eat it, why didnt you tell me earlier I can cook for you on normal days too!” Xia Qingwei smiled and poked Lu Man on the tip of her nose lightly.

“Its different eating it during Chinese New Year.”


At around 9 p.m., Han Zhuoli and Zheng Tianming took their leave.

At the entrance, they bade goodbye to their guests from afar.

After walking the guest and sending them off in their cars, Xiao Chen drove the car and stopped it at the entrance,

Han Zhuoli had just entered the car.

Before the cold could leave his skin, the car door beside him suddenly opened, and a person dashed inside.

The action was so fast that Zheng Tianming and Xiao Chen didnt even have the time to react.

Han Zhuoli turned around and looked.

To his surprise, it was Bai Shuangshuang.


Han, Im… Im Bai Shuangshuang,” Bai Shuangshuang said pitifully.

She really had no other choice too.

How else would she have the chance to get close to Han Zhuoli

In the morning, she had gone to Han Corporation but couldnt meet him without an appointment and was rejected from entering.

However, she found out that Han Zhuoli had a business gathering and thus rushed over.

She had been waiting all along.

When Han Zhuoli came out, she dashed forward like a rocket and ran into the car.

“Mr Han, Ive already apologized to Lu Man and know that Im at fault too.

Im begging you to not ban me completely from the entertainment industry.

Please, I… Im willing to do anything,” Bai Shuangshuang looked at Han Zhuoli pitifully.


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