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On the other hand, even though Lu Man did not have a lot of fans, the percentage of her hardcore fans was bigger, and they came together because they admired Lu Mans personality and skills.

With their combined strength and number they could easily compete with Bai Shuangshuangs fans.

Meanwhile, Xu Ningxian had also created Tieba 1 , QQ group, a WeChat group, and a Weibo fan page; everything needed for a fan base was created.

As soon as she called, several people answered her call immediately.

Suddenly, people swarmed over to Bai Shuangshuangs Weibo, and just spammed her Weibo page with one single sentence.

“Well meet tomorrow.”

In an instant, the only comments visible on Bai Shuangshuangs Weibo was that one single sentence, piling up on her Weibo page swiftly.

Even if Bai Shuangshuang had Xiao Li comment on her Weibo, it could not match up to their spamming speed; it was futile.

“Man Man, what exactly did you do to make them so scared of you” Not able to contain her curiosity, Xia Qingwei finally asked.

“Its nothing big, its just that before this, Yu Xingzhou had instigated his fans to stir up trouble for me, making me expose that Yu Xingzhou was taking drugs,” Lu Man said nonchalantly.

Xia Qingwei: “…”

How was this called nothing much

No wonder these people were so scared!

They were scared that Lu Man had scandals waiting for Bai Shuangshuang!

The corner of Xia Qingweis lips uncontrollably curved up, how did she give birth to a daughter who people scared to provoke!


The next day, on Monday, Lu Man needed to go to work.

As soon as she reached the company, she received Sun Yiwus call.

“Lu Man, yesterdays ticket sales crossed 200 million! Its 200 million, 200 million!”

Sun Yiwu was over the moon as the movie premiere had garnered a lot of popularity.

The movies he filmed always received good critic reviews and were considered as blockbusters on the local level.

The box office sales had always been stable, never having broken the glass ceiling before.

But this time seeing the box office result his heart was over-brimming with pride!

Lu Man smiled and politely appreciated Sun Yiwu.

“Congratulations to Director Sun, it is logical to get such excellent results.

After all, you have poured your sweat, blood, and tears into this film.”

“Hahaha, its all thanks to you, all thanks to you!” Right now, Sun Yiwu could not admire Lu Man anymore; she was so young, but she had such capabilities and skills, she was meticulous, responsible and always kept her word.

If she said she would do something, she would definitely do it.

Working with her, he could really be at ease.

“However Director Sun, you need to be prepared, yesterday, the ticket sales soared high because the curiosity of the netizens led them to the movie theaters.

Once their curiosity dies down, todays results will fall.”

“I understand, I understand.” Sun Yiwu smiled and said, “You dont need to worry, Im already prepared for that.

But arent you preparing to deal with Bai Shuangshuang today”

“En, Im going to make a move today, and since it is linked to yesterdays popularity, so tomorrow, the movie can rise once again,” Lu Man said.

Right now, Sun Yiwu was especially confident in Lu Man, and happily agreed.

After hanging up, Lu Man contacted the people with social media accounts about the entertainment circle she had discussed her plan with beforehand.

In order to ruin Bai Shuangshuang completely, she definitely had to prepare everything beforehand; she simply couldnt just contact them today.

Hence, she already had a discussion on the evidence against Bai Shuangshuang with them.

She had already provided those media companies with the evidence of Bai Shuangshuangs wrongdoings in the past.

Back then, she had promised to work with Da Xiong, thus Da Xiong also had a copy of it.

Not long after, these media gossip accounts put their plan into action.

“Eight Skin Entertainment” was the first one to expose the dirt on Bai Shuangshuang, revealing that before gaining fame, she had been a mistress for some rich man and had been caught by the mans real wife, having her hair pulled and getting beaten by the actual wife.

Following that, a popular verified account of Draw A Circle For Entertainment took up the baton and published.

“After that, Bai Shuangshuang went for plastic surgery and attended a few social gatherings to catch the attention of rich businessmen.

She then acted coy and played with them till they were bewitched with her and started to please her with expensive gifts.

After providing her service to many bosses, the bosses started to invest in a few low budget web dramas.

Meanwhile, she cunningly kept scheming and finally through the effort of all her under-hand methods, she became a C-list celebrity now.

However, she still continues to warm the bed in exchange for favors.

She has also helped small celebrities by providing them with opportunities to gain the favor of the rich businessmen.”


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