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“Hmm” Lu Man found it was strange.

“It shouldnt be.

I bought it based on the size of the clothes you wore.”

“Some of my clothes are a little bigger, while some are a little smaller.” Han Zhuoli said from inside the room, “The one that you bought for me is a little small.”

Lu Man wasnt so sure anymore.

After all, she didnt bring Han Zhuoli along with her and only estimated based on the size of Han Zhuolis clothes and bought it.

“Come in and take a look.” Han Zhuoli said, “This shirt is way too small.”

Even if Lu Man had already considered that Han Zhuoli would possibly play tricks, she still felt that he wasnt coming up with an excuse this time.

Hence, she opened the door and entered.

Yet, eventually, before she could take a clear look at anything, she was pulled into Han Zhuolis embrace as the door behind closed with a “bam”.

Lu Man shouted softly in surprise.

She completely couldnt react at all, and felt like the world was spinning around her.

By the time she finally calmed down, she was already been pushed down onto the bed by him, and her lips sealed by his.

Lu Man sighed to herself.

She fell for his trap after all!

This man was way too cunning!

She was kissed senseless by him, her whole body burning hot with desire.

Subconsciously, her hands started gripping onto his shoulders.

Just as her soft palms pressed onto his shoulders, she suddenly realised that he actually wasnt wearing a shirt!

What “the shirt is too small”, he didnt even put it on!

His shoulders were too hot! Lu Mans palms pressed onto his skin as she trembled furiously.

A light sheen of sweat started to fill her palms.

As Han Zhuoli kissed her, he held onto her right hand and guided her hand from his shoulder to his chest, and onto each one of his toned and defined abs.

As he trailed lower, Lu Mans hand couldnt stop trembling.

She didnt even dare to do anything at all.

However, ultimately, she still couldnt go against this mans willful nature and strength.

Grabbing her hand, he pressed onto it all at once, burning Lu Mans palm.

Embarrassed, Lu Mans face burst into a bright shade of red immediately.

Surprisingly, Han Zhuoli shivered slightly too.

A light shade of pink bloomed onto his handsome and sharp face.

He fiercely kissed her lips all over again, stronger and fiercer than he had ever been before.

He sucked onto her lips and delicately and carefully kissed downwards.

His long and slender fingers pried her wool jumper open and he started to pull it upwards.

As his hand continued making his way up, the hem of the wool jumper started curling upwards, revealing Lu Mans thin and slender waist.

Under his palm, her skin that was as white as milk was being set on fire.

Lu Man was already dazed, completely under Han Zhuolis control.

She had even forgotten where she was and what time it was.

The only thing she knew was Han Zhuolis lips and hand, and her body responded to Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuolis body tightened and got stiff.

Right now, he wanted nothing else than to enter her.

“Man Man, is Xiao Han awake already” Xia Qingweis voice called.

When Lu Man went to buy clothes for Han Zhuoli, Xia Qingwei had headed to the market to buy groceries.

Right now, she was carrying the groceries and entering the house.

Seeing that it was already 11 a.m, she felt that Han Zhuoli should probably be awake already.

He had to at least eat once for the entire day.

Lu Man violently came back to her senses.

She realized that her wool jumper was completely rolled up to her neck by Han Zhuoli.

Remembering that Xia Qingwei was just right outside, she was suddenly shocked awake and calmed down completely.

“Quick, get up.” Lu Man pushed him.

Han Zhuolis body tightened as he took in a deep breath.

Seeing Lu Man laying down right before him like this, he almost lost control of himself.

After much effort, he finally pulled away from her.

Lu Man hurriedly put on her wool jumper properly.

Her face was blushing furiously, and she completely couldnt even look at him.

“Hurry up and put your clothes on,” Lu Man said in awkwardness and distress.

Han Zhuoli picked up the new wool jacket that Lu Man bought for him and put it on.

The size was the right fit.

Lu Man: “…”

Han Zhuoli straightened his shirt down.

Without even blinking an eye, his expression changed, and he said, “Hey, it is quite a good fit.”

Lu Man: “…”


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