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Lu Qi was already studying at the National Film Academy, but what kind of acting skills did she have, she could not even comparable to her Man Man!

Lu Man had never learned it before, and yet she could act so well, she left Lu Qi so far behind!

When everyone left, Lu Man brought Xia Qingwei to leave.

Who knew that as soon as they walked out of the movie premiere theater, she would meet Han Zhuoli.

He was standing straight at the doorway, and she saw him as soon as she left the door.

Lu Man almost directly threw herself into his embrace, but she remembered that Xia Qingwei was still next to her and so she tried to control herself.

But she could not control her surprise.

Han Zhuoli lifted up his long legs and took a step closer, and was already standing so closely in front of her.

“I saw you while I was on the stage just now.” Lu Man was like a child who was seeking approval and seemed to be saying, I noticed you instantly, arent I great

“I know, I saw you look over.” Han Zhuoli raised his hand, and in front of Xia Qingwei, he rubbed Lu Mans head, and then turned to greet Xia Qingwei.


Xia Qingwei was stunned by him calling herMom, even now she had yet to get used to it.

“Just now, Grandpa and Grandma, as well as Dad and Mom came to see.

But they were worried that they would scare you and they went back first, and during the New Year they want me to bring you home,” Han Zhuoli said.

The fact that the Old Master could say that meant that he was also quite satisfied with Lu Man.

It seemed like Lu Mans domineering response on stage just now suited the Old Masters temper.

“Alright,” Lu Man readily agreed.

“When did you come back”


“It cant be that you came over as soon as you got off the plane right” Lu Man was shocked.

“Didnt you say that you wished I would come to see your movie premiere” Han Zhuoli smiled.

“Then I must definitely find a way to satisfy your request.”

“Dont do it next time, I was just saying, I dont want you to rush over when you are tired.” Lu Man blamed herself, if she knew earlier, she would not say this kind of thing to him.

“I know my body,” Han Zhuoli said and then brought Lu Man and Xia Qingwei to walk towards the carpark.

“Was your business trip successful” When they sat in the car, Lu Man asked.

“It was alright, at the start, I was just comparing the companies to see which one is suitable to partner with,” Han Zhuoli did not give her a vague answer even though Lu Man was not familiar with this area.

“This time I went there to interact with Maxus Company, but no matter what the other party thinks, I dont plan on working with Maxus Company.”

“Maxus Company is an old company, and a lot of their ideas are very old, they have natural racism towards Asian movies, discriminating even against their countrys native Asians.

With this kind of company, theres not much future working with them.

Even if we come to a consensus to work together, we cant advance.” There was another point that Han Zhuoli did not say, it was also because of Wang Qianyun.

How could he not see Wang Qianyun intentions

Just because Wang Qianyun was in Maxus, he would not work with Maxus, otherwise, for some reason, Wang Qianyun would bother him.

They could not work together, and if Maxus did not ask, then it was fine, but if they insisted on asking him for a reason.

Haha, then that would be Wang Qianyuns misfortune.

Because Wang Qianyun was an employee of Maxus, that was why he did not want to work with Maxus.

It was just that simple.


By the time Han Zhuoli drove Lu Man and Xia Qingwei home, Sun Yiwu and the rest had gone backstage.

Bai Shuangshuang could not wait any longer and questioned Sun Yiwu, “Director Sun, why is it that my scenes were all deleted”

Sun Yiwu had a look of a smiling tiger and laughed evilly as he said, “Because of the script, when I was editing in the later parts, I needed to cut away the unnecessary scenes.

But who knew as I cut and cut, haha, I cut away all of your scenes.”


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