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Many films and television shows produced by Han Corporation often hired Shi Xiaoya and her partner Criss team.

Even many top actors and actresses would hire Shi Xiaoya and Cris when they went for all sorts of famous film festivals abroad.

Speaking of which, for tonights premiere, the other actors probably had their own personal stylist already or someone whom they have habitually worked with.

But definitely, none of them could compare to Shi Xiaoya.

“Miss Lu.” Shi Xiaoya lead her team along and walked over.

She handed Lu Man a name card.

“Nice to meet you, Im Shi Xiaoya.

Zheng Tianming must have told you about it too, Ill be your make-up artist for you today.”

“Yes, he informed me.

Ill be in your care today,” Lu Man smiled and said.

“No problem.”

Lu Man then checked in at the reception and after getting the room keycard, she, Shi Xiaoya and her team went to the room allotted to her.

There were many people in Shi Xiaoyas team.

It included Shi Xiaoyas assistant, students, and hairdressers, etc, each and every one of them specializing in different areas.

Therefore, when they entered the room, it was rather chaotic with so many people around.

“Sister Shuangshuang, guess who I saw just now when I was walking along the corridor” Xiao Li rushed inside the room.

Right now, Bai Shuangshuang was putting on make-up too.

On her side, a short gown that she was going to wear tonight was hanging on the portable rack.

By her side, a couple of make-up artists were crowding around her, busy working on her alone.

“Whom did you see” Bai Shuangshuang was busy playing on her phone and upon hearing Xiao Lis surprised tone, she asked nonchalantly.

“I saw Lu Man,” Xiao Li said, “and Shi Xiaoyas team.

There are so many people, it was really crowded.”

“She could invite Shi Xiaoya for her” Bai Shuangshuang jerked her head up in shock.

The action was too sudden making the make-up artist who was drawing her eyebrows to draw it across her forehead.

Seeing her look in the mirror, Bai Shuangshuang yelled, “Do you not know how to put on make-up!”

The make-up artist pursed her lips.

Bai Shuangshuang jerked her head up on her own without giving her any intimation while she was drawing her eyebrows, how could she still blame her

If she didnt know how to put on make-up, then Bai Shuangshuang could jolly well find Shi Xiaoya if she had the ability to!

“Please dont move about so much,” the make-up artist said.

“Youre just putting on make-up, and I cant move!” Livid, Bai Shuangshuang sneered.

“I didnt say that you cant move at all.

Please, just move a little less and slowly, wouldnt that be fine” the make-up artist said.

“You think youre being reasonable Thankfully, youve only messed up my eyebrow, if this was the eyeliner, wouldnt you have poked me in the eye and blinded me” Bai Shuangshuang roared angrily, raising her voice suddenly.


Right now, the make-up artist indeed felt like poking Bai Shuangshuang in the eye just to make her words come true.

However, she composed herself and held back her anger.

After all, this woman was her employer and no matter what, she still wanted to receive her payment for today.

“Well then, Ill be drawing the eyeliner now, so please dont move,” the make-up artist said.

“Wait!” Bai Shuangshuang rudely shoved the make-up artist away.

She turned around and asked Xiao Li, “You really had a good look and are you sure that they were Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya”

“Yes, even though I havent seen Shi Xiaoya in person before, Ive watched a couple of her programs.

Im sure I wasnt mistaken,” Xiao Li said, confirming immediately.

Bai Shuangshuang felt that it was unfair.

“Its so difficult to book Shi Xiaoya.

Ive heard that last time when Qiao Ni herself tried to book her, she couldnt even get an appointment.”

Qiao Ni was considered to have the lowest status among all those A-list celebrities.

She dominated the television dramas and was the queen of viewership.

Her only shortcoming was that she had never appeared in a film before, but now she was about to lose this shortcoming too.

During the Chinese New Year period, a film she starred in was about to air.

It was a fantasy movie.

But who can predict box office sales

Even in the movie industry, no matter how Qiao Ni performed or her A-lister status in the nation, she couldnt even book Shi Xiaoya, how could Lu Man even get Shi Xiaoya to do her make-up

No matter what, Bai Shuangshuang refused to believe it.

At the same time, she looked despisingly at her make-up artist.

The make-up artist: “…”

Haha, despising me huh If she is so capable, why doesnt she try to book Shi Xiaoya then


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