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If she needed to rely on Han Zhuoli for everything, then he would be too tired, wouldnt that be too pitiful

She also would look down on herself, how different would it be from being a parasite

Only knowing how to rely on and leech off Han Zhuoli for everything, pushing every single difficulty she faced onto him would stress Han Zhuoli out.

No matter how brilliant Han Zhuoli was, he would still have times when he would be exhausted.

Furthermore, she could not treat it as normal to make him take care of everything just because he was brilliant.

His strength was not a reason for her weakness.

It was not like she was a cripple.

She loved him, and that was why she could not bear for him to work so hard for her, and instead, she wanted to take some burden off him, so that he could be more relaxed as well.

The Old Madam herself did not even notice, that right now she was so happy that her smile was reaching the tip of her ear.

Lu Man was independent and strong, and not a dodder flower 1 .

Such an independent and strong girl! She was absolutely suitable for their family, most suitable for Han Zhuoli.

From Lu Mans words, they could tell that Lu Mans heart ached for Han Zhuoli.

Lu Man really did not think that Han Zhouli could do everything for her just because he was strong.

She treated him like an ordinary person, and because treated him like her lover, her heart ached for him.

With Lu Man, Han Zhuoli would have himself be taken care of very well.

It was now that the Old Madam finally realized this.

In the past, all she wanted of Han Zhuolis other half was to know her place, but actually, that was not enough at all.

If she knew her place but did not have the ability, and was weak and easy to bully, she would need Han Zhuolis protection all day long, and would not be able to share Han Zhuolis burden at all.

When faced with problems, she would only know to hide behind Han Zhuoli, and just the thought of Han Zhuoli deal with problems all alone made her heart ache for her grandson.

Thankfully, Lu Man was not like that.

Just seeing how she dealt with Yu Xingzhou, she felt very glad.

Moreover, her attitude regarding the whole scandal was also sufficiently domineering.

Publicly calling out Yu Xingzhous fans, it was all done by her.

She even dared to say, “If you the ability, you can continue making trouble here.”

“If you all made trouble for me, then Yu Xingzhou will be the one having to suffer the consequences.”

“The more trouble you guys made, the worse off Yu Xingzhou would be.”

Before this, whenever any celebritys fans fell out with other fans, there was never a definite win or loss, and there was never another celebritys fans who would be scared of the other celebrity.

But Lu Man had managed to make a group of fans so scared that they did not dare to provoke her anymore.

From start to the end, Lu Man did not require Han Zhuolis connection at all and solved the matter herself.

She even solved it quickly and completely.

It really made the Old Madam overjoyed!

She happily agreed with Lu Mans reasoning and dragged her to the store.

“Alright, then lets go to the shop that you chose.”

However, before the Old Madam could show her skills, Lu Man had already chosen a white shirt and a black A-cut leather skirt.

The shirt and skirt were very well-styled, and it was not entirely the simplest style too.

Lu Man felt that these two pieces were very feasible to match with other pieces at home, and also while attending the premiere, it would not be too grand that it would take the attention off the leads, but still enough to meet the occasion.

Otherwise, she could definitely wear the evening gown Han Zhuoli had given her to wear to the Nan Ying Charity Night.

Shen Nuo nodded in agreement.

“Its nice, very good, it attracts attention, but is not too flashy.”

The Old Madam also nodded.

“Not bad, not bad.”

“Then Ill just buy this.” Lu Man went to pay, and then asked the Old Madam and Shen Nuo, “Old Madam, Auntie, its already the afternoon, how about I treat you to a meal”

Shen Nuo looked at the Old Madam and saw that the Old Madam was not talking, and was a bit unhappy, but it did not seem like she was angry, thus she was confused when she heard the Old Madam say, “You call her Auntie, but why do you call me Old Madam”


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