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3483 Our Relationship

My Sister-in-law was so awesome!

“Actually, even if you dont have anyone you like, you can think about the people you know with excellent character.

Then, you can see if you find anyone of them good or if you like anyone out of them.”

“I… I dont know.” Xie Jiling felt embarrassed to say it.

‘Han Zhuofengs character seems excellent, she thought to herself.

“If you dont know whether you like that person or not, you can decide after you have seen his character.

If he doesnt show good character, you dont have to think about whether you like him or not.

Just remove him from your choices.”

From Han Zhuofengs point of view, Lu Man seemed like the grandma wolf trying to trick little red riding hood.

Thankfully, Lu Man didnt know what Han Zhuofeng was thinking.

If she had known, she wouldnt have helped him!

I was trying my best to brainwash Xie Jiling, but you were actually looking at me as if I were a grandma wolf

Han Zhuofeng nodded strongly and said, “Eh.

Jiling, take some time and think about it.”

At this moment, Xie Jiling didnt even dare to look Han Zhuofeng in the eyes.

She hastily glanced over and quickly avoided looking at him.

“He… he should have very good character,” Xie Jiling said.

It hadnt been that long since she met Han Zhuofeng.

But after a few interactions between them, she thought that Han Zhuofeng was very reliable, even though he was a coward.

When they had been in Ghost Town, he was scared, but he insisted on accompanying her.

At that time, he didnt even know what they were facing and how powerful that thing might be.

It was all unknown, and Xie Jiling couldnt guarantee as well.

If something bad had happened, Han Zhuofeng would have gotten into an accident.

Still, he accompanied her.

He didnt think it was okay to leave her alone because she was a powerful exorcist.

He didnt leave her there by herself.

He never saw her as an exorcist.

He saw her as a girl before anything else.

Although he was a coward, he had never broken his promises.

Xie Jiling got lost in her thoughts.

At this moment, she heard Lu Man say, “Actually, we failed to mention something.”

Xie Jiling came back to her senses and looked over at Lu Man, “What is missing”

“If he knows about your job and has participated in it.” Lu Mans motive was so obvious.

“If he has seen you do your work a few times and has gotten used to it, then theres definitely no problem.”

“In fact, if he was willing to accompany you to work, despite being well aware that he is just an ordinary person who could be in danger… And he was still willing to face the danger with you…”

“If hes someone who still adamantly accompanied you even though he wont be able to do anything, and theres a chance that his life could be in danger…” Lu Man smiled and said, “If there is someone like that, you have to keep him even if you have to be the one to take the initiative.

After all, its rare to meet someone like that person.

You can only meet someone like them if you got lucky.”

“Yes!” Shi Xiaoya said excitingly, “Indeed! If you meet someone like that, you have to get him to stay! If you miss out on the chance of being with him, you might never find someone like him anymore!”

Lu Man was clearly talking about Han Zhuofeng.

When they were in Ta Town, he still wanted to be with Xie Jiling even when he looked so scared.

Such mental fortitude was truly touching.

Xie Jiling thought about Han Zhuofeng and couldnt help but glance over at him.

“Before your cousin and her ex-husband got married, has he ever participated when your cousin was working Has he ever seen your cousin work Has he ever experienced those things with your cousin”

“Has he ever taken the initiative to accompany your cousin because he was worried about your cousins safety” Lu Man asked, “Think about it…”

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “No.

My cousin was worried about scaring him, so she never brought him along whenever she was working.

He was scared as well, so he never dared to go with her.”

“He only knew about my cousins job.

He would say that it was alright and that he didnt care and could handle it,” Xie Jiling said, “I think he thought it wouldnt matter as long as he doesnt have to accompany her when she has things to do or if he doesnt have to see anything.”

“But unexpectedly, even when my cousin had tried her best to prevent it, there were still times when he saw those things.”

“And so, why did he promise He was never mentally ready, and he actually has no idea what he could face,” Lu Man said, “But if its someone who was already beside you and has experienced it with you, that would be different.”

“It doesnt have to be someone in the same line of work.

But if he stayed even after he has seen those things with his own eyes and had experienced them more than once.

If he made that promise knowing what he would face, you know you can trust him, right” Lu Man said.

Yan Zhiqing muttered internally,Oh my God! If Lu Man continued talking, will Xie Jiling only take Han Zhuofeng into consideration

Lu Mans tongue was actually so sharp.

Everything she said was about Han Zhuofeng.

It was just unknown whether Xie Jiling had figured it out or not.

“Yes.” Xie Jiling felt as though she had been enlightened.

“I got it.

Thank you, Sis.”

Lu Man showed such a gentle smile, and her face had this motherly glow to it.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

She even thanked you after you brainwashed her!

Lu Man was too good!

Old Mrs.

Han thought that with Lu Man being here…

There was no need for her to show her skills.

Eventually, dinner ended.

There was no longer any reason to get Xie Jiling to stay.

Xie Jiling said her goodbyes and was about to go back to school.

Old Mrs.

Han didnt even get to ask Han Zhuofeng to give Xie Jiling a ride.

Han Zhuofeng himself took the initiative and said, “I will give you a ride.”

Xie Jiling was really shy to face Han Zhuofeng.

She wanted some alone time to think about things.

If Han Zhuofeng were to give her a ride, she would feel confused, and it would be even harder for her to think it through.

When she was just about to reject the offer, Old Mrs.

Han said, “Yes.

Let Zhuofeng give you a ride.

This place is some distance away from the subway station.

You would have to walk to the subway station by yourself, and you would have to transfer from one subway station to another.

Thats really troublesome.”

“Its very worrisome to let you, a little girl, go back by yourself,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “We can only feel reassured if Zhuofeng drives you back.”

Xie Jiling then felt bad about saying no, so she quickly thanked Han Zhuofeng.

“Theres no need to be courteous.

When you were protecting me, I didnt thank you,” Han Zhuofeng said, “Considering our relationship, Im supposed to give you a ride, right”

Xie Jiling was confused.

Old Mrs.

Han started saying that she was a member of the family.

Then, Lu Man started sayingour family. And now, she had to hear Han Zhuofeng mention the wordsour relationship.

If this continued, Xie Jiling felt like she would actually become a member of the Han Family.

Han Zhuofeng took the car keys and left the house with Xie Jiling.

Old Mrs.

Han led all the other members of the Han Family and walked Xie Jiling to the main gate of the family home.

Xie Jiling found it stressful.

The way they were treating her was so domineering.

While they were walking to the gate, Xie Jiling kept saying, “Grandma, please go back.

Sis Lu Man.

Sis Xiaoya, please go back.

You dont have to walk me to the gate.”

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