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Still in a daze, Yu Xingzhou was oblivious to everything and even looked directly at the camera, showing his face full of confusion.

“Stop taking photos!” The police officer yelled.

Covering Yu Xingzhous face, and told his colleagues, “Lets go quickly!”

But Da Xiong followed them and asked, “Police officer, whats wrong with him Did he take drugs”

The police officer did not reply, and Da Xiong kept taking photos until Yu Xingzhou was pushed into the car.

“Thats it for today!” Da Xiong waved his hands, and went back towards his car with his brothers, ready to go their separate ways home.

“Brother Xiong, our luck was so good today! Earlier, I thought that no matter what, we would need to wait for one to two weeks, but on the first day itself we got such exciting scoop!”

Da Xiong was elated too.

“Yes, I also did not think that it would be so successful!”

Da Xiong hurriedly gave Lu Man a call.

“Miss Lu, weve managed to get the photos, what do we do after this”

“So quick” Lu Man did not think that it would be so successful either.

“How about this, tonight, you guys can first expose that there is some popular young male celebrity who was caught taking drugs, but dont mention the name.

Just put a photo, and expose a letter like Y, and let the public guess.

First, get it trending and since there are not a lot of young male celebrities whose surname starts with Y in the entertainment circle, and also Yu Xingzhou already having some drug incident news, many people will guess it to be Yu Xingzhou.

You can first give a hint and then tell them the results tomorrow.

Wait till tomorrow, once it becomes a hot search and soars high, expose Yu Xingzhou.”

“Alright, alright, alright.” Overjoyed, Da Xiong held the phone in his right hand, while his left rubbed his knee in excitement for tomorrows news.

“Miss Lu, how about we work together in the future”

Lu Man was stunned by Da Xiongs request.


“Now, Tang Zi doesnt want to work in this line anymore, so in the future, if you have any news that is unsuitable for Tang Zis profession, you can contact! As for how you want it to trend, Ill follow your orders.” He believed that once he started working with Lu Man, he could also leave the work office, and create his own team very soon.

“Miss Lu, I really saw and admire your ability.

With your support, I feel like I can become the entertainment circles top paparazzi.”

Lu Man: “…”

“Youre praising me too much, I dont have that much ability,” Lu Man felt that it was better to let Da Xiong understand her accurately and not to let him have too high expectations of her.

“However, we can work together.

In the future, if I have any news, Ill definitely reach out to you instantly.”

Since Tang Zi was not a paparazzo anymore, she indeed needed to find someone else to maintain a long-term working relationship.

Excited and elated, Da Xiong happily nodded continuously, not caring that Lu Man could not see him at that moment.

“Of course, of course, please dont forget that.”

“I wont forget it, but if you have any news concerning me on your side, please tell me beforehand.” Lu Man smiled and said.

“Let me be prepared.”

“Of course, this is the basis of us working together!” Da Xiong said straightforwardly.

The truth was, Da Xiong was not a bad person, he had loyalty and good morals.

Otherwise, Tang Zi would not have introduced Da Xiong to work with Lu Man.


After hanging up, Da Xiong followed Lu Mans instructions, and first posted something on his personal account.

Da Xiong – Who Wants To Become The Number One Paparazzi: “I have a piece of reliable news, tonight at 20:15, a young male celebrity with a surname Y was caught taking drugs.”

Da Xiongs account was quite famous on Weibo and was also verified.

As soon as he sent out that news, there was a large response.

Someone even instantly listed all the young male celebrities with Y surnames.

And Yu Xingzhou was ranked first.


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