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3482 Keep Working Hard

“You dont have to make yourself suffer, hold yourself back, and not try a relationship because those irresponsible and lame dudes exist.

You dont have to feel sad because of those people.

Those people are living a good life.

Why are you feeling sad You have to live a better life than them.”

“Jiling, youre still young so dont be so pessimistic.

You shouldnt think that no one is worthy of your trust.” Yan Zhiqing advised.

“Of course, Im also not asking you to be brave and try to get into a relationship.” Yan Zhiqing quickly added.

Lu Man had just come back after feeding the two babies.

Yan Zhiqing quickly pulled Lu Man.

Lu Man was the most eloquent one, so Yan Zhiqing urged Lu Man to talk.

Lu Man heard most of the conversation when she came back.

So, she said, “Right.

What Zhiqing meant was that you should feel at ease to give it a go, but your partner of choice has to be trustworthy.”

“Actually, a persons character has a lot to do with whether the promise would be kept or broken.

“This is not hard to determine.

I know your worries.

They can promise now, but they might not be able to fulfill that promise,” Lu Man said.

Xie Jiling nodded.

That was true.

Anyone could say sweet words in the beginning.

But so what if it sounded nice

No one could guarantee that they could keep the promise.

Maybe when they made that promise, it was genuine, and they did think that they were incapable of keeping the promise.

But when it started, they realized that the reality was much more difficult than what they had imagined.

And they couldnt persevere anymore…

While Xie Jiling was thinking, she heard Lu Man say, “Actually, its simple.

Just look at their character.”

“As long as he has a good character and he values his word… If he can keep his promise no matter what, then theres nothing to worry about,” Lu Man said.

When Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing heard this, they agreed.

It did sound straightforward.

“And so, after that person has promised you, you just need to determine if he is someone who values his word.

If he is and he promised you, then you can trust him.”

“If he isnt, then dont take him into consideration.

If you dont know him well enough, then get to know him more.

Theres no need to make a rash decision,” Lu Man added.

“Of course, you can also consider people around you.” Lu Man slipped this statement into the conversation.

“Take a look at our family.

The eldest brother is a careful person who keeps his promise.

He shows very good character and doesnt easily talk bad about other people behind their backs.”

“Zhuoli is the same as well.

In the beginning, I was very worried.

Back then, I thought that we are from very different worlds.

I had neither achievements nor career.”

“I had just been betrayed, and my father was like that…” Lu Man said, “But Zhuoli was born in the Han Family.

He isnt someone ordinary people can approach, but he suddenly appeared in my life and said that he has feelings for me.”

“My fiancé was so much worse than him.

He is much better than my fiancé in so many different ways.

However, my fiancé didnt even like me, so why would Zhuoli like me I asked myself this many times, and I thought about it many times.

What is it about me that he likes”

“At that time, I felt really insecure, and Zhuoli very adamantly said to me that he would never betray me.

He is dating me to marry me.

Even when I agreed to be in a relationship with him, I still felt scared.”

“I was worried that I might not be good enough.

I was worried that he might think Im not good enough for him.” Lu Man said, “Of course, you know what happened later on.

Zhuoli showed me so much evidence to prove to me that my worries had been unnecessary.”

“He fulfilled the promises he made,” Lu Man said with a smile, “He did everything he told me and fulfilled every promise he made.

Even the things he didnt tell me verbally, he proved it to me with action.”

“Therefore, even if he doesnt say anything, I will believe him with all my heart.

I no longer have any doubts and worries,” Lu Man said.

Han Zhuoli couldnt help but speak up, “You made me feel so embarrassed.

I will keep working hard.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

Shi Xiaoya was dumbfounded.


Did Han Zhuoli not have some self-awareness

Han Zhuoli was on paternity leave while Shi Xiaoyas hubby was working like a dog in the office.

And now, Han Zhuoli was here showing off in front of them

Lu Man saw Shi Xiaoyas eyes and thought she needed to reduce the aggro on Han Zhuoli.

She secretly poked Han Zhuoli and immediately said, “Its the same for Xiao Cai.”

“Zhiqing said that she was very worried that their personal lives would receive too much attention because of her work and Wei Wucai, who had always maintained a low profile, would be unable to adapt to such a lifestyle.”

“But now, Xiao Cai proved it with his action.

He did what he said he would do.

He said that he could handle those influences and that he doesnt care about them.

He did it.”

“And so, it doesnt matter if the promise is unrealistic.

The only important question is whether the person in question would keep their promise or not,” Lu Man concluded.

Eventually, Lu Man revealed her motive with this sentence.

“Just like the members of our family.”

Lu Man used the words “our family,” which was what Old Mrs.

Han had been saying.

They were worded differently but have the same purpose.

“Big Brother and Zhuoli are so reliable.

Zhuofeng will be equally good as well,” Lu Man said, “As long as you use Big Brother, Zhuoli, Xiao Cai, and Zhuofeng as your standards, there wont be any issues.”

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli were both married.

Wei Wucai wasnt married, but he was taken.

His relationship with Yan Zhiqing was very stable.

With how impatient Wei Wucai had been these days, marriage was bound to happen sooner or later.

Lu Man guessed that when Yan Zhiqing was done filming Han Zhuofengs movie…

The two would definitely start talking about their marriage.

Three of the four mentioned werent single.

The only single one was Han Zhuofeng.

It was clear who Lu Man was recommending.

They just had no idea whether Xie Jiling had noticed it or not.

Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqing both realized it.

They thought that Lu Man was worthy of being the god of public relations.

Her brain, her thoughts, and her quick-thinking skills…

They had to get Lu Man to talk to Xie Jiling a few more times.

There was no way Xie Jiling wouldnt be tricked into believing Lu Mans words.

Xie Jiling nodded, thinking that what Lu Man said was very reasonable.

Because she was thinking about Han Zhuofeng, Lu Man couldnt help but glance over at Han Zhuofeng when Lu Man mentioned him.

Han Zhuofeng noticed Xie Jiling looking at him.

His first reaction was to straighten his back and sit upright.

He wanted Xie Jiling to know that he was a very righteous person.

A righteous person would sit upright.

“Sis, because of what you said, I have thought it through.

I know now.” Xie Jiling felt more relaxed.

Her mood felt different.

It was obvious that she had just been enlightened.

Han Zhuofeng secretly gave Lu Man a thumbs up.

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