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3474 A Sense of Danger

“That person left an artifact for me,” the vengeful spirit said.

“Take it out,” Xie Jiling immediately said.

The vengeful spirit took it out, and Xie Jiling saw that it was indeed a mirror.

“I use this mirror to control the app.

At the same time, the mirror shows me if the answer was true or not.

I dont know how that person did it,” the vengeful spirit said, “Anyway, I just needed to find the person by following the mirrors instructions.”

“Did he give you this mirror Hes not taking it back” Xie Jiling asked.

Xie Jiling started playing with the mirror.

The principle was very straightforward.

This mirror was just a normal mirror.

However, a connection talisman was drawn in the back of this mirror.

The mirror would then be connected to the app.

Honestly, this mirror worked like a phone.

If someone used the app, this mirror would show it.

And the vengeful spirit would see it.

However, this mirror had a limited view and only showed one game at a time.

As such, Xie Jiling let out a sigh of relief when she realized that this game hadnt spread too widely for now.

Because of that limitation, only one group of people was allowed to play at a time.

The game wasnt being played everywhere.

“When did you start” Xie Jiling asked.

“I started last month,” the vengeful spirit said.

It hadnt even been that long ago, yet it already got caught.

Xie Jiling frowned.

She wasnt happy about this.

This meant that the vengeful spirit had harmed a lot of people before she had discovered it.

“Last month.

This means that you met the person last month,” Xie Jiling said, “What did that person look like”

As expected, the description of that person was the same as the other two vengeful spirits.

That person looked really ordinary.

He had the type of face that no one could remember.

“Did that person say when he would meet you again” Xie Jiling asked.

The vengeful spirit shook its head and said, “However, although I cant contact him, he is able to do so through this mirror.”

“Yes.” Xie Jiling could tell.

This was because another one-way tracker talisman was added on top of that connection talisman.

By then, the person would be able to contact the vengeful spirit.

And now, they were getting more and more clues.

In the beginning, they only knew of the existence of this person.

When they had been in Ghost Town, they found even more clues.

And now, they got this mirror.

Xie Jiling decided to send this mirror back to the house of the Xie Family.

They should be able to study the one-way tracker talisman and figure out a way to reverse-engineer it and track the person using it.

After planning everything, Xie Jiling didnt bother to talk to the vengeful spirit.

She just summoned the soul reapers.

Obviously, she was familiar with the soul reapers.

The soul reapers this time werent the same soul reapers during the previous two encounters, but Xie Jiling still knew them.

He Yuliang and the others wanted to ask if there were any soul reapers in B City that Xie Jiling did not know.

Xie Jiling didnt even have to say anything.

The two soul reapers quickly locked up the vengeful spirit.

After the soul reapers were done with everything, they noticed the good food on the table.

They had never tried a lot of the food on the table.

“Lady Xie, what is this” One of the two soul reapers asked.

“Three sauce stew pot.”

“What about this”

“Spicy stir-fry escargot.”

“What about this”


They asked for the names of the dishes.

Then, the soul reapers stopped asking.

They just stared at Xie Jiling.


She got the message.

“I will burn some for you guys,” Xie Jiling said.

Obviously, these two soul reapers were not talkative.

When they knew that they would get good food, they quickly left with the vengeful spirit.

If they could finish their task earlier, they could go back earlier and wait for their food.

After this situation was resolved, Xie Jiling waited for another two days in B City.

She used the mirror to check if there were any new cases.

Yu Yuexin and the others no longer received the system notification.

The game became normal.

So, they deleted the app.

In addition, they no longer dared to simply click into apps shared by other people.

As for Xie Jiling, after she had resolved this situation, she quickly went back to the house of the Xie Family.

This mirror was too important.

Xie Jiling didnt dare to mail it.

Not even with the most expensive mailing method.

What if an accident happened while the mail was on the way

It would be safer if she took it home.

When she went back to the house of the Xie Family, her family members were studying the talisman that they had gotten from the vengeful spirit in Ghost Town.

They were studying ways to use the vengeful spirits aura to activate the talisman, and they were getting close to figuring out how to get it done.

Xie Jiling took that talisman back home.

“This person is very skilled.” Xie Jilings father, Xie Tongyun, and Xie Jiwens father, Xie Tongyùn, were analyzing the talisman on the back of the mirror together.


He has to have some skills to superimpose a few talismans and still keep the effect of each talisman intact.” Xie Tongyùn said.

Xie Tongyun asked Xie Jiling, “How many talismans can you superimpose”

“If its talismans of a lower level than high level talismans, I can superimpose as many as I want.

If its high-level talismans, I can only superimpose three,” Xie Jiling answered after pondering.

If one wanted to draw over two talismans on a flat surface and stack each talisman up like one was building a house, that would be really difficult to do.

Because each talisman was drawn differently and had different functions.

If one wanted to superimpose the talismans, one would need to be really careful to prevent the talismans from affecting each other.

If one wasnt careful, the power of the talisman on the top might overpower the power of the talisman on the bottom.

The power of the talisman drawn in the bottom would also affect the power of the talisman drawn in the upper layer.

If it only disrupted the effect of the talisman, that would be good.

The worst thing was that one might create a new type of talisman.

A talisman with an unknown functionality would be very dangerous.

As such, only people who were capable would have the courage to superimpose talismans.

Of course, to other people, superimposing talismans at the beginner level would be very difficult.

However, to Xie Jiling, it would be difficult for Xie Jiling to superimpose high level talismans.

The difficulty level was different for everyone.

“They superimposed three talismans.

One was a medium-level connection talisman, one was a high-level detection talisman, and the third one was a high-level tracking talisman,” Xie Tongyun said after he had stared at the talismans for a while.

“Theyre very careful.” Xie Tongyùn said, “The medium-level connection talisman connected with the app.

That person must have thought that a medium-level talisman was good enough for this function, and they were right.”

“The detection talisman has the function of sensing the vengeful spirits vengeful aura.

This was used to prevent a mistake in the detection and prevent other people from taking advantage of any loopholes.

Therefore, this is a high level talisman seal.”

“The high level tracking talisman was used to prevent others from reversing the talisman and tracking him down,” Xie Tongyùn said.

Xie Tongyun pursed his lips and said, “Theyre very careful.

In addition, theyre very capable.

Besides the members of the Xie Family, there arent many who are capable of drawing high level talismans.

In addition, they superimposed two high level talismans and one medium-level talisman together, which means that theyre as skillful as Jiling.”

Xie Jiling suddenly felt a sense of danger.

She felt like someone was about to surpass her in exorcism skills.

She felt that she had to work hard and ramp up her skills.

“We will be in charge of figuring out a way to reverse the talisman and track that person down.

Your brother should be on the way back from Yunlin Mountain,” Xie Tongyun said.

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