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After being silent for quite a while, the assistant finally agreed.

“I get it, Ill leave with Brother Wang.”

Satisfied, Wang Lu smiled and brought the assistant to sit in the car, but he was not in a hurry to leave.

No matter what, he had to see for himself the police coming and arresting Yu Xingzhou.

All this while, Wang Lu was oblivious to the fact that Da Xiong had already followed Lu Mans instructions, and had brought people to hide and wait outside near a wall.

Coincidentally, the conversation Wang Lu had with his assistant was heard by Da Xiong and the rest.

They exchanged glances as they did not really think that Lu Man would accurately guess all these events.

Heavenly psychic!

“Quick! Quick! Prepare yourselves! Once the police arrive, get ready to take photos!” Da Xiong instructed softly, scared of getting heard.

At that moment, everyone fired up with and neither their waist was sore nor their legs painful, and they were also no longer sleepy.

Although Yu Xingzhou was not famous enough, being involved in a case for drug abuse already increased his fame, so it was worth reporting!

Once they would release this exciting piece of information tonight, in the following two days, all the headlines would be taken up by Yu Xingzhou.


Meanwhile, at his home, Yu Xingzhou was in a drunk and drowsy state, he was sitting on the floor with his back against the sofa and his head resting on the seat of the sofa.

His body kept swaying and staggering while he was holding a cigarette in his hand.

Puffing out a cloud of white smoke, his eyes narrowed as he relished it.

It was a good way to escape reality for a while; in his drug-induced la-la land dreamland, he temporarily forgot all the troubles awaiting him in the real world.

“Ding dong! Ding dong! Ding dong!” The doorbell rang quite a few times.

Currently in his la-la land, even upon hearing it, Yu Xingzhou pretended as if he did not hear anything, not wanting to stand up.

“Peng! Peng! Peng!” The police started to knock the door hard.

“Open the door!”

However, Yu Xingzhou just took a gulp of beer, not wanting to bother with it.

With the doorbell ringing continuously and the sound of the door being knocked loudly, disturbed by the noise the neighbors in the opposite apartment came outside to take a look.

The old man living in the opposite apartment poked his head out, and the old lady followed behind.

When the two of them saw a group of police standing outside, they were shocked and scared.

“What… what is it Police officers, did something big happen” The neighboring old man stuttered, his eyes shining with a gossipy light.

“Do you know if this person is at home” The police officer asked.

“Hes at home.” The old man nodded.

“Originally, there were two people inside, and after that, one of them left, and then returned with another person, but both of them again left.

So now, theres still one person inside.”

“…” The police officers did not ask the old man how he knew so clearly, as long as there was a person inside, it was fine.

“Its the police, if you dont open the door now, were going to break through the door,” That police officer yelled from outside.

Yu Xingzhou blurred heard the worldpolice, but at this moment, fear was unknown to him, his brain had become numb already and his reactions much slower.

He slowly climbed up from the floor and stumbled to the door.

Opening the door, he slurred his words, “What do you want”

Seeing his look, the police knew right away that he was high on drugs right now and his luck happened to be bad to be caught red-handed.

“Take him away, go and test him!”

“Rest of you, come and search the house!”

“What are you all doing!” Confused, Yu Xingzhou asked, his two hands had already been handcuffed.

When the police brought his men into the house, he saw the Ice lying on the table.

“Bring it all away!”

As the police brought Yu Xingzhou police out of the house in handcuffs, Da Xiong and his men hid under in the grass and took photos.

“Whos there!” The police officers noticed and yelled, looking over at the same time.

Anyway, they were just taking photos, it was not against the law.

Such a mere thing, Da Xiong had done this many times and was not fazed or scared at all.

He and his brothers came out of hiding to take the photos openly.


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