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3471 Which Person

The food Xie Jiling wanted could be ordered at a restaurant.

There was no need for Ren Linna and the others to stop by different restaurants to get the food.

Xie Jiling had thought it through when she ordered.

She usually had nothing to do.

So, she had been to all the small restaurants near campus.

Even the river snail rice noodles she hadnt tried previously, she had dragged Han Zhuofeng along to get a taste of it.

And now, Xie Jiling was basically a living map of the good food near campus.

She knew what food each restaurant had on its menu.

The last thing she had yet to do was to memorize the entire menu of every restaurant.

They waited for one and a half hours.

Then, Xie Jiling received a phone call from Ren Linna.

Ren Linna and the others couldnt come upstairs because a room card was needed to use the elevator.

Xie Jiling then went downstairs to pick them up.

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi insisted on being with Xie Jiling.

No matter what, they had to stay close to Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling didnt care at all.

But then, when they took the elevator to the first floor…

They realized that Ren Linna and the others werent the only ones there.

He Yuliang, Chen Xing, and Zheng Binzhou came as well!

Xie Jiling felt speechless.

She didnt even have to ask.

She knew that these three boys had come to learn about the world.

Why did these people love learning about these things

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi werent angry about the sudden arrival of He Yuliang and the other two boys.

Instead, they were really happy.

“I was initially worried that there might be too many girls and the Yin energy might be too strong.

Now that some guys are present, the Yang energy they have will bring some balance.

Thats good,” Yu Yuexin said.

Li Yisi added, “And now that there are more people, we dont feel as scared anymore.”

Feng Yaqing thought to herself.

Previously, Yu Yuexin had been badmouthing Xie Jiling as a scammer who was just playing tricks.

But now, Yu Yuexin was the one talking about Yin energy and Yang energy.


However, Yu Yuexin was in such a tragic state that Feng Yaqing didnt say anything to trigger her.

Everyone then went back to the room.

With so many people crowded in this small room, it immediately felt like there were more than enough people.

When they were on the way here, Ren Linna and the others briefly updated Chen Xing, He Yuliang, and Zheng Binzhou on what had happened.

At this moment, He Yuliang asked curiously, “So Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi are fine now”

“For now.” Xie Jiling said, “I intentionally gave the wrong answer in the game of Truth or Dare.

Even if it were to search for a target, it would come after me first.”

“By the way.” Xie Jiling took out two protection talismans from her bag and handed them to Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi.

“This is a protection talisman.

Wear it well.”

“I know you two are constantly worried about an accident happening.

But with this protection talisman, you dont have to worry.” Xie Jiling said.

Yu Yuexin and LI Yisi quickly took it.

They said thanks and wore it close to their body.

With Xie Jiling there, Ren Linna and the others appeared rather brave.

They werent nervous like Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi.

“When we were on the way here, He Yuliang and the others said that they wanted to visit Ghost Town with you while we were at Ta Town, but you went without us and exorcised the vengeful spirit in Ghost Town.

Because of you, we didnt even get to see the Ghost Town when it was still actually scary,” Ren Linna said with a smile.


They were complaining that they lost a chance to get more experience,” Feng Yaqing said.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Did they really love getting more experience

“Its true.

We visited Ghost Town later on, and the creepy atmosphere was gone.

Before we visited Ghost Town, we heard from the homestay staff members that Ghost Town looks really scary in the morning and evening due to the fog.

But what happened after we went there There was no fog at all.”


You all will probably get more experience now.

However, I hope it comes tonight.

If we have to wait until tomorrow morning… you all still have class tomorrow morning.”

It would be fine if only one or two students asked for a leave of absence.

But if so many people were asking for a leave of absence together, the leave of absence definitely wouldnt be approved.

And so, Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi saw Zheng Binzhou and the others muttering, “Please come tonight.

Please come tonight.”

Yu Yuexin was speechless.

Li Yisi was dumbfounded.

Are you all this brave

“By the way, when it is your turn, did you choose truth or dare” Ren Linna asked Xie Jiling in a curious manner.

“Truth.” Xie Jiling said honestly.

“What was the question” Kuang Xiaorous eyes lit up as she asked.

They all thought about Han Zhuofeng.

Before Xie Jiling could answer, Yu Yuexin rushed to answer, “It asked if she liked anyone, and Xie Jiling said she refused to answer.”

“Eh” Feng Yaqing immediately started analyzing.

“Thats not right.

If you dont have anyone you like, you just have to say you do.

If you do have someone you like, you just have to answer you dont.”

“But you refused to answer the question…” Feng Yaqing narrowed her eyes and rubbed her chin.

“This means that you are unsure if you like that person or not.”

Feng Yaqing stared at Xie Jiling.

“When you were asked this question, did anyone appear in your mind”

Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

Feng Yaqing might be bad at analyzing other things, but she was quite reasonable when she was analyzing such matters.

And she guessed pretty close to the truth!

Kuang Xiaorou winked and asked, “Is it that person perhaps”

Since Li Yisi and Yu Yuexin were here, they didnt mention Han Zhuofengs name.

However, aside from Han Zhuofeng, there was really no one else they could think of.

Xie Jiling knew very well who they were talking about.

“Which person” Xie Jilings eyes wavered as she pretended like she didnt know anything.

With Li Yisi and Yu Yuexin present, Ren Linna and the others couldnt say Han Zhuofengs name.

However, they knew that Xie Jiling didnt answer directly when she was playing the game of truth.

This meant that she already had feelings for Han Zhuofeng.

She just didnt have much experience.

So, she still hadnt figured out her feelings toward Han Zhuofeng.

As such, they decided to talk to Xie Jiling about this after the current situation ended.

They ate in the afternoon.

When it was almost 8 pm, they ordered takeaway again.

“Do you not feel uncomfortable” Yu Yuexin asked.

“No.” Xie Jiling shook her head.

“Im very curious.

Yu Xinlei died of suffocation, and dying that way can be explained,” Xie Jiling said as she touched her chin.

Yu Xinlei couldnt inhale, and that was how Yu Xinlei knew her time was up.

“But how did Ji Yiran and Fan Jianan die, especially Fan Jianan How did Fan Jianan go to the graveyard when it was so far away” Was the vengeful spirit affecting Fan Jianans mind

Or did it possess Fan Jianan

Xie Jiling couldnt figure it out, so she stopped thinking about it.

Anyway, she would find out about it later on.

At this moment, Xie Jiling got a WeChat notification.

Xie Jiling opened Wechat and saw that it was a message from Han Zhuofeng.

She thought about him when she was playing the game of truth today.

Ren Linna and the others mentioned him again in the afternoon.

Because of this serious matter, she hadnt gotten the time to calm down and think about her feelings.

And now, Han Zhuofeng sent her a message on WeChat.

Han Zhuofeng had to film in the morning.

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