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3469 Nothing Will Happen, Right

“They would rather share it with other people and disgust others.”

“People share fake ones, let alone the things that actually involve ones life,” Xie Jiling said coldly.

“Then… Even if we played the game of Truth or Dare and survived the game by telling only the truth, we will have to continue sharing this app with people” Li Yisi panicked as she said.

“Im here.

How could I allow this thing to be shared again” Xie Jiling said, “I will catch this harmful thing before then.”

This thing was just hurting people with the facade of a game.

The three could hear what they were saying.

The more they listened, the more terrified they felt.

“Whats going on What are you guys saying”

“Since you have entered the game, its impossible for you to leave the game.” Xie Jiling said, “If you dont believe me, try quitting the app.”

Someone actually tried.

And the result was that they couldnt quit the game.

“Whats going on Why cant I quit the game” someone asked in surprise.

Xie Jiling communicated the situation with them in simple terms.

“You might think Im scaring you or Im just being paranoid.”


She isnt scaring you guys.” Yu Yuexin trembled as she said, “Its true.

We experienced it.

If you dont believe me, then ask your friends.

I dont know if they would be willing to tell you the truth.”

“They dragged their friends down with them.

They are not friends!” Li Yisi said angrily.

“We werent playing then, but we kept getting notifications.

The notification wouldnt stop bothering us.

Even if we shut the phone down, reboot the phone, or buy a new phone, the notification was still there.

We cant even use our phones unless we click on the notification.” Yu Yuexin said.

“You have to believe us!” Li Yisi was really scared that these three people would refuse to believe and die as a result.

“You can ask around.

Yu Xinlei, Ji Yiran, and Fan Jianan died such peculiar deaths!” Yu Yuexin said worriedly.

At this moment, Xie Jiling spoke.

“Regardless of how much you believe or how much you doubt us, you have to take it seriously for the sake of caution.

Its better to believe, right”

“For your own safety, theres nothing wrong with being more careful.” Then, Xie Jiling used the very effective two words.

“What if”

People had always been obsessed with these two words.

What if

The three shared the same thought and became more careful.

“And now, you all know about the situation.

And so, regardless of whether you believe us or not, just choose truth once the game starts.

No matter what, its easier to tell the truth than to complete a dare,” Xie Jiling said.

“If it was a dare, I am not sure about the difficulty of the task given by the system.

I am worried that it might come up with a very difficult challenge to make things difficult for you guys.

The dare might even be some adulterous crime.”

“If its something illegal, will you guys do it” Xie Jiling asked.

“Of course not!” the three said in fright.

“How could the… the dare be something illegal”

“Who knows You never know.” Xie Jiling said in a deep tone, “However, the system will definitely come up with things that are difficult for you to do.

It might not be difficult in the beginning, but the more you play, the harder it becomes.”

Yu Yuexin stared at Xie Jiling in surprise.

How did she know this so well

“Its all tricks,” Xie Jiling explained, “I have seen so many things like this, and they all use the same trick.”

Yu Yuexin was speechless.

Why did she stop feeling nervous after hearing what Xie Jiling said…

“And so, to be safe, just choose the option that only requires you to use your mouth.” Xie Jiling said, “Truth or Dare.

No matter how private the information asked and no matter how much you didnt want people to know about the secret, you have to make sure to tell the truth.”

“What game is this that it could ask questions to such an extent”

If the system could ask questions to such an extent, it had to first know the secrets that they dont want anyone to know.

In addition, it had to ask the right question.

This meant that the system knew what they had done.

That would be unbelievable!

How did the system know their deepest secrets

Since it was their deepest secret, they would never tell it to another soul.

They would let it rot in their own heart.

Li Yisi smiled helplessly and said, “Now that you all know, you must take this game seriously.

You have to tell the truth.

If you want to keep your life safe, tell the truth.”

Hearing this, the three felt nervous.

“All… all right,” the three said.

And so, the game started.

It was just as what Xie Jiling had said.

The questions werent difficult in the beginning.

So, everyone told the truth.

Xie Jiling still didnt get a turn.

She frowned and wondered if the system had done this intentionally.

But what went well this time was that the other five people had gotten a turn and only one person had gotten two turns.

The questions asked werent too difficult.

Xie Jiling just hoped that she could get a turn before the questions became more difficult.

It was all for the sake of ending it all.

Xie Jiling finally got picked by the wheel.

Xie Jiling finally let out a sigh of relief.

She didnt even think about it as she chose the truth.

The first question directed to her was—Do you have anyone you like

When Xie Jiling was asked this question, she didnt expect someone to appear in her mind.

Han Zhuofeng.

Xie Jiling thought that she had to have gone crazy.

Why did Han Zhuofeng appear in her mind when she was asked if she had a crush on anyone

For a moment, Xie Jiling didnt know how to answer.

The question asked was too ambiguous for her.

If she said yes, Han Zhuofeng did appear in her mind.

Did she actually like him

If she said no…

Xie Jiling herself didnt notice herself showing any signs that she liked him.

In fact, she might not even be aware of her feelings.

Any answer seemed right.

Xie Jiling started to frown.

She finally realized why this game was powerful.

She could answer honestly, but she wouldnt know how the system would judge the answer.

One might think they answered honestly, but the system might judge it as a lie.

This was why Fan Jianan insisted that she had told the truth.

Maybe she actually thought so…

Xie Jiling just didnt know if the system would judge her answer as a lie.

Could the system see the deepest thoughts in her mind, the thoughts that she herself was unaware of

If so, this would be difficult.

Because even if the others thought that they were telling the truth, she wouldnt know if the system had judged their answers as the truth.

Xie Jiling became silent for a long time.

Yu Yuexin and Li Yisi looked at her nervously.

Did something bad happen to Xie Jiling!

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