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Chapter 3456: Lets Talk Nicely

Plus, it had just mastered the art of controlling corpse soldiers, and it felt ambitious as a result.

That was why it came here with so much confidence.

But the vengeful spirit didnt expect to meet these two people when it finally had the chance to be out here.

“I will tell you! I will tell!” the vengeful spirit shouted.

It was worried that it might be beaten up again if it had answered too slowly.

Are the other vengeful spirits as aggrieved as it is

It couldnt be helped.

After all, it couldnt win against these two.

It had no choice but to admit that it was scared!

“I wasnt hesitating.

I was just shocked.

I didnt expect this great master to be so knowledgeable.” The vengeful spirit started buttering up Xie Jiling.

It didnt know if these praises were useful or not.

However, nothing would go wrong from saying something good.

Xie Jiwen felt the corner of its mouth twitching.

A vengeful spirit even knew how to play tricks like this

This must be a very cunning vengeful spirit.

“Answer quickly.

Stop saying nonsense.” Xie Jiwen urged without any care.

The vengeful spirit hunched its shoulders and didnt dare to utter a single word of praise anymore.

“Som..someone taught me,” the vengeful spirit said.

“When I first became a vengeful spirit, I took revenge against the person who killed me.

But I didnt dare to go to the underworld because I heard that vengeful spirits would be whipped when they arrive there.

And so, I hid in Yunlin Mountain areas.”

“But I didnt expect an exorcist to find me.

However, it didnt kill me.

It taught me a cultivation method and said that I would not have to be afraid of any ordinary exorcist if I could practice this cultivation art until I reach the third level and that I would be able to venture anywhere.”

“And so, I put a lot of work into cultivation, and I finally mastered the third level of the cultivation art.

The method at the third level was the technique to render and control corpse soldiers.

When I mastered this technique, the crack in the space happened, and I came over with my corpse soldiers.”

It wanted the corpse soldiers to clear the way for me so that it could show off its power and make itself look more imposing.

But then, all the corpse soldiers were destroyed when they went out.

“Did you create the fog here” Xie Jiwen asked.

The vengeful spirit told everything it knew.

“When I first came over here, I couldnt actually come out.

The cracks in the space were not that big and didnt last long enough.”

“When I came over here, I saw someone there, and I caught that person and took that person to Yunlin Mountain.

Because I couldnt actually step inside, I couldnt stay here.

If not, it would have stayed here so that its cultivation could progress more quickly.

If so, these two exorcists might not be the stronger ones here.

“However, before I went back, I released some vengeful power from the origin of my soul.

Because I have cultivated, the vengeful power wouldnt disperse and would instead absorb the spiritual power here, strengthening my vengeful power.”

“I thought that I would be able to absorb the vengeful power when I come back again.

This way, I can become even stronger.”

Xie Jiling did not expect the vengeful spirit to have such a sweet dream.

“But the crack in space didnt open up for a long time, which was something I didnt expect.” The vengeful spirit drooped its head down and said, “I knew later on that the crack in space would only open up after a very long time.”

Even now, it hadnt found the pattern of how frequently this crack in space appeared.

Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling exchanged glances.

They could investigate the crack in the space later.

As of now, it was more important for them to ask about the exorcist.

Xie Jiwen knew that Xie Jiling had previously encountered another vengeful spirit.

It knew that the person had taught the vengeful spirit what it shouldnt know.

And now, another vengeful spirit had gotten a cultivation art from an exorcist.

This was too much of a coincidence.

There couldnt have been many exorcists who would very kindly teach cultivation art to vengeful spirits, right

Therefore, Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling believed that the exorcist that both vengeful spirits had encountered was really the same person.

“What did that exorcist look like”

At this moment, the vengeful spirit hesitated.

Because the exorcist was truly powerful…

How could an exorcist who was capable of cultivating while grabbing a vengeful spirit with one hand not be powerful

The vengeful spirit was really scared that the exorcist would seek revenge!

“Oh ” Xie Jiwen said, “Are you scared that the exorcist might take revenge on you”

The vengeful spirit didnt reply.

It was clearly thinking that way.

“Cheh,” Xie Jiwen muttered and said, “Are you worried about him taking revenge on you What are you thinking You are in our hands now.

We are sending you to the underworld later.

Unless he can chase you to the underworld, why would you be worried”

The vengeful spirit thought about it and agreed.

However, the vengeful spirit didnt know if it was better to be whipped in the underworld or be found by that exorcist.

It would die if it were found by that exorcist.

However, the death would be rather quick.

If it were to be whipped, it wouldnt die, but it would happen every day.

It would be even more painful than having its soul scatter and fly away.

But after the punishment, there would be a chance of reincarnation.

But the vengeful spirit hadnt thought about it.

The sins it had committed…

Even if it were to reincarnate, it would be sent to the path of animals.

In addition, even if its the path of animals, there were certain standards.

It was impossible for it to become a pet at home.

Of course, Xie Jiwen had no intention of reminding the vengeful spirit about these things.


Stop thinking.” Xie Jiwen rolled his eyes and said, “You are in our hands.

Do you think you have a choice”

“Tell us about the exorcist, and we will send you to the underworld.” Xie Jiwen said.

“Yes.” Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Hurry up so we can go back and rest.”

She thought that they would have to stay up all night being busy with this.

But it seemed like this could be solved early.

Xie Jiling really missed the warmth of her bed.

Chen Dinglin was speechless.

Zhang Dingsong didnt know what to say.

They learned so much tonight.

This was their first time seeing an exorcism done with such ease.

It was like a game.

Every time they exorcise, they hoped not to encounter a powerful vengeful spirit.

Even when they encounter some weaker vengeful spirits, they wouldnt dare to take it lightly.

They would be nervous.

It had never been easy like now.

Xie Jiling and Xie Jiwen were the complete opposite.

All they did was smack twice.

And the vengeful spirit admitted defeat!

It confessed everything!

They were even questioning the vengeful spirit.

The two couldnt help but sigh.


The difference was too obvious!

When would they be able to achieve such a level

If they were at that level, they wouldnt have to be scared of vengeful spirits!

Couldnt you see how well-behaved the vengeful spirit looked It was like a dog.

It answered every question asked.

It was very cooperative.

It was truly their first time exorcising with such ease.

They werent doing anything.

They were just watching quietly.

They felt embarrassed to take Ghost Towns money.

Xie Jiling, who was in a rush to go back to sleep, didnt have much patience.

She lifted her compass and said, “Are you talking or not!”

The vengeful spirit didnt know what to say.

“I will say it! I will tell!” The vengeful spirit said quickly, “Put the compass down first and lets talk nicely!”

Zhang Dingsong was dumbfounded.

Chen Dinglin was at a loss for words.

Listen to this.

Even the vengeful spirit was begging her to talk nicely.

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