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After all, in the videos sent by those netizens earlier, Lu Mans face was not very clear.

Some netizens even found out Lu Mans current job.

“Hahahaha! Yu Xingzhous fans have kicked a metal board.

Lu Man is a top-notch public relations officer, and you guys really dared to provoke her You didnt do anything to Lu Man and instead caused yourself to be in a lot of trouble.

Let me bend my waist and laugh loudly!”

“This way of doing things is 666 1 , Yu Xingzhous fans just came out in the day to badmouth Lu Man, and at night, the tables were turned, is it that Lu Man started to attack”

“It does seem like that, her acting might not be professional, but shes a professional in this area, you want to outplay her Unless you also find a professional team, its impossible.”  wuxiaworld.site

“A professional team might also not be able to outplay Lu Man; after all, how many professionals have gotten the Gold Finger Award”

“I heard that Du Lin was quiet for very long before he suddenly became very popular again, and that was Lu Mans work.”

“666! if Lu Man wants to enter the entertainment circle, who would be able to go against her This fighting power, too good!”

“This is practically like being able to command the winds and rains! I cant take it anymore, Im going to change from a mere fan to a truly loyal fan.

Such a strong woman.”

Meanwhile, Lu Man had just finished eating dinner with Han Zhuoli, and found that the number of her fans on Weibo was steadily increasing.

Before this, she only had a few hundred fans, but now the total had already exceeded 100,000.

However, in front of many celebrities, it was not worth mentioning.

Although Lu Man had yet to debut officially in the entertainment circle andGreedy Wolf Operation had yet to air, she already had a group of fans, these results were excellent!

Having saved Xu Ningxian from an attack, Lu Man felt happy.

Whereas, at this moment, Yu Xingzhou was feeling horrible.  wuxiaworld.site

He had just wanted to badmouth Lu Man, but in the end, not only had he not managed to cause Lu Mans reputation to fall but had also caused his popularity to drop down by a lot.

Furious, Yu Xingzhou kept pacing the room.

Seeing that, Wang Lu scolded him harshly, “Continue on acting! I told you not to provoke Lu Man! Now shes made a move, do you think that Han Zhuoli would not know You mislead your fans, however, as long as its a person acting out, one can easily see the mastermind behind it; its you who started it all this, do you think everyone is an idi*t!”

“Then why didnt you say it earlier You are wise only after a mishap happens, whats the use of that!” Yu Xingzhou said angrily.

“Didnt I remind you before” Wang Lu was extremely livid; it was obvious that Yu Xingzhou could not make a comeback in the future ever, and thus, Wang Lu was lazy to waste more efforts on him.

“I already said it before, didnt you hear me then I had told you to control yourself, and not to offend people everywhere! When youre outside, if youre pretending, you need to pretend better, just treat it as acting.

You just got a bit popular, yet youre already so arrogant that you dont know your own name.”

Wang Lu walked to the doorway, and pointed at him, “You can continue to pretend, I wont bother with you anymore! Anyway, after this whole thing, youll definitely be totally banned by Han Zhuoli till you die!”

Wang Lu angrily opened the door to leave, and Yu Xingzhou heard the sound of the door closing before he returned to his senses.

Finally, the realization of his future being dark dawned upon Yu Xingzhou.

Reluctantly taking up his phone, he made a call to a rich lady.

“CEO Li, its me, Xingzhou.”

Originally, this CEO Li had some intentions towards him originally, but he felt that he was a popular celebrity while the other party was just so old, so he did not want to service an old lady.

However, now, he was left with no choice at all.

“Didnt you say that you want to go to the Maldives for a holiday I can accompany you,” Yu Xingzhou lowered his voice, making his voice more seductive.

“Theres no need, the plan has been canceled,” CEO Li said coldly, “Right, Im quite busy lately, dont contact me anymore.”


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