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Chapter 3452: Untitled

At this moment, a middle-aged mans voice sounded.

Everyone turned and saw two middle-aged men walking over with grumpy expressions.

These two people were the great masters Ghost Town had hired.

Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng had seen them at the gates.

The two had been walking around, and one of them was holding a compass.

They stuck a brightness talisman on the compass.

But the light of this brightness talisman was much dimmer than that of Xie Jiwen.

It was no match against Xie Jilings brightness talisman.

Xie Jilings brightness talismans were all high-level talismans.

In addition, she was using multiple talismans at the same time.

This was why her light was so bright.

As for Xie Jiwens light, he was using only one high-level brightness talisman.

But still, it was much brighter than the beginner-level brightness talisman the two were using.

The two didnt see the difference when they saw the light from afar.

But as they came closer, they realized that the difference in the intensity of brightness was crazy.

Xie Jilings light was so bright.

Compared to her light, the two great masters light was so dim it was barely noticeable.

However, the two didnt notice that Xie Jilings light was emitted by brightness talismans.

They thought that the light was coming from a flashlight.

When the two men came in, they were instructed by the staff members of Ghost Town to send out any tourists they found deliberately hiding inside.

The two had to survey the areas inside Ghost Town anyway.

As such, while they were walking around, they conveniently searched for people.

Initially, they thought that they would only see two or three visitors.

But they didnt expect to see such a huge group of people.

The four students in the group looked really young.

Obviously, the two great masters had mistaken Xie Jiwen, Xie Jiling, Han Zhuofeng, and Hu Kaiyin as part of the group of university students.

In this group of people, Xie Jiwen was the one who looked the oldest.

But even Xie Jiwen was a young man.

And so, the two great masters thought that they were all part of the same group.

They had intentionally hidden here for an adventure.

“This is not a place where you can stay for fun!” one of the two said, “Lets go! We will send you outside.”

“Exorcists” Xie Jiwen smiled and said, “Which sect do you two belong to”

When the two heard this, they realized that Xie Jiwen was rather knowledgeable.

He appeared so calm he didnt seem like someone who had entered this place for fun.

And so, the two subconsciously scrutinized Xie Jiwen.

When they started observing, they were shocked.

They thought that the group had prepared in advance, which was why Xie Jiwens light was so bright.

They thought that they had brought a super bright and large flashlight.

Before they came here, the staff member had given them an introduction to Ghost Town.

They knew that it would be really foggy at night.

The two had brightness talisman.

But they had to cherish their talisman because drawing one was difficult.

They would rather sell it than use it themselves.

And so, they had prepared a super bright flashlight.

However, for the convenience of carrying, they didnt bring a big one.

They did the same as Xie Jiling and brought a small flashlight that they could bring around everywhere.

But then, a small flashlight couldnt actually light up a big area.

The fog here was thicker than the two had expected.

And so, the two had no choice but to use the brightness talisman.

They couldnt use a high-level talisman and be as extravagant as Xie Jiwen.

Of course, they also couldnt roll their talismans into a stick like Xie Jiling.

The two were frugal as they used only one.

As long as they could see the path around them, it was good enough.

The beginner-level brightness talisman was not very bright, but its light wave could travel much further than that of the flashlight.

And so, when they saw Xie Jiwens very intense light, they thought that Xie Jiwen was using an extra large bright flashlight.

They assumed that the light of a small bright flashlight wouldnt be too strong.

But an extra-large one might be different.

But then, they heard Xie Jiwen ask them about their sect.

Xie Jiwen sounded very professional.

And they then guessed that Xie Jiwen must be an exorcist as well.

And so, the two great masters started observing Xie Jiwen.

They were shocked by what they noticed.

Xie Jiwen was holding a high-level brightness talisman!

A high-level talisman!

And he used it to light up his way!

However, would a high-level brightness talisman really work this well

This brightness was a bit too strong.

While they were confused about that, one of the two noticed something.

He saw the stick of talismans in Xie Jilings hand.

Immediately, he secretly tugged his partner and hinted for his partner to look over there.

His partner stared at it in disbelief.

That was too extravagant!

The two started counting with their fingers, and they still couldnt think of any sect that was so rich and generous that they would give youngsters high-level brightness talismans for fun.

After all, high-level talismans were good items anywhere.

How could such items be wasted like this!

Of course, maybe these two youngsters were the most valuable disciples of a sect.

Maybe they were part of the second generation or third generation of the sect.

If not, who could let them be so wasteful!

Two wasteful youngsters!

The two refused to admit that they were jealous!

They wanted to do it for fun as well!

When the two great masters discovered that they had bumped into people in their line of work and that these people held talismans and were not scammers…

One of them clasped their fists and showed a much better attitude.

“We are the disciples of Xuan Yi Sect.

My name is Zhang Dingsong, and this is my junior martial brother Chen Dinglin.”

When Xie Jiling heard the introduction, she realized that they were part of the same sect as someone she knew.

The character for the names in their generation would be Ding.

Xie Jiling knew that they were real exorcists.

They were not scammers.

Xie Jiling said, “Xuan Yi Sect.

I know Luo Dingzhen from your sect.”

When the two heard this, they smiled and said, “What a coincidence! He is our junior martial brother.”

Initially, they didnt really like Luo Dingzhen.

Luo Dingzhen was not really capable, but he was very competitive.

But a while ago, for some reason, Luo Dingzhen suddenly went back to the sect.

Luo Dingzhen said that he wanted to learn more from his teacher.

He stopped competing with the other brothers and focused on training.

After training for a while, he left the sect to test out his skills.

Then, he came back and started training again.

It was unknown as to what had provoked him.

“Who are you…” Zhang Dingsong asked.

Xie Jiwen smiled and said, “My name is Xie Jiwen, and this is my little sister Xie Jiling.

We heard about the strange things that are happening in Ghost Town, so we decided to come to check things out.”

“These two are our friends, and they came in here with us.

As for these four students, we bumped into them.

I set up an area formation, and as long as they are in the area formation, they will be safe.

If we sent them out and something happened while we were on the way out, it would be more dangerous.”

Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin thought about it and agreed that his words were reasonable.

But then, the two immediately noticed something off..

“Area formation” Chen Dinglin stared at Xie Jiwen in shock as he said, “You… You know how to set up an area formation”

The ability to set up an area formation was a rare skill in any sect.

From ancient times until now, not many teachings about area formations could be found.


There were many types of area formations.

Their functions varied, and the patterns of each area formation were drawn differently.

In addition to the drawings of area formations being complicated, it was troublesome to remember them as well.

The number of area formation patterns one could remember was limited.

The pattern of a single area formation was very complicated.

It was already considered good to remember one, not to mention a few.

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