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Chapter 3436: Dont You Think It Looks Like a PersonTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Even though Han Zhuofeng knew that these were sculptures and everything was fake…

And that no one knew what hell looked like…

However, Han Zhuofeng was still horrified and felt a shiver down his spine as he stared at these sculptures.

He glanced over at Xie Jiling and started inching closer and closer to Xie Jiling.

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Xie Jiling was speechless.

She knew that Han Zhuofeng was doing this because he was scared.

And so, Xie Jiling allowed him to stay close to her.

Otherwise, anyone who dared to walk this close to her would be kicked away!

“Does the eighteen levels of hell really look like this in the underworld” Han Zhuofeng asked.

“Not exactly.” Xie Jiling nodded, “How should I put this”

Xie Jiling thought about it and said, “The judges book of life and death records everything the person has done in their lifetime.

The punishment will be decided based on the evil they have done in their lifetime.

For example, thieves and burglars would have their hands cut off, which is similar to going to the Hell of Scissors, while murderers will be whipped.”

“The sin of murder also has relative severity and this severity can decide the time duration of the whipping.

Of course, the units of time for the punishment duration are years.”

“Some are similar to the description of hell in folklore.

However, there are still some differences.”

“When ordinary people die and go to the underworld, their family members would usually burn clothes and house offerings, right Those people can use these offerings and choose a piece of land in the underworld.

They then wait there for their chance to reincarnate.

Queuing up takes time.

The people still waiting for their turn to reincarnate would work for the underworld.

There are all kinds of jobs, including cleaning, assisting the soul reapers to maintain the order of the hell, collecting the ingredients for Mengpo soup, and so on.”

“The people who are at the end of their queue would quit their jobs and reincarnate.

And their jobs would be taken over by people who have just joined the underworld.

There are advantages to working.

The length of service and contribution can affect what and who you become in your next life.

The greater the contribution, the higher chance of getting a better reincarnation.”

Han Zhuofeng was shocked.

He didnt expect the underworld to have such particular rules!

“As for vengeful spirits, unless they encounter actual exorcists, most of them end up dying.

Their souls will scatter and vanish.

If their souls are purified, and they went to the underworld, they can only be given the chance to reincarnate after they have been punished.

If they have killed people before, their souls would be whipped.

If they were able to survive the whipping, they will then get a chance at reincarnation.

If they died, their soul will then scatter and vanish.”

“If the ghost became a vengeful spirit because of a wrongful death, the punishment will be reduced based on their cause of death,” Xie Jiling said, “Anyway, there are a lot of details to this system.

Its not exactly the same as what these sculptures are conveying.”

“These stories were influenced by the evolution of the local folktales,” Xie Jiling said, “Look at these sculptures.

The soul reapers look really fierce and scary, but you have seen them before.”

Xie Jiling didnt continue explaining.

She just asked Han Zhuofeng to think about it.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it and agreed.

He recalled the two soul reapers he had seen when the fox spirit was being exorcised.

Aside from their pale faces, the soul reapers were very cheerful.

They didnt look fierce and scary.

They soon entered Ghost Town.

They didnt expect that the first thing they would pass by after entering Ghost Town was the mushroom farm.

This was a good advertisement for the mushrooms, a specialty of Ghost Town.

Because they couldnt cultivate the mushrooms outside of Ghost Town, they moved the rocks and soil in Ghost Town to this mushroom farm and cultivated the mushrooms in this location.

You could even buy the specialty mushroom at this farm.

Moreover, to actually enter Ghost Town, you would need to enter and exit this mushroom farm.

This farm could be considered a gateway to Ghost Town.

Even if you didnt buy anything, you would still have to walk through this farm.

This design was very commercialized.

After you exit the farm, you could then consider yourself to have officially entered Ghost Town.

There were staff workers of Ghost Town waiting at the entrance of the farm.

Because they knew that the production crew was here to film, they specially waited here to guide and introduce them to Ghost Town.

Because there were many tourists, even with the strange rocks everywhere, Ghost Town didnt feel gloomy or scary.

Han Zhuofeng felt more relaxed.

In addition to the creepy sounds at night, another reason why this was a ghost town was because of these strange rocks.

The black rocks stood everywhere and could be found in random places.

There was a pathway in the middle big enough for people to walk.

However, because these rocks were very tall…

If you looked up, you would only see rocks, nothing else.

It was like a maze constructed by nature.

If you werent careful, you could get lost in this maze.

There were still people right now, but Han Zhuofeng could imagine that…

If there werent any tourists here and if there were just a few people, it would not look the same at all.

This place would become really gloomy.

If you werent careful and got separated from your companions, it would take a while for you to find them.

As Han Zhuofeng thought about this, he hurriedly held Xie Jilings hand.

It didnt matter if he got separated from the members of the production crew, but he must not be separated from Xie Jiling.

“…” Xie Jiling lowered her head and stared at the hand that was gripped by Han Zhuofeng.

She then looked up at Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng said in a serious manner, “I am scared that you and I might get separated.”

Xie Jiling nodded and didnt try to break free.

The members of the production crew were all secretly roasting Director Han as they followed behind.

Was Director Han actually a coward, or was he doing this intentionally

Xie Jiling suddenly lifted her free right hand and pointed at a weird stone nearby.

“Look at that rock.”

Han Zhuofeng shuddered and said, “Whats wrong”

“Dont you think it looks like a person The top of the rock is slightly circular, and there are three holes.

The two holes on the top look like eyes, and the hole on the bottom looks like a wide open mouth.

Dont you think the entire thing looks like a deformed skull” Xie Jiling asked.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Are you the devil

Everyone in the production crew was speechless.

Did it feel nice to scare Director Han

Han Zhuofeng looked really scared.

“By the way, this looked like a scene in the old version of the first episode of the movie Mummy.” There was a mage with the ability to control sand and transformed it into a human head.

Let me search for it,” Xie Jiling said and took out her phone.

Han Zhuofeng was still holding her left hand.

Xie Jiling could only use her phone with one hand, and it was rather troublesome.

But then, when she swiped and unlocked her screen, she realized that there was no signal.

“No signal,” Xie Jiling frowned and said, “Are you guys getting signals”

When everyone heard this, they all took out their phones and checked.

As expected, they had no signal.

“Whats going on Does this place block cell signals” the crowd asked puzzledly.

There were many tourists here.

However, since they were in a place called Ghost Town…

It felt really scary to know that there was no reception for your phone.


There is no reception here,” When the staff heard this, they immediately explained.

“There has never been any reception here, but the weird thing is that the signal would return whenever you walk out of Ghost Town,” the staff member added.

“In the beginning, we thought it was because this place was too remote and the reception signal is not strong enough.

So, the three major communication corporations constructed another base station here…”

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