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Chapter 3434: UntitledTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“There are no other places with such minerals.

Ghost Town is the only place.

They even tested the mushrooms and found that there are no harmful substances in the mushrooms.

The mushrooms are especially delicious.

No other mushrooms can compete with this mushroom.”

“However, because it only grows in the area where the rock and the soil are connected, not much is produced.

Strangely enough, we have tried taking the mushrooms and cultivating them by ourselves, but it was just impossible.

We could only cultivate such mushrooms in Ghost Town,” the owner added.

“But thankfully, such mushrooms can be grown as long as they are done in Ghost Town.

You just cant do it outside of Ghost Town.

We could produce more of it in Ghost Town than if it were naturally grown,” the owner explained.

“In the beginning, we thought that the sounds you hear in Ghost Town are caused by the wind and the rocks.

And so, many people didnt take the sounds seriously and would pick mushrooms until the sky darkened.”

“But then, something happened.

There was a person who didnt make it back.

The next day, many people formed groups and went to search for him in Ghost Town,” the owner said.

“Someone went missing.

In the beginning, everyone was rather nervous, and no one dared to go out again at night.

However, a long time passed by, and nothing bad happened.

Soon, people started to forget about it.

But then, someone went missing again.

They didnt come back after the sky darkened, so they never managed to return.”

Han Zhuofeng frowned and asked, “Had those who stayed late made it back”

“Before the first person went missing, there were people who made it back,” the owner said, “However, nothing happened to them.

I dont know why the person went missing.

But when the first person went missing, everyone got scared.”

“Even after everyone felt more relaxed, they kept in mind not to stay too late in Ghost Town and to leave Ghost Town before the sky darkens.

The second person who went missing stayed in Ghost Town even after the sky dimmed, and he was the only one who had done that since the first case.”

“Therefore, regardless of the reason, the locals decided that everyone must leave Ghost Town before its dark.

However, there are usually a large number of tourists.

We were worried that the tourists might lose track of time when they are having fun.”

“In addition, even if the tourists heard about this, they might not take this seriously.

They might think that we were just paranoid and might not take our warnings to heart.

Some brave ones would try to stay and see if something actually happens.”

“I am telling you.

Since Ghost Town became famous, people started coming here to explore.

So, the staff at Ghost Town would check the area at 4:30 pm, and ask all the tourists to leave, then they would close the gate at exactly 5 PM.”

“But some people would intentionally hide from the staff members.

However, based on what happened the first time, not everyone who stayed until it was dark would encounter something bad.

This depends on luck as well,” said the owner.

“Therefore, not every tourist who stayed would encounter something bad.

There were a total of three tourists who hid in Ghost Town.

They were lucky that nothing happened to them.

However, we really cannot guarantee that they will be fine every time.

Therefore, whenever we get tourists, we would remind them about this.

In addition, the staff members in Ghost Town check the area every day.

And they are definitely helping.”

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“Although I cant guarantee that it is because theres something in Ghost Town, the two missing cases both happened in Ghost Town,” the owner added, “I know you have a lot of people with you, but you mustnt risk it just because you have a lot of people with you.”

“No matter what, you should try to save yourself the trouble if you can.” When the owner saw that everyone present was young, he gave this instruction.

He was scared that these youngsters were fearless and energetic.

If they heard his words, they might instead do the opposite.

“Just dont let your curiosity lure you into going on an adventure and getting into danger or even getting killed.

That is not worth it at all,” the owner reminded.

Han Zhuofeng nodded in agreement.

He never understood those people who would do things that might kill themselves.

Even if the rumor might not be true, you still had to take it seriously.

Who knew if it was real or not

What if they tried the challenge and something bad actually happened

Han Zhuofeng was really careful.

He refused to do anything that might kill him!

“I definitely wont be going.

I will make sure the others wont go as well,” Han Zhuofeng said.

He wasnt worried about the film crew and cast members.

They would all be busy working and would have no time to do such things.

He was mainly worried about Xie Jilings classmates.

They seemed to have traveled here for this ghost town.

Han Zhuofeng then told Xie Jiling, “Remind your classmates that its alright if they leave to sightsee, but they have to get out of Ghost Town before 5 PM.

Just because theyre curious doesnt mean its good for them to hide.”


Okay.” Xie Jiling nodded.

She never thought that Han Zhuofeng was being a coward.

Instead, by being careful, Han Zhuofeng was being responsible.

People who risk their lives to explore strange places and go on adventures werent actually mature people.

They were making of their own lives.

If you couldnt even be responsible for yourself, how could you be responsible for other people

Even if it might result in unemployment, all exorcists would be really happy if everyone was as cautious as Han Zhuofeng.

They all went back to their rooms and placed their luggage down.

Xie Jiling then sent a message to the group chat with all nine of them in it.

She told them what the owner had said.

Ren Linna was the first to respond, “Yes.

The people here warned us as well.

They asked us to leave Ghost Town before 5 PM.”

Kuang Xiaorou said next, “I already told the four boys that its fine for them to sightsee in Ghost Town since it is a famous tourist area, but they have to listen to the warnings and leave before five.”

Feng Yaqing said, “Right.

They saw you exorcise those things, so they should believe it and wont cross the line.”

Zhang Tonglin said, “At least they wont dare to do anything stupid while you are gone.”

If this happened in the past, He Yuliang and the others would have daringly gone.

But after what they had experienced, they knew that they couldnt just venture anywhere.

He Yuliang and the other guys appeared in the chat group.

They all promised that they wouldnt do anything that might kill themselves.

Xie Jiling then felt at ease.

She then recalled Han Zhuofengs words.

Therefore, Xie Jiling lay on her bed and rested while waiting.

After waiting for around twenty minutes, she heard a knock at the door.

At the same time, Han Zhuofengs voice sounded outside the door.

“Jiling, are you ready We are leaving now.

Or do you want to rest a little more”

Xie Jiling opened the door and saw Han Zhuofeng standing outside.

Xie Jiling then said, “Lets go now.

Im ready.”

But then, Xie Jiling said, “Wait a minute.”

With this, she turned and picked up another cloth shoulder bag.

This was previously in her backpack.

She had taken the cloth shoulder bag out.

It was because the backpack was too big, and it wasnt very convenient for her to carry it.

Of course, daily items necessary for exorcism were all in the cloth bag.

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