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Chapter 3433: MissingTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Which kind do you want” Xie Jiling couldnt carry so many.

She put her backpack down.

The back of the backpack was flat.

She used the back of the bag as a small table and piled the snacks on top of the bag.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Xie Jiling stared at him.

She was clearly waiting for him to choose.

Han Zhuofeng took a glance at the snacks and eventually chose the pork and the crispy shrimp.

But then, Xie Jiling immediately started sulking.

“Why did you take so much”

Han Zhuofeng looked at the snacks in his hand and said in confusion, “I only took two!”

Werent you the one who asked me to take snacks

And when I did, you thought I took too much!

In addition, did he even take too much

He only took two packs!

“Those two are my favorites.

You should leave one for me, at least,” Xie Jiling said.

“…” Han Zhuofeng pointed at the snacks left on the backpack and asked, “Since you like these two the most, why did you bring the others”

“I like these, too.

I just dont like those two as much as the other snacks.

For example, this one is my second favorite snack and this one is my third favorite,” Xie Jiling explained.

“If you bring more, you can have more choices.” Xie Jiling added.

She would usually feel lonely whenever she was traveling on her own.

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As such, she would bring more snacks and munch away.

If she had something to do, she wouldnt feel that lonely.

Even though these two were her favorites, she couldnt just eat these snacks.

When Han Zhuofeng heard this, he didnt give the snacks back to her.

Instead, he said, “Really I will have to taste them then to see if theyre actually really good.”

With this, she tore open the pork snack packet.

There were three pieces.

He bit the three pieces together like he was afraid that Xie Jiling might snatch the snack back.

“Aiya! It is really delicious.

I should try a bit of everything then,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Han Zhuofeng didnt really like eating snacks.

But when he saw Xie Jiling sulking, the snacks tasted really good.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing and the others sitting behind them had their eyes wide and mouths agape.

In Yan Zhiqings opinion, even with Xie Jiling here, Han Zhuofeng still had a high chance of being single.

Xie Jiling didnt expect Han Zhuofeng to be shameless to the point that he would steal her snacks.

Xie Jiling was worried that Han Zhuofeng would finish all the snacks if she didnt start eating right away.

As such, Xie Jiling stopped talking.

She hurriedly tore the packs open and started stuffing her mouth with snacks.

However, as she continued munching, she started to not care at all.

Han Zhuofeng could eat as much as he wanted.

This gave them things to do, and they didnt feel bored.

The hotel that they booked was near the Danxia Natural Scenic Area in Ta Town.

It was a homestay.

Since one house was not big enough to accommodate everyone, Han Zhuofeng booked the entire house next to it as well.

The Danxia Natural Scenic Area was located far from the center of Ta Town.

If they lived in the city or the outskirts of the city, the daily round trip to the scenic area would take a long time.

To protect Danxias landscape, they didnt dare to expand the urban area close to the scenic area.

If travelers wanted things to be more convenient, they could only stay in a homestay near the scenic area.

Thankfully, this was a popular tourist scenic area.

Therefore, there were a lot of homestays.

Although they were called homestays, these houses were three stories high.

Some homestays were three-story villas, and some were three-story apartment buildings.

There was a continuous row of these homestays, and there were many places to stay.

But considering that Yan Zhiqing and even Yu Xianrao, who was still quite popular despite his lower pay rate, were present…

If there were other guests in the homestay, things might become really chaotic if they saw Yan Zhiqing.

As such, Han Zhuofeng booked an entire house and the house next to it.

One was a villa reserved for the cast members.

The other homestay was an apartment building and this was reserved for the staff members.

Xie Jilings classmates were here as well.

He Yuliang and the other classmates would take up at least four rooms even if they were to make two people share one room.

And so, Han Zhuofeng had no choice but to arrange for them to stay in the same apartment as the film crew members.

Han Zhuofeng obviously had to stay with the cast members.

Fortunately, of the classmates that came here with Xie Jiling, four were boys, and four were girls.

As a result, Xie Jiling became the odd one out.

She had to stay at the villa.

Her room was right next to Han Zhuofengs room.

This way, Han Zhuofeng wouldnt have to be scared!

Although he couldnt stay with Xie Jiling and there would be a wall between their rooms, this was already acceptable to Han Zhuofeng.

When they arrived at the place, everyone took their luggage with them and went to check in first.

Although Han Zhuofeng had booked both homestays, Ta Town wasnt a place with high living costs.

Even if these homestays were near the tourist and scenic area, it didnt cost a lot to stay in the place.

And now, both houses were occupied by their own people, so everyone felt more relaxed.

The owner of the villa had no idea that they were here to film their movie.

Yan Zhiqing and the others had covered their faces really well, so the owner couldnt recognize them.

If they were somewhere else and they covered their faces like this, people might look at them more out of curiosity.

However, Ta Town was a place with high UV rays.

And it was very sandy as well.

In Ta Town, it was normal for a person who didnt want to be tanned or dusty to cover themselves up like this.

This was especially true for girls.

After the homestay owner checked them in, he said to them, “The homestay provides a shuttle bus that departs to the nearby scenic area.”

“Its a standard shuttle bus that leaves at 9 AM, stopping at Danxia scenic area once and at the Ghost Town once.

The shuttle bus will depart again at 5 PM, taking a stop at the Ghost Town once and to the Danxia scenic area to pick up the rest of the tourists,” the owner said.

Han Zhuofeng smiled and said, “Its alright.

We booked a car.”

The owner nodded and said, “Thats fine then.

However, if you want to go to the ghost town, you should remember not to stay later than 5 pm in the afternoon.

You have to come back before that time.”

Han Zhuofeng shuddered and asked nervously, “Why must I leave before 5 PM in the afternoon”

Han Zhuofeng was whispering like he was worried that someone else might hear him.

While he was asking, he dragged Xie Jiling over and asked her to listen as well.

Han Zhuofeng must have shown the perfect reaction, as the owner seemed to enjoy his reaction.

The owner lowered his voice as well.

“Experts have debunked the rumor, saying that it is because the Ghost Town is a place with strong wind and strange rocks.

They say that when the wind blows through the gaps in those rocks, it will make noises that will sound like the cries of a ghost, but in reality, there is nothing scary there.”

“However, the locals had unknowingly agreed not to go or stay in Ghost Town after 5 PM,” the owner whispered.

Han Zhuofeng rubbed his hands and asked, “Why Did something happen in the past”

The owner nodded and said, “The rumor about the Ghost Town is very scary.

However, a certain type of mushroom grows out of the root of the rocks there.

That type of mushroom is a specialty of Ta Town.

It tastes delicious, and some experts even tested the soil and found that the minerals in the rocks are in the soil as well.”

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