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Chapter 3428: You Deserve To Be Single!Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They didnt expect Han Zhuofeng to act this way.

Han Zhuofeng was only a few years older than them.

So, because of what he had done, everyone became more relaxed.

They called him one by one: “Director Han.”

“No need to be so polite!” Han Zhuofeng laughed and said.

However, it seemed that he really enjoyed being called as such!

Because they werent nervous anymore, Zheng Binzhou asked boldly, “Director Han, are the cast members not leaving with us”

“They are,” Han Zhuofeng said, “However, it wont be all the cast members.

Some cast members dont have scenes to film at Ta Town, so they dont have to be there.

However, there are still quite a few cast members.

They are just waiting at the VIP lounge.

If theyre out here, chaos would ensue.”

“Thats true.” He Yuliang nodded.

On the plane, the cast members would be sitting in first class, and they wouldnt have the chance to meet any of them.

However, that was fine as well…

Since Xie Jiling had such a good relationship with Han Zhuofeng, they should have the chance to visit the studio!

They would just ask Xie Jiling about it later on.

Han Zhuofeng could have waited at the VIP lounge, but he came over because Xie Jiling was here.

However, he bought economy tickets for Xie Jilings classmates and Xie Jilings classmates all paid him for the tickets.

Han Zhuofeng had asked if Xie Jilings classmates were willing to buy first class tickets.

However, even though the tickets were on discount, the first class tickets would still be around 300RMB more expensive than the economy tickets.

And Xie Jilings classmates thought that it would be best to save some money if possible.

There was nothing wrong with an economy ticket anyway.

Zheng Binzhous family was pretty well off, so he didnt care about it.

However, he wanted to be with the other classmates, so he bought economy tickets as well.

As for Xie Jiling, she was a rich girl with no need for money.

In addition, Han Zhuofeng would pay for her plane ticket.

Han Zhuofeng was really generous as well.

He bought a first class ticket for her.

Xie Jiling knew about this and she had the same thought as Han Zhuofeng.

Just like how Han Zhuofeng had come here for her.

Since her classmates were here, the VIP lounge didnt matter at all.

And so, Xie Jiling went with them.

They waited for over forty minutes before boarding finally started.

The people in the first class were called to board first.

At this moment, the celebrities going to Ta Town appeared.

Yan Zhiqing was one of them.

She was wearing a fisherman hat and a huge rectangular sunglasses as well as a mask.

If people saw how she was dressed, they would think that there was something weird with her fashion sense, and they might guess that she was a famous person.

However, they wouldnt be able to recognize her.

After alll, she covered herself up too well.

Because they were worried about causing a chaos, Yan Zhiqing didnt try to find Xie Jiling.

However, she knew that Xie Jiling was here.

When she was at the boarding gate, she found Xie Jiling.

She immediately waved at Xie Jiling.

However, Yan Zhiqing covered too much of her face.

Xie Jiling was confused.

She subconsciously waved back, but she had no idea of Yan Zhiqings identity.

When Han Zhuofeng saw her reaction, he thought it was pretty funny.

It was rare to see Xie Jiling being so confused.

Previously, when Xie Jiling was exorcising, she was calm and did things with an imposing manner.

She looked skinny and small, but she was so powerful.

She stood at the very front.

She was like that one general who held back all of the enemy forces.

She made people feel safe.

At that time, Xie Jiling seemed really mature.

After all, Han Zhuofeng rarely interacted with Xie Jiling.

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And so, he thought that Xie Jiling was mature and reliable whenever she was exorcising.

As such, he didnt expect her to be simple-minded and slightly airheaded at times.

That was why Han Zhuofeng approached Xie Jiling and whispered, “Thats Yan Zhiqing.”

When Xie Jiling heard that, she hurriedly waved at Yan Zhiqing while the latter still hadnt boarded the plane.

Because Xie Jiling had no idea, she didnt wave with much enthusiasm.

Yan Zhiqing was wearing a mask and sunglasses.

Therefore, no one could see her expression.

However, actually Yan Zhiqing couldnt stop laughing.

She waved back at Xie Jiling and boarded the plane.


I have a first class flight ticket.

Why was I waving at Sister Zhiqing here” Xie Jiling thought that something wasnt right.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He had forgotten as well.

If Xie Jiling never said anything, he would have forgotten that he had a first class ticket as well.

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He was going to board the plane with the economy class people while holding a first class ticket.

“Lets go.

We should board the plane first,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Immediately, he stood up and said to He Yuliang and the others, “We will be boarding the plane first.”

Han Zhuofeng had bought Xie Jilings flight ticket.

This was a work trip for her and He Yuliang and the others knew about it.

Actually, even if Xie Jiling didnt explain, they didnt think there was anything wrong with Han Zhuofeng buying Xie Jilings ticket.

Although Xie Jiling had never said anything, they thought that Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofeng would eventually become a couple.

Of course, they couldnt say anything right now.

And so, the group quickly nodded and told Han Zhuofeng and Xie Jiling to quickly board the plane.

Han Zhuofeng and Xie Jiling boarded the plane.

Yan Zhiqing still had her mask on, but she had taken off her sunglasses.

She was still wearing her hat.

The brim of the hat was covering her face and blocking her eyes.

When she saw Xie Jiling, she quickly waved and called out, “Jiling! Here.”

“Sister Zhiqing.” Xie Jiling walked over and said, “You were covered up too well I couldnt recognize you at the boarding gate.”

“I forgot about that.” Yan Zhiqing smiled and said, “I was just thinking that I since I had seen you, I should wave at you.

I forgot that my face was covered.”

“By the way, what is your seat number” Yan Zhiqing asked.

Xie Jiling forgot.

She checked her flight ticket.

Yan Zhiqing saw it as well.

The seat was on the other side of the aisle.

“Youre sitting with Zhuofeng” Yan Zhiqing glanced over at Han Zhuofeng.

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself,Han Zhuofeng knew that Xie Jiling was coming, so he arranged for Xie Jiling to sit with him

Yan Zhiqing immediately thought that Han Zhuofeng had ulterior motives.

Yan Zhiqing then asked, “Zhuofeng, why dont we switch seats so that I can chat with Jiling”

But then, Han Zhuofeng rejected her without any second thoughts.


I must sit with Jiling to feel safe.

This is good.

I need to be next to her so that no evil can attack me.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

So, she existed to defend against evil

Han Zhuofeng should stop dreaming.

Even if he was touching her, he would never be immune to all evil!

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say…


You deserve to be single!

Fortunately, he met Xie Jiling.

If not, Han Zhuofeng would have ended up like his two older brothers.

He would be an old single man.

He actually wanted to sit next to a girl because the girl could protect him from all evil

Yan Zhiqing was too lazy to say anything.

She didnt care anymore.

And so, Han Zhuofeng happily sat beside Xie Jiling.

Soon, Ren Linna and the others boarded the plane.

Ren Linnas expression was fabulous.

Although Yan Zhiqing had taken off her sunglasses, her face was still being blocked by her hat and mask.

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