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Chapter 3427: No TitleTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“As a student of the Univeresity of B City, you should have some respect for yourself.

Have some class,” Feng Yaqing said rudely, “Dont be like those losers.

You are all acting like a bigmouth, gossiping in such a sarcastic manner because you all cant win against her.”

“Who did you call a loser!” A person stood up.

She was so angry that her face turned red.

“I am talking about the person who was gossiping,” Feng Yaqing said coldly.

“Jealousy makes a person ugly.

Were you not raised well” Feng Yaqing sneered and stared at them with disdain.

“When were we gossiping We were just chatting.

What does that have anything to do with you!” someone roared, “You were the ones secretly listening to our conversation.

How dare you talk about manners What about your manners”


If you were raised well, would you eavesdrop on our conversation”

Feng Yaqings face darkened as she said, “You all were talking so loudly.

You were almost pointing at our faces.

Do you think we needed to eavesdrop on your conversations”

“We were sitting right beside you.

We heard every single word you said.

There was no need for us to eavesdrop!” Feng Yaqing said in a deep tone, “I am going to tell you the same thing I said: dont be jealous.

Theres no need for you to know their relationship, and theres no need for you to worry about it.”

“If you were jealous and thought that you were capable of doing the same thing, then you should try it yourself!” Feng Yaqing said without hiding anything, “You can only spout nonsense.

Besides being jealous, you can only think about it.

You dont have any other skills.

You are clearly a loser!”

“You…” After being scolded by Feng Yaqing, the four girls were so angry their faces turned red.

Xie Jiling placed her hand on Feng Yaqings shoulder.

Feng Yaqing then stopped talking.

The space between the table and chair was small, allowing only one person to remain standing.

If the two were standing shoulder-to-shoulder beside each other, there wouldnt be enough space.

So, Xie Jiling stood behind Feng Yaqing and popped her head out from behind Feng Yaqing.

She then said, “Actually, its fine to talk about it.

You can say what you want, but you really didnt have to talk about ghosts.”

“You might not know, but you really shouldnt talk about these things.” Xie Jiling popped her head out from behind Feng Yaqings shoulder as she said, “While you are talking about it, you would start thinking about it.

After all, this is controlled by your brain.

If you talk about it, you would think about it.”

“As long as you said it, you would think about it.” Xie Jiling said as she pointed at her own head.

“If you think too much about it, you would start generating energy waves.

Trust me.

You might think Im threatening and intentionally scaring you, or you might also think that Im talking about something bizarre again.”

“Anyway, I have said what I have said.

If you talk too much about it, spirits will sense it,” Xie Jiling said, “It wouldnt be good if they were attracted by your words, and it wouldnt be the spirits fault.

They had never wanted to approach you, but you called them to you by talking about them.”


.what nonsense are you saying!” Someone scolded.

Although they said that they didnt believe her, they still looked worried and nervous.

Obviously, they believed her slightly.

Feng Yaqing glanced over at Xie Jiling with admiration.

Xie Jiling was such a fast learner!

Xie Jiling didnt curse them out.

She just scared them.

The four girls were so scared their faces turned pale.

It might have been because they were scared by Xie Jiling, but as of now, they really didnt dare to talk anymore.

When they were talking about Xie Jiling, they recalled that they did think about those terrifying scenes in horror movies.

However, that had been something they couldnt control.

Those images appeared subsconsiously in their brains in accordance to what they were saying.

Obviously, she could have avoided saying those keywords.

Xie Jiling actually acted like she was superstitious religious with seemingly bad intentions, so they were really worried that Xie Jiling might actually curse them secretly.

Xie Jiling might curse them with voodoo dolls or stick a talisman somewhere.

Many classmates had bought talismans from her, right

Regardless of whether those talismans were effective or not, the four girls felt a sense of panic because of what Xie Jiling said.

Therefore, the four really didnt dare to talk anymore.

They became quiet.

And Feng Yaqing and Xie Jiling sat back down.

Because of the four girls, Feng Yaqing learned a lesson.

To prevent those four girls from hearing her conversation with Xie Jiling, she started chatting with Xie Jiling on WeChat.

“Jiling, you are such a fast learner!” Feng Yaqing said, “Look at how terrified they are.”

“Eh” Xie Jiling was confused as she said, “But I wasnt trying to scare them.”

“…” Feng Yaqaing was shocked and became silent for a while.

Then, she said, “What… you said was true”

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“Of course its true.” Xie Jiling said, “If they talk too much about it, the ghosts will sense it.

I just dont know what they might attract.”

When Feng Yaqing heard this, she immediately placed her phone down.

She put her hands together and started chanting the great compassion mantra.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

What was Feng Yaqing doing

After a while, Feng Yaqing was finally done chanting.

She then said to Xie Jiling, “Ever since I watched you exorcise, I started going to the temple to pray.

I also requested for a buddhist scripture, and I memorized the great compassion mantra.

And now, if I sense anything wrong, I would chant it.”

Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

She really wanted to give Feng Yaqing a thumbs up.

As expected of a top student…

The great compassion mantra was really hard to memorize.

When the class ended, Feng Yaqing went back and told Ren Linna and Kuang Xiaorou about what had happened.

However, the details of how Ren Linna and Kuang Xiaorou cursed those four girls out were not worth mentioning.


In the blink of an eye, the 10th arrived.

The Dragon Boat Festival holiday officially started.

He Yuliang and the other guys were already waiting with their luggages in front of the girls dormitory early in the morning.

Xie Jiling and the others came out with their luggages.

Ren Linna and the other girls packed more things than the guys.

Each one of them had a 24 inch luggage.

Xie Jiling was the only one carrying a backpack.

Whenever Xie Jiling travelled for work, she would only bring her backpack.

She had never thought of those trips as fun vacations.

To Ren Linna and the others, though, this was a vacation.

However, to Xie Jiling, she was going to work.

It just so happened that He Yuliang and the others chose Ta Town to be their vacation location.

And Xie Jiling conveniently went along with them.

The nine people booked two cars and went straight to the airport.

They first checked in their luggages and passed the security check.

Then, they sat and waited at the boarding gate.

After a while, they saw Han Zhuofeng and the others.

The machines and equipments that could go on the plane were checked.

The ones that couldnt had already been shipped to the hotel at Ta Town.

The production crew members passed the security check.

They didnt have any luggages and looked rather carefree.

However, Xie Jilings friends looked around and did not see even one celebrity!

“Jiling!” When Han Zhuofeng saw Xie Jiling, he immediately hurried over to her side.

“Young Master Feng.” Everyone was a little nervous as they greeted Han Zhuofeng.

This was their first time being so close to Han Zhuofeng.

“Theres no need to be courteous.

If you dont mind, you can call me Director Han.” Han Zhuofeng grinned and appeared to be looking forward to something.

Instead of people calling him Young Master Feng, he would rather be greeted as Director Han.

Everyone: “…”

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