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Chapter 3425: Going TogetherTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Ren Linna then said, “Anyway, just know that many people are gossipping about you.

Our university is an elite school, and the students here are all elite students.

Elite students excel in their academics, but they might not be good people.

They might think that they are really exceptional people and cant stand it if there are other people more brilliant than them.”

“They cant stand it if there are people living a better life than them.

And there are many people who gossip,” Ren Linna said.

“Because you were with Han Zhuofeng today, there will be many people guessing your relationship with Han Zhuofeng.

And theyre probably saying really mean things about you,” Ren Linna said, “Let me tell you this so, you will be mentally prepared.”

“You know that they were previously gossiping about you.

And now, with Han Zhuofengs existence, they will only say even meaner things,” Ren Linna said, “Therefore, you should prepare yourself.

If you hear them saying mean things, dont you tolerate them.”

‘ᴛʜɪs ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ ɪs ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇ ʙʏ N ovelBi(n),

“Yes.” Feng Yaqing nodded heavily and said, “Dont let them be too idle.

They were accepted by University of B City.

Instead of improving themselves, they became jealous of others instead.

If you meet anyone gossiping about you, just slap and scold them on the spot.

People who gossip shouldnt be given justice!”


I will remember that.” Xie Jiling nodded.

She looked really serious as she noted down these lessons.

Ren Linna and the others froze.

They had never seen Xie Jiling argue with anyone.

Because the atmosphere in their school was really good.

Everyone shared a harmonious and loving relationship with each other.

No one would bully Xie Jiling.

Aside from going to class and spending time with these classmates, Xie Jiling would just leave for exorcism work.

She was being protected by her classmates as well.

If anyone dared to gossip about her, they wouldnt do it in front of her.

And so, Ren Linna wondered if Xie Jiling even knew how to win an argument.

With regards to this, they had not much faith in Xie Jiling.

As such, Ren Linna said, “I think we should be with you at all times.

If anyone talks bad about you, we will just scold them for you.”

Xie Jiling nodded.

She really didnt know how to do something like that.

However, Xie Jiling was a very inquisitive child.

Xie Jiling then said, “I will learn at the side.

When I eventually learn to do it, I will scold them by myself in the future.”

Everyone: “…”

She really didnt know how to curse people out.

“Then, we will find an opportunity to teach you.” Feng Yaqing said.

They didnt ask Xie Jiling how she knew Han Zhuofeng.

Although Xie Jiling was very simple-minded, the things she would eat and wear had always been very expensive.

In addition, they knew how much Xie Jiling would charge outsiders for an exorcism commission.

And they also knew that Xie Jilings family was very rich.

If Xie Jilings service was already that expensive, how much money could the Xie Family, which was known as the family of exorcists, had earned so far

The Xie Family was a big family.

It wouldnt be weird for her to know Han Zhuofeng.


After they took their lunch break, they stilll had a class topic group discussion to do.

They had to discuss in groups.

The members were grouped together at random.

These groups werent formed based on friendships.

And so, because of this random assignment, Xie Jiling and her roommates separated.

Xie Jiling and Ren Linna were in a group.

The others that were assigned into this group were Zheng Binzhou, Zhang Tonglin, He Yuliang, and Feng Wenxian.

Although Feng Wenxian had never seen Xie Jiling exorcise…

However, He Yuliang and Chen Xing had took on the role of publicity coordinator and had told everyone the story of Xie Jiling exorcism acts.

The two had seen it with their own eyes as well.

In fact, they had witnessed it happened two times.

And so, they described what happened in such a vivid manner.

They swore to the heavens that they saw it with their own eyes.

All the classmates believed it!

Feng Wenxian obviously believed it very much.

While the group discussion was going on, they took the chance and started talking about it.

However, Xie Jiling didnt have much chance to speak.

Because Ren Linna was talking…

Ren Linna had been present back then!

She knew everything.

And so, Ren Linna started speaking for Xie Jiling.

Occasionally, Xie Jiling would add a few words for the things Ren Linna could not explain.

Xie Jiling thought this was good.

It saved her a lot of energy.

After all, these things were considered strange and new to other people.

However, to Xie Jiling, this was basic knowledge.

She didnt know how to explain it.

When the group discussion officially started, they stopped talking and started working seriously.

When they were taking a break from the group discussion, Chen Xing approached.

“Did you guys tell Jiling” Chen Xing asked He Yuliang and Zheng Binzhou.

“We havent gotten the chance.” Zheng Binzhou explained, “Why dont you tell her”

Chen Xing rubbed his hands and stared at Xie Jiling and the other girls.

“Isnt the Dragon Boat Festival holiday on the 10th We will be getting three days off and an extra two days off because we wont have classes for those two days.

We are thinking about using these five days to go out for fun.”

“Where do you guys want to go” Xie Jiling had a bad feeling.

Considering how the boys were looking like they couldnt wait to try something and couldnt wait to do something that could potentially kill them…

“Ta Town.” Zheng Binzhou said, “The scenery there is magnificent and beautiful.”

Xie Jiling listened quietly until he was done talking.

And then, she asked, “Are you thinking about going to the ghost town near Ta Town”

The three immediately showed a surprised expression, conveying “how did you know”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Although everyone here was a top student, their acting skills were bad.

Their reaction was too dramatic.

“You all really wanted to go to the ghost town, right” Xie Jiling asked.



Definitely not.

Its just convenient to visit the ghost town as well.” He Yuliang said, “We just wanted to see the beautiful nature.”

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

It would be absurd to believe anything they said.

“We just wanted to visit Ta Town.

Since the ghost town is nearby, it would be a waste to not visit that place too.” Chen Xing said.

Zheng Binzhou said, “Jiling, since we will have nothing to do, lets go together”

“We have witnessed two exorcism events.

Although we are curious, we really dont dare to go there by ourselves.

However, it will be different if you are with us.

You can show us something new as well.” Zheng Binzhou said.

They were so persuasive even Ren Linna felt like going.

Kuang Xiaorou and Feng Yaqing were next door.

They heard it and immediately joined the discussion.

“We want to go, too.” Kuang Xiaorou said.

Zhang Tonglin raised her hand and said, “Can I join as well”

Feng Wenxian thought about it and decided that he would not be left out this time.

He then said, “I want to go too.”

“Wait.” Chen Xing said, “Jiling never even agreed.

Whats the excitement all about”

“We are just thinking about it.” Zheng Binzhou said, “If Jiling goes, we would go.

If Jiling wont go, then we will cancel this trip.”

“Its fine if theres nothing.

It wont be good if theres actually something there.” He Yuliang shook his head.

He was afraid and especially careful about the supernatural!

Xie Jiling smiled and said, “Im going there.

However, its because Han Zhuofeng is filming a scene outside Ta Town.

He was worried that the film crew might encounter something, so he asked me to check the location.”

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