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Chapter 3418: Is She Director Hans Little GirlfriendTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Knowing that the ointment had such a peculiar effect, Xiao Fengqing suddenly realized that the one hundred thousand dollars she had spent were totally worth it.

Xie Jiling said, “It should be enough.

If its not enough, you can just buy more from me.”

Xie Jiling then took out a name card and handed it to Xiao Fengqing.

“This is my name card.

You can contact me if you ever provoke a vengeful spirit or something.”

Xiao Fengqing was speechless.

Xie Jiling was very powerful, but Xiao Fengqing really had no intention of provoking another demon or spirit.

That would be so dumb…

Xie Jiling was just conveniently expanding her business.

She then left Xiao Fengqing alone.

“The issue is resolved,” Xie Jiling said, “You dont have to worry anymore.”

However, Han Zhuofeng still didnt feel at ease.

He said to Xie Jiling, “Why dont you come with us on set and check the studio Maybe it wasnt the fox spirit but something else that caused the incense sticks to extinguish.”

“After you check the studio, you can go back to the hotel and check into the hotel again,” Han Zhuofeng smiled as he said this.

He seemed like the grandma wolf who was going to sell out the red riding hood.

Xie Jiling felt horrible.

In addition, she hadnt slept for an entire night.

She hadnt been able to rest since Han Zhuofeng had arranged for all this to happen today.

Since Xie Jiling didnt sense any abnormal aura coming from Han Zhuofeng and the others.

They should be fine.

However, seeing how nervous Han Zhuofeng looked, Xie Jiling had no choice but to leave for the studio so that he could feel reassured.

And so, everyone got into Yan Zhiqings camper van.

As for Xiao Fengqing, no one paid her any attention.

While they were in the car, Han Zhuofeng asked curiously, “You said that you would need to pay a corresponding price for what you beg for… But what about those people who are begging for marriage, money, and peace of mind Do they have to pay a price too”

Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “Those people showed sincerity and offered the power of faith.

These factors are mutually promotive with what they are begging for.”

“However, these people are just begging for improvement with what they have.

They are not demanding that it happens.

They are just hoping that it will happen smoothly.

If there is an improvement, then it is a sign that their prayers were effective.”

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“However, if there is no improvement, because they have faith, they will continue to pray for things to happen smoothly,” explained Xie Jiling.

“However, some people want quick results.

They want their prayers to be effective.

They want something in return for praying.

In that case, they would have to pay a price.

If a price was not paid, unfortunate things will happen.

This unfortunate thing can either be something big or small.”

“For example, I previously accepted a commission.

It was someone who asked his friend to go to the Kingdom of Siam to beg for a Buddhist amulet.

My client, being a businessman, was begging for the fortune of wealth.”

“However, that Buddhist amulet wasnt found through proper procedures.

The practice they used was slightly dishonest.

However, the buddhist amulet that he had gotten was effective.

Initially, he would only earn a profit of around 100,000 per month.

However, the second month after he obtained that buddhist amulet, his business profit went up to a million.”

“However, the month he was making a lot of profit, his wife, who was three months pregnant, suddenly had a miscarriage,” Xie Jiling said, “He had gotten something and lost something.

The result he wanted and had been begging for did happen, but at the same time, he lost a life.

He lost the life of his child.”

“Therefore, he didnt dare to wear the buddhist amulet anymore.

He found me and asked me to remove it for him,” Xie Jiling said, “Therefore, its fine to beg for a peaceful life with no troubles.

Just dont choose the dishonest option.

If you want quick results, it wont end well.”

Han Zhuofeng nodded and said, “I definitely wont believe those things.”

Xie Jiling smiled.

There was no need for Han Zhuofeng to believe those things.

The others had things that they wanted.

However, as a member of the Han Family, Han Zhuofeng was already living the best life.

What else could he beg for

“I didnt lie to Xiao Fengqing,” Xie Jiling said, “A few decades might sound like a lot.

But honestly, those years flash by just like that.

Her life would end before she can experience enough of those glorious moments.”

Everyone nodded and agreed.

People today often didnt live a long life…

Especially considering the bad pollution today…

And all the carcinogens, along with dirty food, haze, or overworking…

Honestly, there werent many people who die of old age.

Many old people die of cancer.

However, aside from those factors, those aged 50 to 60 werent actually old.

In the past, the age of 30-40 was considered middle-aged.

But now, the age of 30-40 was considered the prime age.

This was especially true in the entertainment industry.

Without talking about the details of how they maintained their beauty…

At least they still looked really young when they were 30-40 years old.

And so, a few decades could pass by without them realizing it.

Han Zhuofeng listened carefully like a good student.

Previously, he didnt care about these things.

But now, he had more faith in these things than anyone else.

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He had become a completely different person!

While Xie Jiling was explaining, Han Zhuofeng asked a lot of questions.

Xie Jiling answered each one of them patiently.

Unknowingly, they had arrived on set.

Han Zhuofeng didnt start working.

He took Xie Jiling around the studio.

Han Zhuofeng didnt tell the others that she was a master.

He just introduced Xie Jiling as his friend.

“Go and be busy with your own matters.

I am just showing my friend around,” Han Zhuofeng said to the staff members who were looking over curiously and took Xie Jiling away.

Everyone on set was curious about Xie Jilings identity.

The film crew members werent the only curious ones.

The actors and actresses were gossiping as well.

“She looks young.

Is she Director Hans little girlfriend”

“She could be.

She looks good, and her temperament seems great.

She doesnt look like those internet celebrities.”

These people were not to be blamed for making such guesses.

It was really because many people loved dating internet celebrities.

Internet celebrities would have pretty faces and hot bodies.

They might display an ordinary temperament, but who would care about that

Han Zhuofeng had no idea that such conjectures were being made.

He was showing Xie Jiling around the studio.

He didnt even leave out the corners.

Xie Jiling had met many clients, but she had never met someone as careful as Han Zhuofeng.

It was almost as though this was not the person in Lu Mans house that previously showed no concern about such matters.

Xie Jiling patiently went to every corner with Han Zhuofeng.

She was certain that there were no issues.

“I forgot to ask you.

But considering the current situation, the fox spirit must have been the one who extinguished the incense sticks.

Dont worry about it,” Xie Jiling said, “Moreover, dont you have a lot of protection talismans If something happens, you should have enough protection talismans to protect yourself for a long time.

It will buy you enough time for me to get here.”

Xie Jiling made it sound as though Han Zhuofeng wanted her to stay here.

This was Han Zhuofengs first time knowing a whole new world, and he only felt safe when he was with Xie Jiling.

“Since everything is fine now, do you prefer to get some sleep in the hotel first or head back to the city right away” Han Zhuofeng asked.

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