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Chapter 3410: ThanksTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“You brat, what nonsense are you saying!”

Han Zhuofeng pouted and thought that it could be possible.

After all, they didnt know what tricks the fox spirit might have.

They had never interacted with one, right

Fox spirits had to have some tricks to charm people, right

That was how TV series portrayed fox spirits.

An annoying person like Han Zhuoling would definitely be no match for the fox spirit.

What if he was tempted

“Jiling, if you see the message, please reply to me as soon as possible.

If you can finish up your work tonight, can you come over here now I know this request is slightly demanding! But I really dont dare to sleep tonight.”

“I regret not believing you last time,” Han Zhuofeng continued saying, “Let me tell you.

The protection talisman you gave me was already burnt as it had protected me once.

Didnt you say that the protection talisman could only be used once I dont have a talisman that can protect me now, and I am really anxious!”

Han Zhuoling felt speechless.


So embarrassing!

Why had he never realized that this fellow was such a coward

Actually, Xie Jiling had just finished her work and was watching the soul reapers take the vengeful spirit away.

Then, she settled the payment with her client.

And now, she was preparing to head back to the hotel.

While she was on the way back to the hotel, she was checking if there were any flights going back to B City.

After hearing what Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya said, she felt worried.

When she got the messages from Han Zhuofeng, she was checking flight information.

Unfortunately, the flight tickets were sold out.

At this moment, the WeChat notification sounded.

Because she had been on a mission, Xie Jiling changed her phone to airplane mode.

Xie Jiling moved out of the flight booking app and opened WeChat.

She saw the voice messages sent by Han Zhuofeng.

And he sent several voice messages.

‘Support us at novel bin.com.

Previously, Han Zhuofeng had spoken in the group too, but the messages sounded perfunctory.

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya had instructed him to take this seriously.

Han Zhuofeng must have agreed because he was pressured by his sisters-in-law.

However, Xie Jiling knew that Han Zhuofeng didnt care at all.

But Han Zhuofeng sent so many voice messages, and each voice message was really long.

Xie Jiling knew that something bad must have happened.

And she quickly clicked on the message and listened to them.

As expected, something bad happened.

Every voice message was automatically played.

Xie Jiling didnt bother to stop it.

Since she didnt have anything to do, she continued listening.

As she listened, Xie Jiling felt the corner of her eyes twitching.

Was Han Zhuofeng… really such a coward

He was so talkative.

In the end, he even wanted to come to pick her up by himself.

In addition, as Xie Jiling continued listening, she thought something didnt make sense.

She had been listening for a long time, but the voice message was still going.

She didnt see that many voice messages, did she

Xie Jiling thought it was weird.

She moved her ear away from her phone.

She looked at her phone.

It was no wonder the voice message never stopped.

It was as though the voice message would never end.

Han Zhuofeng had been talking non-stop.

Xie Jiling checked the time and saw that it had been half an hour.

Had he always been this talkative

Xie Jiling was curious.

If she never said anything, would he be able to continue talking

Xie Jiling immediately sent an invitation for a video call.

The moment she sent the invitation, the call was accepted.

Xie Jiling was speechless.

How scared Han Zhuofeng had to be!

Soon, Han Zhuofengs face appeared on the screen.

Soon, Shi Xiaoya and Lu Man joined.

Lu Man wasnt there, but she was in the group and listened to Han Zhuofengs voice messages.

Through the screen, they could see that Han Zhuofeng didnt look very scared.

He looked very calm.

However, Han Zhuofeng was just faking it.

After all, no matter what, he couldnt allow himself to ruin his own reputation in front of a little girl.

“I have resolved the matters here.

I was going to book the nearest flight back to B City, but there are no more tickets.

I can only buy the earliest flight ticket for tomorrow morning at 5 am, and I should arrive at B City at around nine in the morning.

And then, I will probably arrive on set at around 11 am.”

After all, those times were rush hours.

It would be faster to take the subway, but taking the subway would be more convenient if she was going to the city area.

Han Zhuofengs studio was in a rather remote area, and the subway was not connected to that area.

Once she got off the subway train, it would be hard for her to catch a cab.

When Han Zhuofeng heard that Xie Jiling was done with her work, he immediately said, “Tell me your address.

I will pick you up using my familys private plane! You will be back really quickly.

If you fly back with local airlines, it will take up some time.

It will take up more time if you have to wait for your check-in luggage.

If its our private plane, you wont have to wait.

It will pick you up and leave immediately.”

“When you arrive at the airport in B City, we will fly you over here with a helicopter to the studio.

It will be faster since you dont have to walk!” Han Zhuofeng said in an urgent manner.

With this, he thought that it was really late at night.

Even if it were convenient, Xie Jiling would have to be busy staying up late at night.

He would be troubling her.

Han Zhuofeng then said in a weak tone, “It will just be a little tiring for you.”

“Thats nothing,” Xie Jiling said in a carefree manner, “I will go back to the hotel to collect my things and wait at the airport.

That will be faster.”


Alright,” Han Zhuofeng quickly said.

Finally, he felt really guilty and said, “It will be too tiring for you.”

Xie Jiling didnt respond.

She didnt think Han Zhuofeng would ask her to rest for a while before leaving.

As expected, Han Zhuofeng said, “You can sleep for a few hours while you are on the way here.

That will give you enough energy to eliminate the spirit.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Why did she feel like Han Zhuofeng was just worried that he might be implicated if she ended up not resting enough and making a mistake during the exorcism

“When the issue is solved, you can rest.

I will book a room for you at the hotel,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“Thank you,” Xie Jiling said.

Since Xie Jiling couldnt do anything else, she decided to discuss the bill with Han Zhuofeng.

“The base fee is five million and will increase depending on the difficulty of the exorcism.

The difficulty depends on the power of the vengeful spirit.”

When Han Zhuofeng heard this, he felt his teeth ache.

He had used up all his money for this film.

He didnt have any money to give Xie Jiling.

In the past, five million was just similar to five dollars to him.

But now, he didnt even have five dollars!

However, it was fine.

He could ask his elder brother to pay first.

But then, Xie Jiling said, “However, since Sis Lu Man and Sis Xiaoya are good friends of mine, I could do it for free.

However, exorcists must accept some form of payment because this concerns ones karma.

We will get karma if we dont accept any payment.

That will be troublesome for us since something bad could happen.”

“Therefore, you just have to pay me one dollar, and I will accept it as a mere formality,” Xie Jiling explained.

“Of course not.

I cant just pay you a dollar when you have to travel this far to do this exorcism,” said Han Zhuofeng.

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