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Chapter 3403: A Reminder at Every MealTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“By the way, do the incense sticks extinguishing indicate that theres something weird on set” asked Lu Man.

“Logically speaking, that shouldnt be the case.

Based on what you said, Wu Mosen and his film crew and cast members were able to film in that location without encountering any issues.

Han Zhuofeng should be fine as well.” Xie Jiling was confused about this as well.

“They are offering and praying to the boss in that area, which would be a vengeful spirit who has built a home in that area.

If there was one, you just needed to say some nice words and pray that both parties would mind their own businesses.

This is effective.”

“However, a vengeful spirit like that should have been deeply rooted in the place for a long time.

As such, a strange occurrence like this shouldnt happen now.” Xie Jiling said, “There are many possible reasons.

Maybe the member of a film crew or cast brought something along with them that alerted the vengeful spirit.”

“Some vengeful spirits have already considered an area their own territory and have a very strong sense of territorial awareness.

If there was a vengeful spirit from another place, they might think that the vengeful spirit was invading their territory and a fight might break out.”

Lu Man could tell what Xie Jiling was trying to say as she asked, “Are you saying that this has the highest possibility

Xie Jiling said, “Thats what I guessed.

However, I know too little right now.

I am not sure about the specifics.

The incense sticks extinguishing cannot help me determine the vengeful spirits strength.”

“Are you sure its a vengeful spirit” Lu Man asked.

“I am certain.” Xie Jiling nodded.

However, she had no idea where the vengeful spirit was coming from.

Currently, in the entertainment industry, there was a trend of nurturing infant ghosts.

There were a few masters who had been attacked by the infant ghosts that they had nurtured.

The request that Xie Jiling had accepted was to deal with an infant ghost that had turned against its owner.

Usually, an infant ghost like this was not invited through proper channels.

However, regardless of whether it had been invited properly, Xie Jiling still didnt approve of such doings.

There were people who had invited a fox spirit and were attacked.

In Xie Jilings opinion, people today were having too much fun.

They were willing to risk anything for the sake of popularity and clout.

Because this involved the entertainment industry, Xie Jiling didnt know for sure.

Maybe someone from Han Zhuofengs crew and cast had brought one of those things over to the set.

Or the vengeful spirit could just be playing a prank, and there wasnt actually an invader.

Both were possible.

Xie Jiling didnt explain the specifics since these were all conjectures.

It was useless to talk about this now.

Xie Jiling then instructed Lu Man, “No matter what, you should ask them to pay attention to those things before I arrive.

Its better to be more careful.

Pay attention to the condition of the protection talisman and notify me if there are any changes.”

“Sister, you can give my phone number to Sister Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng.

They can contact me if anything happens.” It would take up more time if they had to go through Lu Man.

“Alright.” Lu Man quickly agreed.

Xie Jiling then went away to be busy with her own work.

Lu Man quickly created a group with Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng.

If anything happened, Lu Man would be able to message both of them at the same time.

She wouldnt have to direct message each one of them.

Lu Man specially tagged Han Zhuofeng and instructed, “Dont mute this group so that you can contact us two if anything happens.”

Lu Man thought about it and added Xie Jiling to this group.

However, Xie Jiling was busy and didnt send any messages.

Thankfully, Lu Man was able to add her to the group without asking for her approval.

Lu Man then told Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng what Xie Jiling told her.

Shi Xiaoya accepted this very easily.

When Shi Xiaoya knew what Xie Jiling thought of this, she immediately took this really seriously as she responded, “Alright.

I will keep an eye on this.”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself about how she couldnt soak this protection talisman in water.

But even if she were to take a shower, she would put the protection talisman next to the bathtub to feel safe.

After being busy for a while, Han Zhuofeng finally had the time to check the group messages.

After he listened to the voice message left by Lu Man, he thought Lu Man and Xie Jiling were being a little dramatic.

This was just a small matter, but they made it sound so serious.

They were talking about vengeful spirits and infant ghosts.

It wasnt creepy to that extent.

In addition, he didnt expect Xie Jiling, a young girl, to believe in superstition.

She always talked about those things with such seriousness.

She seemed to believe in these things more than Yu Xianrao.

Lu Man then said, “Zhuofeng, you shouldnt doubt this.

I believe it because it has happened to me.

Jiling was the one who helped me resolve the issue as well.

You can ask Wei Wucai.

Isnt Wei Wucai working on set You should ask him about the Xie Family and about Jiling.”

“Jiling travels the world representing the Xie Family.

When she left the Xie Family house, she lived in the Mount Lan Compound and only left that place when she came to B City for school.

So, Wei Wucai is very familiar with these things.”

“Even if you dont believe those things, you shouldnt doubt the Mount Lan Compound, right Why would the Mount Lan Compound believe in these things Do you really think the Mount Lan Compound could be that easily fooled”

Initially, Lu Man didnt think there was a need to tell Han Zhuofeng about this.

It didnt matter if he doubted it.

But since something had happened, Lu Man felt that she couldnt keep this a secret anymore.

As expected, when the Mount Lan Compound was mentioned, Han Zhuofengs attitude became much more serious.

No scammer would dare to fool the Mount Lan Compound.

In addition, she was apparently living there.

“I got it.” Han Zhuofeng finally took this seriously.

Although he had never seen those things with his own eyes, and even though such things still sounded fake to him.

It was like listening to a story that didnt feel real.

However, because the Mount Lan Compound was mentioned, Han Zhuofeng then said, “Alright.

I will keep an eye on it.”

Lu Man wasnt present so she couldnt be there to keep an eye out for them.

Hence, she was worried.

She was worried that Han Zhuofeng would not take this as seriously as he should even if he now believed it slightly.

Shi Xiaoya then said, “Dont worry.

I will keep an eye out for him.

Even if he forgets, I will make him take it out for me to see.”

Shi Xiaoya had decided that whenever she had nothing to do, she would remind Han Zhuofeng to check on his protection talisman.

She would remind him at every meal.

She would remind him during the day at any time.

If it werent convenient at night, she would remind him by sending him messages.

She wasnt scared that Han Zhuofeng might respond in a perfunctory manner.

She would ask him to send a video, take a picture, or do anything.

When Lu Man heard this, she felt at ease.

Han Zhuofeng wasnt with Shi Xiaoya at this moment.

He was still busy.

When he had time, he checked the group chat and heard what Shi Xiaoya said and immediately started sulking.

Why did it feel like he was a kid that needed to report to his parents

“Anyway, be careful.

Just wait for a day.

Jiling will arrive tomorrow night.

She can check things out.

It would be best if its really nothing,” Lu Man said.

Maybe it was because of the conversation that happened during the day.

Somehow, Shi Xiaoya kept having goosebumps when it was nighttime.

Because Han Zhuoling would come to visit Shi Xiaoya after work like usual, Shi Xiaoya had a room to herself.

Before Han Zhuoling could get there, Shi Xiaoya went to Guo Yujies room.

Yan Zhiqings assistant, Fang Qiaohan, was sharing a room with Guo Yujie.

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