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Chapter 3395: When Are You JoiningTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

They stayed up for an entire night.

They were excited but slightly tired.

Han Zhuoling still had to go to the office.

So, everyone left first.

Han Zhuoling went back home to get some sleep, even if it would be just a few hours of rest.

Shi Xiaoya drove, allowing Han Zhuoling to rest in the car.

Han Zhuoling was so tired recently, and Shi Xiaoya felt so bad for him.

She genuinely hoped that Han Zhuolis maternity leave would end soon.

In the hospital room, Lu Man was tired as well.

She had given birth to the babies faster than others, but she still couldnt handle not sleeping for the entire night.

Before she slept, Lu Man was wondering if she had given birth to the kids so quickly because of the bracelet Xie Jiling had given her.

Her body was very well nurtured by the bracelet, even the childbirth process went smoothly.

Han Zhuoli held Lu Man to sleep.

Before Lu Man fell asleep, she mumbled and told Han Zhuoli about this.

“We need to thank Xie Jiling.” Lu Man mumbled and fell asleep.

Xie Jiling obviously knew that Lu Man had given birth.

However, Xie Jiling knew that many of Lu Mans relatives and friends would be visiting Lu Man in the hospital since Lu Man had just given birth.

The members of the eight great families would definitely be there during the first few days.

So, Xie Jiling didnt join them.

When Lu Man moved to Chu Tian Confinement Center, which was next to Chu Tian Hospital.

Lu Mans close friends and families had already visited, allowing Lu Man to finally get some rest.

Xie Jiling then came over.

The two babies laid in their cribs.

The cribs were next to Lu Mans bed.

Lu Man could see them by just glancing up, so it was really convenient.

When Xie Jiling came over, she saw the tiny jade locks she had given them on the two babies necks.

Lu Man told Xie Jiliing that she had put the necklace on them immediately after delivery when they were cleaned and dressed.

Babies were easily frightened creatures.

Lu Man was hoping that the two jade locks could help protect them.

The two babies were sound asleep.

When Xie Jiling came over, the two babies had just been fed.

The two would fall asleep after being fed, and they were rarely awake.

They wouldnt wake up even if there were visitors.

Previously, there were several groups from the eight great families who came to visit Lu Man.

Even when everyone surrounded the two babies and watched the two babies…

The two babies remained sound asleep without being stressed.

However, unexpected, when Xie Jiling walked to the crib and looked at them…

They suddenly opened their eyes for some reason.

They stared at Xie Jiling with their big eyes.

Logically speaking, newborn babies were unable to see people.

However, the two were staring at Xie Jiling as if they could see her.

Xie Jiling then laughed and said, “Sis, they are very in touch with the spirit.”

“What” Lu Man asked curiously.

“They can sense something different about me,” Xie Jiling said, “Newborn babies are unable to see this, but they are able to sense the waves of my energy.”

Lu Man was surprised and asked, “Could they be exorcists like you”

“Not necessarily,” Xie Jiling explained, “Because babies are more likely to see what ordinary people are unable to see.

Therefore, its easier for them to detect the waves of my energy than other ordinary people.”

“As the babies grow older, their ability to see those waves of energy would disappear.

Maybe when they grow older, they will not be able to sense the waves of my energy anymore.

However, I cant say for sure,” added Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling played with the two babies and said, “The jade locks I gave them should be able to protect them from being affected by those things.

Those things will not be able to get close to them.

It will be like a protective layer that will block them out of the two babies vision.”

“This way, they will not be able to see those things and will not be frightened.

When they grow older and cannot see those things anymore, it will be even better.

The jade locks can protect them anyway,” Xie Jiling said.

Lu Man smiled and said, “Do you want to hold them Since they can sense your energy, would you like them to touch your aura as well”

Lu Man made it sound as though the babies would be touching a godly aura coming from Xie Jiling.

Hearing this, Xie Jiling blushed.

“They are too tiny.

I dont dare to hold them.” Xie Jiling had no experience holding a child.

The Xie Family was a big family, and there were many newborn babies.

However, Xie Jiling was usually busy with school and learning skills related to exorcism.

She had very limited time.

Whenever there were newborn babies in the family, she would visit with the elders.

With the elders present, she had obviously never gotten the chance to hold a baby.

After that, she had to continue studying.

Whenever she could rest, the baby had already grown up.

So, Xie Jiling had never held a baby this tiny.

And now, she didnt dare to hold this baby even when Lu Man had given her the chance to do so.

The tiny baby looked too fragile.

Their skin and bones were too soft.

Xie Jiling was worried that they would break with just a touch.

At this moment, the two babies had their eyes opened and were staring at her quietly.

For some reason, Lu Man thought that it was because these two babies couldnt stretch their hands out.

If they could do that, they would have stretched their hands out and begged Xie Jiling to hold them.

Although the two babies had yet to learn to speak and showed no expressions on their faces….

Lu Man just thought that the two babies really fancied Xie Jiling.

It was as though they knew that Xie Jiling had protected them.

While the two babies were staring intensely at Xie Jiling, Xie Jiling shook her head and said, “I am not holding them.

There are two.

I cant just hold one of them because that would be unfair.”

When Xie Jiling said this, Lu Man realized that she could sense happiness in the babies eyes, despite the fact that the two showed no expressions.

The babies seemed to be able to talk with their eyes.

Xie Jiling was surprised about this as well.

Could the two babies be this well-behaved when they were so young

Lu Man then told Xie Jiling about the story of the two in her belly.

Xie Jiling couldnt help but say, “These two youngsters are not ordinary at all.”

When Xie Jiling was preparing to leave, Han Zhuofeng and Shi Xiaoya came over.

Han Zhuoling had been working.

Since the wedding date was approaching, Shi Xiaoya stopped working.

She was ready to join Han Zhuofengs crew after the wedding.

As for the honeymoon, Han Zhuoling would be too busy to leave because Han Zhuoli would still be on maternity leave.

If Han Zhuoling requested a vacation leave and left, there would be no one left in the office.

Since they didnt have time for a honeymoon after the wedding as Han Zhuoling would be busy, Shi Xiaoya decided to just join the film crew.

Han Zhuofeng came in like a fiery breeze.

He asked, “Second Sister-in-law, Eldest Sister-in-law will be joining the crew after the wedding.

When are you joining us”

“Theres no rush.

Cant I go when we have to film my scenes” Lu Man said to Han Zhuofeng, “I still need to feed the baby.

It wouldnt be convenient for me if I left too soon.”

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